The Brilliant Fighting Master
367 Never Stop Fighting
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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367 Never Stop Fighting

After killing the sneak attacker, Jiang Chen spent one more night in the forest to ensure there were no more killers from the Spirit Dynasty coming.

During that night, he decided he would go on the road again, fighting hard to defeat those who looked down on him.

The Murongs, the Ice Spirit, the Spirit Dynasty…

The Murongs had taken Ning Haotian with them. They would give him the best training for sure. Besides, to support Ning Haotian, they had even broken their promise and intended to eliminate Jiang Chen's clan.

When he went back to the Dragon Field, the Murongs would surely be his biggest enemy, much trickier than the Xia Dynasty.

Not to mention Cloud Guardian from the Ice Spirit and His Highness of the Spirit Dynasty, who had already killed him once.

As long as I'm alive, I'll keep fighting.

But Jiang Chen didn't feel anxious or panicked. Adverse situations could also be the biggest motives.

It was precisely because of the crisis brought about by the Black Dragon City that he could have become a Reaching Heaven State in such a short time.

Apprentice sister.

The one he cared about the most was his apprentice sister.

He had to keep his promise to go to the Realm of Spirits in three years!

By the way…

Jiang Chen glanced at the forest, which almost had been completely burned and touched his chest, feeling the hot blood flowing through his body.

It wasn't exaggerated at all. That was what he felt.

His body temperature was much higher, and he didn't feel any discomfort.

Plus his revival… All these things reminded him of a story about aristocratic families of inheritance that he had read before.

Ancient Spirits had much in common with aristocratic families of inheritance, but their origins were completely different.

Energies of the universe mattered a lot to ancient Spirits.

In the case of aristocratic families of inheritance, they had inherited the power of ancient spiritual beasts.

In the oldest book Jiang Chen had ever read, the author told the story of a very long time ago.

It happened when the world hadn't yet been split into nine realms.

Human beings were very weak then. They didn't practice, nor did they have martial arts techniques. They were merely prey for fierce beasts that could turn the world upside down easily.

But in that era, there had been many spiritual beasts opposing the fierce beasts.

Some people had turned to them. Lucky men took their essence blood and became powerful warriors.

Then people realized the essence blood could be inherited by their descendants.

That was the start of aristocratic families of inheritance.

He also knew the first generation of human beings who had the essence blood was called the men of genuine blood. They not only got stronger, but inherited many wonderful abilities from the spiritual beasts.

Phoenixes were a kind of fire bird. They would never die.

Men of genuine blood were able to control fire, and they were immortal, similar to what had happened to Jiang Chen.

But the immortality had some restrictions, except for revival. After that, the conditions to being immortal were very hard to satisfy.

"So, that means I'm a man of genuine blood. That's why I didn't even have any thin phoenix blood."

Jiang Chen came to this conclusion by himself. His mother bore the purest blood of the Gaos in the past hundreds of years. It wasn't so surprising for her to give birth to a man of genuine blood.

After the surprise, Jiang Chen was very excited.

It wasn't because the strength enhancement brought on by the phoenix blood, but because it could soothe his father's worries and prove to the Gaos how stupid their decision had been!

In the Murongs' clan land in the Dragon Field…

As the richest group in the Dragon Field, the clan land of the Murongs, carriers of dragon blood, wasn't common. The golden city was huge.

Golden Dragon City was the center of the clan land. It wasn't any worse than the Sacred City. The streets were always full of people.

The Murong Mansion was like an imperial palace. Their four walls were built on the highlands of the city. The buildings inside them were exquisite and astounding.

The whole Golden Dragon City could be seen from inside the mansion.

That day, Ning Haotian woke up in a big house in the Murong Mansion. When the beautiful maid went to inform others he was awake, his messy mind gradually became clearer.

The last thing he could remember clearly was Jiang Chen's dreadful sword attack. He went into a coma after that.

Then he had vaguely seen Jiang Chen attacking the Black Dragon City. His mother had been screaming emotionally beside him.

These images were too chaotic. Ning Haotian tried very hard to connect them to memories, but what he got was a strong headache.

"It wasn't easy to keep you alive. You'd better take it easy."

For an unknown period of time, there had been a man standing in the room. He was the most majestic man that Ning Haotian had ever seen.

"Where am I?"

"The Dragon Field. The Murongs."

Ning Haotian looked perplexed. In the Dragon Field, he only knew the Sacred Institute, the Sus, and the Gaos.

Fortunately, he recalled his mother had told him that the Murongs were one of the most powerful families among the aristocratic families of inheritance.

But he didn't understand what it had to do with him.

"You have dragon blood in your body. Although your mother and your grandfather's dragon blood is very thin, yours is very pure.

"Besides, it's very rare that you have two kinds of inheritance. You also have the bird blood of the Sus. Strictly speaking, the blood in your body is dragon-bird blood."

Ning Haotian felt like he was dreaming. Although he didn't really know what this could mean, he knew it was like he had won the lottery.

"So your future is very promising," said Murong Xiong.

"Senior, has my clan, Black Dragon City, heard the news?" asked Ning Haotian.

Murong Xiong frowned. His lips were a thin line.

"Senior?" Ning Haotian recalled the vague and incomplete images in his memory. He had a hunch that something had gone wrong.

"There is no Black Dragon City anymore."


"Jiang Chen declared war on the Black Dragon City to save his father. And the Black Dragon City suffered a disastrous defeat," said Murong Xiong.

"What about my clansmen? What about my parents? Did Jiang Chen slaughter the whole city?" Ning Haotian was in a daze. He couldn't even speak incoherently at that moment.

"No, he didn't. But ninety percent of the higher-ups were either killed or injured. Your father and grandpa were both killed by Jiang Chen. So was… your mother."

Murong Xiong knew how Su Quan had died, but he figured it wasn't necessary to tell Ning Haotian about it.

"Damn it! I'm going to kill him! I will kill him! Senior, please help me get revenge. Please help me!" Ning Haotian's eyes were totally red. He was gradually losing his senses.

A trace of displeasure showed in Murong Xiong's eyes. He sized up Ning Haotian and said, "It's such deep hatred. Don't you want to get revenge in person?"

"But… he defeated me."

Ning Haotian had lost to Jiang Chen while he had superiority over the latter, even though he had never slacked.

By then, he was at a complete disadvantage. It would be even less possible for him to win Jiang Chen.

"Did you forget about the dragon-bird blood in your body?" Murong Xiong shook his head slightly. He suddenly realized why Ning Haotian had lost to Jiang Chen.


Not knowing that he had disappointed Murong Xiong, Ning Haotian put his hands onto his chest and the will to fight was reignited in his eyes.

"Exactly! I'll kill him in person! I'll stomp him with my own feet!"


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