The Brilliant Fighting Master
365 Supreme Venerable
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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365 Supreme Venerable

"So bring it on."

Jiang Chen took out some Destructive Angry Lotuses from the mustardseed ring very quickly and deployed them around himself.

"Destructive Angry Lotus?" Cloud Guardian, on the verge of attacking, said in surprise.

Although Jiang Chen wasn't travelling in his warship, he had been keeping these things in his mustardseed ring, since he might have needed them anytime.

"The Ice Spirit has a good eye," Jiang Chen said.

"You want to use these things to protect yourself? You're in the center of them. Where you are is the most dangerous position."

"I'll die anyway. If I can die together with you, it'll be good enough for me."

"Huh, do you have that resolution? You human beings are really good at trash-talking," Cloud Guardian said.

She really meant it. The fact that she wasn't pretending to be mean made her even more disgusting.

"If you don't believe me, try and fight me down here. You'll see whether I have the nerve or not," said Jiang Chen.

This time, Cloud Guardian kept silent, but soon, her smile grew bigger.

"I almost forgot you're only in the Reaching Heaven State. Do I need to come down to kill you?"

Several long icicles appeared from a freezing swirl. They flew out at high speed with a whoosh.

Jiang Chen's eyes widened. He hurried to switch on his armor of thunder.

But the icicles had hit him. They pierced through the thunder and lightning and severely injured him.

"Great Venerable…"

She had wounded Jiang Chen so easily. Her strength was incredible.

"Now you see how insignificant you are? When Xue'er is unsealed, there will be a huge gap between you and her. You want to marry her? You're too naive."

Cloud Guardian was surprised to see that he could manipulate thunder and lightning, but she didn't take it too seriously. She said, "Now, let me end your fantasy."

More icicles appeared.

They could injure Jiang Chen easily, but they were only her basic attack.

This was the strength of a great Venerable, especially a great Venerable of the Spirits.

"Damn it."

Jiang Chen felt weak. He gnashed his teeth and kept staring at Cloud Guardian.

Suddenly, he moved. He dashed towards her with all of the Destructive Angry Lotuses he had.

If his death was inevitable, of course he wanted the woman to die, too.

"Stupid. Even if the angry lotuses touch my face, I'll only be severely injured, and I'll take it out on your clansmen," Cloud Guardian said in fury. She was angry that an insignificant human had the nerve to attack her.

Jiang Chen was struck dumb by what she had said.

Cloud Guardian was a great Venerable. It would be easy for her to eliminate the Natural Law School, let alone the Southwind Ridge.

He stopped involuntarily.

"See? This kind of weakness is the tragedy of human beings."

Seeing Jiang Chen like this, Cloud Guardian had finally vented all of her anger. She pointed the icicles at him again.

"If I don't die, you'll feel remorseful for the rest of your life," Jiang Chen said coldly.

"Is that a joke at your deathbed?"

All of her icicles flew out.

When they were close to get him, something happened in the air. A strong magnetic field appeared out of nowhere and smashed all of the ice.

"Cloud Guardian, don't kill him," a powerful voice boomed.


Cloud Guardian was surprised at the king's arrival. What made her more puzzled was that he wanted to let Jiang Chen go.

"Can I ask why?" asked Cloud Guardian.

"Xue'er has just informed me of what's happening here. She has been unsealed. Her spirit heart is of the supreme Venerable level," said the king of the Ice Spirit.

"Supreme Venerable! Supreme Venerable!!" Cloud Guardian was excited. Even a member of the Ice Spirit was excited. It wasn't difficult to imagine how exciting the news was.

"King, but that gives us more reasons to kill him!"

Cloud Guardian didn't want to let Jiang Chen go.

"Xue'er has agreed to marry into the royal family, on the condition that we let him stay alive," the king answered.


Cloud Guardian tumbled to the realization, but she was still hesitant. Her killing intent was so strong that people would assume there was a great grudge between them.

Fortunately, she couldn't work out a solution that could satisfy her and the Ice Spirit at the same time. She didn't dare take the risk of killing Jiang Chen without permission, since it could do harm to the Ice Spirits.

"Human, are you ashamed?" Cloud Guardian scorned.

Jiang Chen ignored her. He shouted towards the sky, "King, when will Xue'er get married?"

He knew he couldn't stop it, but he had to try.

"She has been engaged. Xue'er said the wedding would be in three years. Human, be smart and don't see Xue'er again. It'll be better for both of you."

The king disappeared gradually after answering.

Cloud Guardian said, "What a lucky human."

"The royal family he mentioned is the Spirit Dynasty?"

Spirits had many races. They hated each other and treated each other as enemies, but they were all under the rule of the same dynasty.

The royal family was also made up of Spirits, the most special ones.

For example, among holy monsters, holy dragons always had a higher position than other species. They were born to be kings.

The royal family consisted of the Spirits' versions of holy dragon.

"Looks Xue'er told you a lot of things you weren't supposed to know," Cloud Guardian neither admitted nor denied.

"Now that Xue'er has the spiritual heart of a supreme Venerable, why would you send her to the royal family? Where is your pride as a Spirit? How could you be as weak as human beings?"

Anyone in Jiang Chen's position would lose their mind if they knew their beloved would marry someone else.

"The king told me not to kill you, but you'd better not push me," Cloud Guardian said coldly.

Three years… Oh right, three years!

Something occurred to Jiang Chen. That was exactly the time limit he had been promised by his apprentice sister. It couldn't just be a coincidence.

So on my part, I only need to keep my promise, heading for the Realm of Spirits in three years!

"If you let me see you again, I'll kill you without any mercy," Cloud Guardian told him.

"Likewise," said Jiang Chen.


Cloud Guardian had known how stubborn he was. She didn't waste any more time arguing with him, but disappeared immediately.

Jiang Chen didn't feel joy as surviving at all. He felt himself too small, too weak, but he wasn't willing to accept it. He also had a strong will to fight.

Apprentice sister, wait for me!

However, when Jiang Chen thought the interlude was already over, a sword was pierced into his body from his back. His body was pierced through. The tip of the blade showed through his chest with his blood on it.

Jiang Chen turned around with effort and saw a figure standing behind him.

Under his gaze, the figure gradually turned into a real man.

"Surprised? Everyone who died by my sword was as surprised as you," he said.

"A sneak attack… from behind is an insult to a swordsman." Jiang Chen's heart had been pierced through. He found it hard to speak.


Jiang Chen's answer was unexpected to the man. In theory, Jiang Chen should have asked him who he was.

"Aren't you curious who I am?"

"Why should I care who you are! Go to hell!"

Jiang Chen grasped his shoulders without hesitation. He manipulated the Destructive Angry Lotuses, intending to die along with him.

"You're crazy!"


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