The Brilliant Fighting Master
356 Country Guarding Dragon Pillar
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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356 Country Guarding Dragon Pillar

The pagoda was emitting a strong light. Going down while rotating, it created a great disturbance, its powerful energy invincible.

Su Xiuyi joined Jiang Qingyu to fight against the emperor of the Xia Dynasty.

The Three Clarities of Natural Law landed beside the warship, helping Jiang Chen resist the three Venerables of the imperial palace.

Almost at the same time, a loud and rapid bell tone came from inside the imperial palace. In the resplendent and magnificent building, a terrifying energy was rising, like a fierce monster had been woken up.

"The Natural Law School!"

The emperor stopped fighting and landed in a safe zone. He was sizing up those of the Natural Law School and the pagoda with his intimidating look.

"The Natural Law School, you finally joined the fight?"

It was weird that the emperor wasn't panicked. Instead, he was excited. He said, "So, today is the day that the Natural Law School disappears from the Fire Field!"

The Natural Law School was the thorn in his side, but they had been staying in the Province of Widepool in passive defense to avoid risks.

If he attacked the Natural Law School, he would have to pay a big price.

But at the moment, they had all come to the imperial palace. If he could get rid of all of them, he would fulfill his biggest dream over the past decades.

So, although he knew the Natural Law School wouldn't be so resolute if he told them Ning Haotian was still alive, he wouldn't tell them.

He wanted them to be resolute.

After he had finished speaking, the energy in the palace finally erupted.

In the spacious area outside the Hall of Golden Throne, a great pillar emerged from underground.

The dim light of the morning sun illuminated the pillar. It was thirty-odd yards high and needed two people in order to hold it from end to end. A vivid golden dragon was carved on it. The scale's shining luster looked so real that people would think the dragon was actually alive.

"Country Guarding Dragon Pillar!"

As soon as it appeared, the whole city was in chaos.

The crowd was still in shock brought on by the emergence of the Natural Law School. By then, they had realized the day's affairs would end quickly.

Many smart people started to leave the city so that they wouldn't be effected.

"All in all, the power of martial arts is connected to imperial power!"

The emperor of the Xia Dynasty didn't give the Natural Law School any chance to speak. He declared war directly. He said, "People of the Xia Dynasty, here is my order: kill these traitors!"

Hundreds of people appeared in the sky over the capital. Most of them were in the Reaching Heaven State, but only a few were Venerables.

Many of the palace's doors were suddenly opened. Elite squads kept filing out.

One of the squads was even driving a chariot. After accelerating on the ground, they flew into the air.

Soon the sky was full, tightly packed with people.

With a dragon's howl, the Country Guarding Dragon Pillar emitted an overwhelming power. Jiang Chen's Magic Columns were still hundreds of feet away from the ground, but by then, they were stuck in the air.


Jiang Chen was surprised. The weakness of Magic Columns was that they fell very slowly. Their strength was that in spite of the slowness, nothing could stop them.

However, the Country Guarding Dragon Pillar had managed to stop them. And that was only one of its functions.

Within a certain range around the Country Guarding Dragon Pillar, everyone and everything would be strengthened. All the royal units were emitting golden light.

It seemed that the soldiers in the Reaching Heaven State had received the strength to fight against the Venerables.

Jiang Chen shot the Devastator at the Country Guarding Dragon Pillar, but when the blue cannonball hit the pillar, the pillar didn't suffer any damage. In addition to that, it absorbed the energy of the cannonball.

The pillar's effects were strengthened.

"No way!"

Jiang Chen was amazed. The Country Guarding Dragon Pillar had turned out to be a magic weapon!

"It's not going to work. The dragon pillar will absorb the power of all of your attacks. When it has absorbed enough power, the golden dragon will fly. No matter how many Venerables there are, they won't be able to defeat it."

Crimson Moon had been on the deck for who knew how long. She said while watching the intense fight in the air, "It's very unwise to attack the imperial palace. Once the Country Guarding Dragon Pillar is erected, it'll form an absolute defense.

"Once the golden dragon flies, the soldiers in dragon armor will be endowed with the strength of a Venerable. Each of the Holy Dragon Cannons is more powerful than yours."

Crimson Moon pointed at the Devastator, ignoring Jiang Chen's look.

"You...?" Jiang Chen didn't know what to say.

She looked into the sky blankly and said again, "My father, His Majesty, has royal armor. Neither knives nor spears can pierce through his body. He's protected from both fire and water."

Jiang Chen gave her an encouraging look. She continued, "That's all I know. As for how to crack it, I won't know until I become the empress, but I don't think it's possible."

At that moment, Su Xiuyi was fighting against the emperor with Jiang Qingyu.

The Three Clarities of Natural Law were dealing with the three Venerables of the imperial palace.

The area was a mess. The situation wasn't favorable for the Natural Law School, which was at a disadvantage at the moment.

But they were also benefiting from the help the pagoda brought them. It looked like they were fighting with ease.

"The pagoda can be protective. It's able to launch dreadful attacks, too. But once attack mode is switched on, it cannot go back to defense again. These elders aren't firm enough to risk their lives, unless you can crack the defense of the imperial palace."

He heard Su Xiuyi's voice again.

"You have to be quick! The pagoda's defense also has a limit. Once the fight goes beyond the limit, it's hard to say whether they'll want to leave or have a life-or-death fight. Judging from the current situation, the former is more likely."

This heavy responsibility fell on Jiang Chen immediately.

He took out a Destructive Angry Lotus and intended to throw it down without too much thinking.

But at the thought of the special effect of the Country Guarding Dragon Pillar, if it was absorbed as well, the battle force of the imperial palace would be greatly enhanced.

Jiang Chen couldn't take the risk.

I really have no way to work this out.

Jiang Chen's weapons were extremely destructive, but they couldn't do anything in the face of the Country Guarding Dragon Pillar, because the Dark Soldier Project was designed to deal with the Black Dragon City.

If he had known his rival would be the Xia Dynasty, he would have invested more than ten billion. Maybe even 100 billion wouldn't have been enough.

Everything has a rule. I don't believe I can't crack it.

Jiang Chen made up his mind. He jumped off the warship and fell towards the imperial palace.

"Is he trying to die?"

Crimson Moon had been in a daze, but she was startled by Jiang Chen's behavior and woke up immediately.

"Son!" Gao Yue was extremely worried. She wanted to lend him a hand.

"Mother, don't panic. I know what to do," Jiang Chen hurried to stop her.

"But you're only a Reaching Heaven State."

Gao Yue couldn't relax. In such a fight, his strength would only make him a sacrifice to consume the enemy's battle power.

"Mother, have I ever disappointed you?" said Jiang Chen.

Gao Yue sighed helplessly. She could do nothing but watch Jiang Chen fall.

"Jiang Chen, die!"

Before he landed, General Xue Jingtian had led some people to wait for him, intending to kill him.


Seeing the only arm Xue Jingtian still had, Jiang Chen burst out in laughter.

Xue Jingtian was hurt by the laugh. He shouted in fury, "Traitor, your dead body will be sent to every province, every village, to be watched and cursed!"


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