The Brilliant Fighting Master
358 Justice Seeking Sword Formation
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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358 Justice Seeking Sword Formation

In the air, Jiang Qingyu and Su Xiuyi tried their best, but they failed to crack the royal armor.

Fortunately, the emperor couldn't take them down, either, since he was fighting against two people.

"The longer the fight lasts, the more desperate you'll be."

The emperor looked towards Su Xiuyi and said, "Leader Su, I didn't know you were actually right-handed. You've been hiding it pretty well."

"You know why?" said Su Xiuyi.

"Why?" The emperor's curiosity was piqued.

"You shot my apprentice brother with thousands of arrows just to get a knife. After that, you only took two glances at it and then threw it away. Do you remember that?!"

The hatred he had been holding back for so many years finally erupted. Su Xiuyi had changed from a well-educated gentleman to an aggressive knifesman.

"Your apprentice brother killed your master, didn't he?" the emperor asked out of curiosity.

"My master taught my apprentice brother the last movement through his death. You're only a cold-blooded emperor. Of course, you wouldn't understand such deep emotions," said Su Xiuyi.

"Haha, it's true. I don't understand such superficial things. Neither do I understand why you're leading the Natural Law School to perdition because of your personal anger!"

The emperor laughed in his harsh voice. He looked towards the pagoda and said, "The Golden Light Pagoda will be out of energy soon. It couldn't protect the Natural Law School for very long. By then, will your men choose to escape or continue the fight?"

"Of course, we'll continue the fight!"

"Are you sure? What if they learn Ning Haotian is still alive, his attainments can recover, and one day, he'll come back again as a strong fighter? Will they still continue the fight?"

The emperor suddenly raised his voice so that everyone around could hear him. "Ning Haotian was found to be a dragon blood carrier. Dragon blood the likes of his has rarely been seen in the past hundreds of years. The Murongs from the Dragon Field will invest large amounts of time and resources to train him."

The emperor hadn't intended to push the Natural Law School back, only to alienate and then kill them.


As expected, those of the Natural Law School were stunned right away.

Ning Haotian was defeated. His attainments were gone, but he was still a member of the Natural Law School.

Most importantly, the school's board of elders had elected him to be the next leader.

If Ning Haotian came back, naturally, he would assume the leader's post.

During the fight between Jiang Chen and Ning Haotian, seeing Jiang Chen's brilliant performance, the school's elders had been wondering if they had another chance to choose, whether they would choose Jiang or Ning.

They hadn't expected they would have another chance.

"Ning Haotian was defeated by Jiang Chen. Even if he comes back, he'll still be defeated."

Su Xiuyi glanced at those of the Natural Law School and said, "The war is on. The die is cast. It won't be easy to go back."

"My son is excellent. Ning Haotian won't be able to catch up with him, even with the aid of the Murongs," said Jiang Qingyu.

He wasn't trying to persuade the Natural Law School. He just wanted to say what was on his mind.

Their words bolstered the Natural Law School's confidence again.

"Natural Law School, only a few minutes left. I'll let you choose. Do you want to continue the fight or stop? I guarantee you that if you want to go back, I'll let you."

The emperor's scheme didn't work, but he didn't give up.

Suddenly, the Country Guarding Dragon Pillar rotated a bit. People took a closer look and found the golden dragon was moving.

"Haha, the holy dragon will join the fight soon. Natural Law School, you don't have much time left!"

While the holy dragon was moving, each part of the imperial palace was shining with a strong golden light.

"We're already here. There's no way back. Let's fight!"

The Three Clarities of Natural Law didn't hesitate for too long. They weren't dumb. They didn't believe the emperor of the Xia Dynasty, because if he really was willing to let them go, why hadn't he said it at the very beginning?

"Deploy the tactical formation!"

The Natural Law School had made up their minds. They were trying their best, although Jiang Chen hadn't made any achievements. That was the main reason Jiang Chen had agreed to be their leader later.

Something abnormal happened to the bottom of the pagoda the Natural Law School had brought. A great halo fell, encircling all the school's members.

Then elders stood in different directions. Round formation diagrams appeared in the halo.

These diagrams were connected to each other. In the center of them there was a pattern of four different swords.

"Justice Seeking Sword Formation!"

The swords, which had been static images, became real as soon as the tactical formation was deployed. Each of them was ninety feet long, wrapped in radiances of different colors.

Within the formation's range of function, all of the dynasty's soldiers were killed.

The sky was cleared in only a few seconds. The troops returned to the ground.

"Great. Fantastic!"

But the emperor wasn't surprised. His laugh looked even a bit hideous due to his excitement.

All of the Natural Law School's forces had been included in the tactical formation. Once it was cracked, the whole school would be eliminated.

"Try the weapon I specially prepared for your Justice Seeking Sword Formation," said the emperor.

Once again, the sound of moving strings came from everywhere. And this time, it sounded louder. There could have been more than 100 bows.

The spear-like arrows turned into silver dragons in the air. They rose and dashed towards the formation.


At the same time, the golden dragon on the Country Guarding Dragon Pillar came to life. It was whirling around the pillar and roaring, emitting destructive energy.

The capital citizens saw the most extraordinary scene they would ever see.

The four holy swords were fighting fiercely against hundreds of giant dragons.

It didn't even look real; it was like a dream.

However, the energy they were emitting reminded people that this was not only real, but also horrifying.

The whole capital seemed to be swept up by a storm. Sand and stones were flying in the air. Fierce winds were roaring.


Su Xiuyi suddenly saw one thing. The arrows were aiming at the cracking points and flaws of the Justice Seeking Sword Formation. After turning into energy, those silver dragons were biting and tearing at these points, too.

The Justice Seeking Sword Formation was in danger. If it went on like this, the consequences would have been severe.

There are traitors? Su Xiuyi couldn't figure out who it could be. The Natural Law School investigated everyone's background strictly.

"Don't waste your time thinking. It's Yuan Hong who told me about it. Thanks to Jiang Chen, not only have you come to court death, but Yuan Hong was willing to tell me such important information," the emperor said.

Su Xiuyi gnashed his teeth. He hadn't anticipated that.

"So, even if you're powerful, what's the use if you can't take me down? When the formation is cracked, the war will be over," said the emperor.

"You're such a coward," Jiang Qingyu said.

"Whatever you say. Jiang Qingyu, you're a skilled swordsman, but I'll keep my eyes on you. I'll send all of the imperial palace's troops to eliminate the Southwind Ridge!" the emperor said coldly.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen's voice came from the ground.

"You've lost your chance."

Before he finished speaking, the Devastator had been shot. It was aimed at the Country Guarding Dragon Pillar.


The emperor didn't take it seriously, but he immediately paled.

The pillar didn't absorb the attack's power. Instead, it was broken!

The golden dragon in the air was vanishing.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》