The Brilliant Fighting Master
359 Cracking the Armor!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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359 Cracking the Armor!

The emperor of the Xia Dynasty had been confident since the very beginning.

This was his home field. He wasn't afraid of the Natural Law School's attack. His only concern was that they wouldn't come.

But after the Country Guarding Dragon Pillar broke, his confidence was shattered.

He was suddenly seized by fear and panic.

Without the aid of the pillar, the power gains the imperial palace had made would all disappear. They wouldn't be able to resist the Justice Seeking Sword Formation anymore.

Why is that?

The emperor looked down. There were three guardians protecting the palaces related to the pillar, and they were deployed with great defenses.

But when he looked towards the two palaces, he was shocked.

The palaces were gone. The spaces where they had been were empty!

Destructive Angry Lotus?

The emperor had seen it at the Black Dragon City, but he had never thought it would be a problem for him, because it was too powerful, and there were too many innocent people in the imperial palace.

As far as he knew, Jiang Chen wouldn't hurt innocent people.

"Each Destructive Angry Lotus has different power. Only two of them are powerful enough to kill a Venerable."

Jiang Chen intended to break the emperor's mental defenses. He said, "The guardians of your royal family need to improve."

The emperor found the three guardians lying on the ground. He couldn't tell whether they were alive or already dead.

The emperor felt heartbroken. Along with the four Jiang Qingyu had killed, he had lost seven Venerables.

Magic Columns were still falling. They had pierced through many palaces.

"Xia Dynasty, you've already lost! Stop resisting. Otherwise, the whole dynasty will be eliminated!" Jiang Chen shouted.

Everyone in the imperial palace knew what the devastation of the Country Guarding Dragon Pillar could mean.

They looked up and found the silver dragons had all been killed by the Justice Seeking Sword Formation after the golden dragon had vanished.

"Haha! As long as I'm alive, your dream won't come true!"

The emperor burst out laughing. It seemed he wouldn't give up until he died. Even if the dynasty was eliminated, he wanted the Natural Law School to fall into the same abyss.

"Generals and soldiers, kill the enemies!"

The emperor raised something into the air while he was giving the order. It was a jade seal shining with golden light, a holy dragon carved on the top.

"Holy Dragon Imperial Seal!"

The low-spirited soldiers pepped up as soon as they saw the jade seal. They had that firmness in their eyes, as if death was exactly the destination they were heading for.

The Holy Dragon Cannon was shot again. The soldiers came into the air again, showing no fear of the swords.

Without the Country Guarding Dragon Pillar, they were much weaker. They were killed brutally by the Justice Seeking Sword Formation.

However, the emperor took no notice of it. He turned his red eyes towards Su Xiuyi and Jiang Qingyu.


The emperor raised the Holy Dragon Imperial Seal and sealed the sky. The word "Strike" really appeared in the air, then turned into all kinds of weapons. They were powerful and full of killing intent.

"Watch out!" Jiang Qingyu and Su Xiuyi warned each other. They couldn't be too careful.

The Holy Dragon Imperial Seal was also a magic weapon. Although the two hadn't suffered any losses, they were pushed back.

"Don't you dare look down on the imperial power!"

The emperor smiled cunningly as he dashed over to Jiang Chen.

"You dirty rat, go to hell!"

"Don't you dare!"

Jiang Qingyu flew into a rage. He stopped holding back and exerted his sword formula right away.

"Ninth Sword: Reincarnation!"

Numerous blades lined up and swept over towards the emperor. As the blades became more and more, the glow of the swords became sharper and sharper.

"It's useless!"

The emperor turned around and faced the blades directly. He even flew towards them. As soon as the blades touched his body, they broke.


The Holy Dragon Imperial Seal was sealed again. After another seal had been made, endless aggressive attacks were launched. If Su Xiuyi hadn't come to his rescue, Jiang Qingyu would have been severely wounded.

Royal armor and Holy Dragon Imperial Seal, these two magic weapons endowed the emperor of the Xia Dynasty with first-class strength in the Fire Field.

Jiang Chen hurried to leave so that no one else would be hurt. At the same time, he thought, "The royal armor has to be cracked. Otherwise, even if we win, we'll suffer great losses."

They aimed to overturn the imperial power instead of destroying the dynasty. Victory was the only thing they wanted.

From then on, the Natural Law School and the Xia Dynasty wouldn't be equal anymore. The Xia Dynasty would become a country ruled by the power of martial arts. They would pay tribute to the Natural Law School.

The Xia Dynasty and the Natural Law School had always been eager to conquer each other rather than eliminate each other, because in the second case, both of them would suffer great losses, too. For every 1,000 enemies they killed, they could lose 800 men. Other forces of the Fire Field would also take the chance to take advantage of the situation.

And in this battle, the Xia Dynasty had lost, but the emperor couldn't accept defeat.

Some people would rather die when their lives were shameful. The emperor of the Xia Dynasty was one of them.

Jiang Chen wouldn't allow him to go on doing this.

Once the emperor succeeded, the territory of the Xia Dynasty would be invaded by other forces of the Fire Field, and the innocent people of the dynasty would suffer in war.

"Uncle Fan, give me the Dark Soldier Armor!"


Fan Tu took his armor off and gave it to Jiang Chen right away.

"Son, be careful," said Gao Yue.

"Sure." Jiang Chen put the armor on and dashed towards the emperor.


The emperor, still in the fight, sensed Jiang Chen's arrival. He felt disdain for the latter and said, "A Cloud-Two Reaching Heaven State wants to kill a powerful Venerable?"

"Powerful? I don't think so!"

"The Rainbow Sword Method: Three Movements in One."

Jiang Chen didn't bother to argue. He launched an all-out attack directly, with extraordinary power, the power of wind and thunder, and the doctrine of sword all put into use.

Although his armor seemed clumsy, he was able to move agilely. In a flash of the sword, he had reached his rival.

The emperor kept stepping back. He was entirely shocked.

"The martial arts techniques of Your Majesty, a Venerable, aren't comparable to that of a Reaching Heaven State?" Jiang Chen scorned.

The emperor was dumbfounded. What surprised him most was that three cracks had appeared on his royal armor!

It had been done by the combination of the elevation of sword and the power of thunder.

The power of thunder was the most difficult power to resist in the world.

"Jiang Chen, you can crack royal armor?" Su Xiuyi said in pleasant surprise.

"I suppose. As long as I give him an all-out punch."

Jiang Chen took a deep breath and said, "I'm going to exert my special movement to crack the armor!"

"No. That's too risky. He must be prepared for it. You shouldn't launch that attack until we're one hundred percent sure you'll succeed."

But Jiang Qingyu stopped him and intended to attack first. He said, "Watch me, the essence of the Immortal Doctrine of Sword.

"Tenth Sword: Elimination!"

This was obviously Jiang Qingyu's special movement. The energy of the sword was too strong to hold down even before the momentum of the sword was formed.

Su Xiuyi also said, "Apprentice brother, the power of each knife movement of the Ultimate Knife Method will be decided by one's level. Now let's see where your limit is!

"An Infinite Strike!"

Su Xiuyi bent down and inserted the knife into its sheath. He held his breath and focused. When the knife was drawn out of the sheath again, the powerful glow of the knife attacked like a tsunami.

Jiang Chen turned serious. His father and the leader, who was also his apprentice brother, were both peerless, powerful men. And they were teaching him in person. Such an opportunity would be rare even at the Hero Palace.

He opened his eyes wide, unwilling to miss a single detail.


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