The Brilliant Fighting Master
363 The Realm of Spirits
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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363 The Realm of Spirits

After getting through two big battles, the start of his relationship with Li Xue'er was a big comfort for Jiang Chen.

Other things could wait. For the moment, he only wanted to stay with her.

Li Xue'er would go back to the Ice Spirit soon. This was his biggest regret.

He had wished she could stay longer with him.

"I was supposed to go back when I broke through to the Reaching Heaven State, but I was worried about you, you know, your fight with Ning Haotian and your old scores with the Black Dragon City. I can't stay here any longer," Li Xue'er said.

Jiang Chen regretted a lot that he hadn't figured this out half a year ago. They had lost a lot of time.

Li Xue'er smiled when she saw through him. She felt sweet somehow, seeing Jiang Chen so unwilling to part with her.

Suddenly, her smile froze. She turned red and gave Jiang Chen a glance in complaint.

"Apprentice brother!"

Her gentle blaming sounded so pleasant. It not only didn't stop Jiang Chen, but made him pull her closer.

Seeing him want more, Li Xue'er raised her eyebrows, then a strong freezing energy was emitted from her body.

Jiang Chen felt like he was hugging an ice sculpture. His hands felt numb.

"It's a deadly crime to be frivolous." Li Xue'er pushed him away gently. Her tone was full of complacency and pride. She was smiling.

"I can't help it. I'm innocent." Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows and took a step forward.

"How silver-tongued you are. You should be punished."

Li Xue'er showed her pretty teeth. She bent and flicked her fingers, and an ice sword flew out.


Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. He was curious about the Ice Spirit's power, too, but in order not to hurt his delicate apprentice sister, he used a reverse-blade knife.

"Are you looking down on me?" Li Xue'er sneered. The ice sword had another change. Endless cold air was emitted from it. Frost appeared wherever it passed. The space seemed to be frozen.

The two were at a famous scenic site in the Fire Field. Above the waterfall, there was enough space to exchange blows.

The ice sword was moving fast around Jiang Chen, but it didn't fall.

Unknowingly, Jiang Chen found the temperature where he was standing had dropped noticeably. There was ice on his shoe soles spreading upwards.

An idea occurred to him. He left the ice sword behind and dashed towards his apprentice sister, but suddenly, the ice sword split into dozens, flying around him back and forth as if they were weaving clothes made of ice on him.

Jiang Chen felt like he would become an ice sculpture soon. He had to switch on his armor of thunder to break the annoying, thick ice.

"Not bad, apprentice brother."

Li Xue'er was intrigued. She was moving her hands quickly to make different symbols. Four ice walls appeared around Jiang Chen. Connected together end to end, they formed a cell that trapped him inside.

Jiang Chen used his reverse-blade knife together with the core of thunder, but he was still unable to break the ice walls. In the end, he had to turn to his extraordinary power and managed to make a hole in one of the walls.

"Is the Ice Spirit as powerful as you?"

Jiang Chen stopped. He felt frustrated. He had thought he was definitely stronger than his apprentice sister, since Li Xue'er was only in Cloud One of the Reaching Heaven State.

But Jiang Chen was even able to defeat a Cloud-Five Reaching Heaven State, as long as his rival wasn't especially excellent, and that was before he broken through to Cloud Three.

He had thought he could defeat his apprentice sister easily. It was beyond his imagination that he had to fight with his all in order to get a result.

However, they weren't enemies. Of course they wouldn't go that far.

"I was mainly trying to keep you at bay. Wasn't trying to hurt you."

It wasn't in Li Xue'er's character to comfort or encourage him. She smiled complacently and said, "If you dare do that again, don't blame me for being rude to you."

"Apprentice sister, I have many special movements that I haven't exerted. All right?" Jiang Chen wouldn't admit he had been defeated.

"Don't forget that I'm under a seal. If the seal is gone, my strength will be between your mother's and your father's levels," said Li Xue'er.

"Besides, if the ice properties in my body are good enough, I'll get even stronger when the seal is gone."

"Is everyone of the Ice Spirit so abnormally good?" Jiang Chen smiled bitterly.

Li Xue'er was younger than twenty. She could have been a Venerable as long as the seal was gone, and she would progress rapidly thanks to the advantages of the Ice Spirit.

"If we weren't so great, why were the ancient Spirits so respected by human beings?"

Li Xue'er said, "Maybe when you come, I'll have already been made a great Venerable."

"You wish. I won't lag behind. When we meet again, I'll be able to subdue you without hurting you. By then…" Jiang Chen stopped. He smiled unkindly.

Li Xue'er bit her lips and said, "By then, what?"

"I'll excise the domestic discipline of the Jiangs on you," said Jiang Chen.

"Huh, I won't give you the chance."

Li Xue'er raised her head, full of pride.

Every time Jiang Chen saw her smile, he felt delighted.

Other people knew the number one in the Beauty List was an otherworldly ice beauty, but they didn't know the responsibility she bore on her shoulders and the loneliness inside of her.

She had opened her heart to him. He wouldn't let her down.

"Realm of Spirits, I'll definitely come!"

That was where the Ice Spirit was living.

The nine realms were independent worlds, but there were certain rules for the passages leading to them.

It was impossible to travel to the Realm of Spirits from the Realm of Nine Heavens directly. One had to go to the Realm of Milky first, then from there to the Realm of True Force, where there was a path leading to the Realm of Spirits.

In other words, Nine Realms was like a ladder.

The Realm of Nine Heavens was at the bottom. The Realm of Spirits was in the middle. The Sacred Zone was on the top.

Jiang Chen also learned from Li Xue'er that the Realm of Nine Heavens was the most marginal and undeveloped Plane World.

He had thought after 500 years of quick development, it should have surpassed other Plane Worlds.

Not until then did he learn that other Plane Worlds had developed more quickly.

Five hundred years ago, the herbs needed for the Death Warrant Flower's antidote were very rare in the Sacred Zone.

But in the Realm of Nine Heavens, someone only needed several months to collect them.

However, in other Plane Worlds, the time needed would be even less. In some of them, they could even be bought right away.

Jiang Chen instantly felt quite pressured, but on the other hand, he was very excited, because that meant there were more rivals to conquer, and they were even stronger.

"Jiang Chen, it's time."

Li Xue'er suddenly became sorrowful. They had been hanging out for only a few days, but these had been the happiest days of her stay in the Realm of Nine Heavens.

"Can I see you off? Let me take you to where you're going to leave the Realm of Nine Heavens?" said Jiang Chen.

Li Xue'er was very touched, but she shook her head and said, "If my clansmen knew about our relationship, they would kill you. Don't come. Promise me."

"Kill me? That's too much." Jiang Chen couldn't believe it.

"I'm serious. Fights between two realms are cruel."

"All right."

Jiang Chen took Li Xue'er's hand and said seriously, "Apprentice sister, wait for me. In three years at the longest, I'll come to see you."



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