The Brilliant Fighting Master
357 Two Palaces
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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357 Two Palaces

Xue Jingtian was more or less as strong as Yuan Hong, who had died at Jiang Chen's hand.

In Cloud Seven of the Reaching Heaven State, he was leading an elite team formed of Mental Wander States and a deputy general in Cloud Two.

This time, Jiang Chen had neither Dark Soldier Armor nor his warship. It was pretty dangerous for him to fight on his own, but the situation was too urgent for him to think. He formed the armor of thunder and dashed over.

The soldiers in the Mental Wander State all flew away. The clang of their armor kept rising and falling.

"You're asking for it!"

Xue Jingtian and his deputy attacked at the same time. They weren't holding anything back. Their powerful energies were released through different martial arts techniques. They intended to kill Jiang Chen right then and there.

Jiang Chen was already unable to resist such powerful energies, not to mention their advantage in martial arts techniques.

"Naga, show!"

But Jiang Chen was well prepared. He used the eight groups of spiritual beings. With naga's help, it was already very close to a magic weapon.

Azure Demon and the black dragon flew out from behind Jiang Chen with a brand new image. With one on the left and the other on the right, they cracked the two attacks together.

"What's this?!"

It was totally unexpected to Xue Jingtian and his deputy. Not only did their attacks not work, but the man and the dragon were giving them extremely powerful blows.

They switched on their protective energy jars, but they didn't work.

The black dragon targeted the deputy. The dragon's head smashed through the energy jar. The deputy flew off and died immediately.

Xue Jingtian's energy jar was stronger, but it was also punched through by Azure Demon. He was severely wounded.

Seeing the situation become unfavorable for him, he had been about to run away, but Jiang Chen's attack came ruthlessly and targeted his vital parts.

Jiang Chen didn't stop. He didn't wait there to see the general fall, but headed for the Country Guarding Dragon Pillar directly.

Since the Country Guarding Dragon Pillar could absorb the energy of all attacks, it didn't have any defensive wards or tactical formations. Jiang Chen could even touch the pillar.


But before he could figure out the pillar's secret, he found himself under siege. Large amounts of soldiers had surrounded him and the pillar.

Although most of them were in the Reaching Heaven State, they had more people, which was enough for them to kill a Cloud-Two Reaching Heaven State.

And there were Holy Dragon Cannons aiming at him from various directions.

This wasn't the trickiest part. Three guardians of royal family suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Their eyes were giving off a scary killing intent behind the eye holes of their masks.

Venerables again?

Jiang Chen was very surprised. The quantity of Venerables was key to this battle.

Counting the Natural Law School and his parents, they had no more than ten Venerables.

But the dynasty seemed to have an infinite amount. With the four Jiang Qingyu had killed included, there were already more than ten.

No wonder the elders of the school are unwilling to make an all-out effort! I have to do something.

"Azure Demon, black dragon, cover me."

Jiang Chen flopped down onto the ground. He stopped paying any attention to the outside world, but completely focused on the pillar.

Looking at the troop and the three guardians of the royal family before them, Azure Demon and the black dragon became extremely serious.

"Human, we can only hold on for one minute," said the dragon.

Without waiting for Jiang Chen's reply, the dragon's body enlarged to its normal size.

Not even the whole square was big enough to hold him.

He kept flying around the pillar. Many soldiers were hit.

His long growls were so terrifying that no one had the nerve to approach him.

In this way, the black dragon caught the attention of those in the sky and on the ground.

In this era, dragons were rarely seen. It was striking to see a living dragon under the sun.

"Didn't know he had that." On the warship, Crimson Moon was surprised, too. Gazing at Jiang Chen sitting there, she was amazed by his performance once again.

But soon, she realized that it wasn't a real dragon, as did the others.

"It's only a soul. How dare you be so arrogant!"

Two guardians of the royal family attacked together. They wanted to subdue the dragon. Another guardian dashed over towards Jiang Chen.

"You weak Venerables, in my heyday I was able to get rid of you with only one slap. How dare you ignore me! Huh!" Azure Demon said proudly. He threw his palm out and pushed them back.

The guardian was surprised, then he suddenly scorned, "You're only a soul struggling to live. How dare you trash talk us like this."

"You're asking for it!"

Azure Demon flew into a rage. His powerful energy tumbled out of him.

"You've made a big mistake."

The voice suddenly became magnetic, and it was hard to tell whether it was a man or woman.

Then Azure Demon's crazy attack forced the arrogant guardian into a desperate situation.

Guardians of the royal family were all entry-level Venerables, like Gao Yue, but since they didn't have the blood of inheritance, their strength was much weaker than hers.

But unfortunately, Azure Demon couldn't kill the guardian, since to do that, he would have to manipulate a force beyond the deva's ability. Besides, the black dragon was consuming most of the energy of the eight groups of spiritual beings as it was.

The black dragon was dealing with two guardians alone. In addition, the Holy Dragon Cannons were also aimed at him.

This one minute felt like much longer than that.


Fortunately, Jiang Chen figured out the solution ahead of schedule. He stood up and called deva and naga back.

The key to cracking the pillar didn't lie in the pillar itself, but in two palaces located in the imperial city.

One of them was the energy source of the Country Guarding Dragon Pillar.

The other was its kernel.

As long as one of them was destroyed, the pillar would be out of function.

However, when he was about to head there, three guardians stopped him.

"Human, I'll give you the power of black dragon!" the naga said.

"The power of black dragon is the source of your soul. There isn't much left. You'll vanish if you give it to me," said Jiang Chen.

The black dragon didn't speak. He hadn't expected Jiang Chen to think for him at such a crucial moment.

"I'll recover in the eight groups. As long as you keep upgrading the scripture, the power of black dragon that has been consumed over the years will all recover."

It wasn't easy for him to deal with the two guardians at that moment, but it was only because the Black Dragon City had been drawing the force of his soul for almost 1,000 years.

"All right," said Jiang Chen.

"Jiang Chen, go to hell. You won't win."

The guardians had been ready when Jiang Chen and the black dragon were communicating. They started to attack right away.

"You guardians of the royal family managed to become Venerables with the aid of external force. That's nothing to boast about, and you'll stay at that level for your entire life. How pathetic," Jiang Chen scorned.


The guardians were surprised that Jiang Chen knew their secrets. They didn't hesitate to exert their killing moves.

It was difficult for Jiang Chen to resist the attack of three Venerables, as well, but with the aid of the power of black dragon, the power of the armor of thunder he was in suddenly surged. The electric arcs were extremely brilliant, as if they were solid.

"Let me warn you about one thing. My martial arts techniques are more skilled than most Venerables. Now that our power is equal, you'll die."

Jiang Chen threw his sword and knife out at the same time. Being strengthened by the power of black dragon, the two weapons flew over.

The guardians sensed danger, but it was too late.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》