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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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366 Revival

Jiang Chen was dead once, so the feeling of death wasn't strange to him.

When all of the Destructive Angry Lotuses were wreaking havoc in the sky, he and his sneak attacker were the two who suffered the greatest damage.

Their bones were broken. So were their guts. The pain passed quickly, but after the pain, there was endless darkness.

Like burnt out candles, no light was left.

They fell from the sky into a forest, breaking the branches of a giant tree, but thanks to the tree, their bodies stayed in one piece.

He recalled the happy moments he had enjoyed at the Over Cloud Palace in his previous life and what had happened in this new life.

Then he fell unconscious, like he was lying on a bed and falling asleep involuntarily.

Jiang Chen, who had just been recognized as a legend in the Fire Field, fell here, with no one around.

A hungry wolf came quietly. It had been attracted by the disturbance caused during Jiang Chen's fall.

In the pit he had created, the wolf saw him.

It knew he was dead, using its wild animal instincts.

The dead body would naturally be its supper. It walked to the edge of the pit.

The temperature in the pit suddenly soared. The wolf hurried to step back, but it was already too late.

An orange flame erupted from it, not only soaring to the sky, but also spreading rapidly. Everything touched by it was burned.

The wolf screamed, then immediately became ash.

Soon, the whole forest was illuminated by the fire. It could be seen from a radius of thirty yards.

In the thick pillar made of flames, there was a holy phoenix bathing in fire.

All of a sudden, it absorbed all of the flames and grew dozens of times bigger. In the fire, the outline of the phoenix was drawn, emitting a brilliant silver light.

It was like the phoenix's skeleton, while the flames were its blood and flesh. It was a real fire phoenix.

It gave off a loud and clear chime and flapped its wings. It arrived at the end of the forest immediately. Wherever it passed, leaves were burning. Soon, the whole forest was burning.

It then flew up, accelerating in the sky, as if it was heading for the moon.

After making it thousands of feet above the ground, it dove in a straight line towards Jiang Chen.

Moving at light speed, it looked like a rainbow that hit Jiang Chen.

But his dead body wasn't pierced through. Instead, the holy phoenix went into his body.

His wounds recovered in an instant, as did the injury in his heart.

The pair of eyes that weren't supposed to open again opened. His bright black eyes were able to see again.

What's going on?

Jiang Chen sat up. He found himself still alive, and all of his injuries had recovered.

He paled when he realized he was in a burning forest. He was about to leave, but then he hesitated.

No one should have been to put up with such a heat wave, but he wasn't affected. He even felt comfortable.

He plucked up the courage to reach his hand into the fire. He didn't think about the possible burn, but when he took his hand out, it was intact.


Jiang Chen didn't understand how that was possible. He glanced at the fire in the forest and an instinct surged in his body. He raised his hand and shouted, "Back!"

All of the flames were absorbed into his palm right away. The fire in the forest disappeared. Only the remaining burning smell could prove the fire had really happened.


Although he didn't know what was going on, he couldn't help but burst out in laughter.

"Luck will follow if you can survive the disaster. It's true!"

Jiang Chen felt happy. He sensed a weak energy nearby. He walked there immediately.

The sneak attacker was lying on his stomach, more dead than alive. It seemed he didn't have much time left.

This guy was also a Venerable. He and Jiang Chen had been attacked by the power of the Destructive Angry Lotuses together.

Jiang Chen walked over and gave him a quick acupuncture treatment so that he wouldn't die immediately.

"Now I'm curious. Who are you?" asked Jiang Chen.

"You…" The man looked up, full of surprise.

Of course he was surprised. Even he, a Venerable, was severely injured. Jiang Chen was only a Reaching Heaven State, but he was totally fine.

"Are you from the Spirit Dynasty? It's said that the talent of the royal family are related to shadows. So it's true," said Jiang Chen.

It didn't matter if he didn't answer. Sometimes no answer was an answer.

"Your master just got engaged, and you're coming after me already. Is your master so narrow-minded?" said Jiang Chen.

The man finally spoke. "No one is allowed to touch or fall in love with the emperor's consorts. You've committed a capital crime."

"Yeah?" Jiang Chen smiled. He didn't seem to take it very seriously.

"Because of you, the Ice Spirit's woman became a side consort. No one is allowed to lay even a finger on His Highness's women."

"So after His Highness sleeps with the Ice Spirit's woman, she'll be in limbo. And you'll watch all this happening and be able to do nothing."

The man spoke a lot this time.

"Yeah? You mean no one else will be sent to kill me?" Jiang Chen had got important information from him. He couldn't help smiling.

The man was struck dumb. Jiang Chen was smarter than he had thought.

He had travelled there through the portal the Ice Spirit had left in the Realm of Nine Heavens, the mountain. It had been deployed when they sent Li Xue'er there, and it would disappear after she went back.

Without the portal, the travel expenses from the Realm of Spirits to the Realm of Nine Heavens would have been huge.

So the man knew Jiang Chen would be safe unless he went to kill him himself.

"Anything else you want to say?"

Jiang Chen had the information he wanted. He stood up and drew his black knife out.

The man wasn't surprised, but he was obviously tense. He said after a while, "My doctrine of sword is attacking from behind. It wasn't a sneak attack."

"No, it was."

"You—" The man still wanted to argue with him, but the Red Cloud Sword had pierced through his heart. He couldn't speak anymore.

"His Highness? Spirits, I'll let you know why arrogant Spirits can only stay in the Realm of Spirits instead of being the masters of the Sacred Zone.

"Human beings are the race with infinite potential!"

Nine Realms could be classified into Three Lower Realms, Three Middle Realms and Three Upper Realms.

They were classified according to the resources a Plane World had and its strength.

A resourceful Plane World surely wasn't weak.

The Three Upper Realms were led by the Sacred Zone, which was mainly made up of human beings. The Spirits were only a part of the Three Middle Realms.

It was interesting that as the former First Young Master of the Sacred Zone, he had made contact with the Spirits.

But with him, they had never been so arrogant before.

Even their king hadn't dared to be arrogant before him back then.

That was why he had always had a good impression of them.

Not until then did he know that they behaved completely differently when dealing with people from the Three Lower Realms.


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