The Brilliant Fighting Master
355 How Powerful Jiang Qingyu Was
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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355 How Powerful Jiang Qingyu Was

"A family, huh? Are you going to die together?"

Since Gao Yue was there, the emperor wasn't very surprised at Jiang Qingyu's arrival. In his opinion, he was good enough to deal with two Venerables. Besides, they were at the imperial palace of the Xia Dynasty.

"You seem to forget Venerables have different levels, too."

Jiang Qingyu took one step forward. He was holding nothing, but when he pointed his sword finger, roaring winds swept across every corner.

A blade transformed from the spirit of the sword appeared out of nowhere.

It wasn't the usual way one would turn power into a physical weapon, since that way, the formed spiritual swords were very simple. They were more a sharp light with a sword's length than a sword.

But Jiang Qingyu's sword was different. The first half of the blade looked as if it was made of crystal. It was shining and brilliant, carrying a hidden aggressive energy. The second half of the blade was composed of two parts. A triangular hole was cut out out of its middle, where a dark blue light was emitted.

The handle was white. With so many details, it couldn't be an average transformed sword.

"Fourth Sword: Destroy!"

As soon as the sword formula was read, the spiritual sword turned into two, and then into four. In an instant, hundreds of them had appeared, one after one and next to another.

"This is bad! Your Majesty, move!"

The momentum of the sword had already been formed. The guardians of the royal family shouted out in fear. They hurried to stand before the emperor to protect him, exerting their best moves.

"Holy Fist Conquers the Universe!"

"Ten Thousand Miles' Sword Radiance!"

"Genuine Qi of the Universe!"

"Ten Thousand Flowers Fall Eternally!"

The four guardians had different jobs. Some were attacking, and others were defending. One of them had even switched on his protective energy jar, using himself as a shield to protect the emperor.

However, wherever the blade went, nothing could stop it. The movements of the four had all been cracked. They didn't even have an effect on the attack.

Puh! Puh! Puh! Puh!

The guardians of the royal family, protecting the emperor in a line, were pierced by the swords. They flew off the ground and died in the air.


Jiang Qingyu shook his head. All the swords disappeared. There were only bloody wounds left on the guardians' bodies.

Even their corpses didn't receive good treatment. They fell tragically from the sky.

The whole city quieted down.

Many people had been rubbing their eyes. After confirming what they'd seen, they were surprised and scared.

Jiang Qingyu's attack had renewed their ideas regarding power.

As the best combat force of the Xia Dynasty, the guardians of the royal family were killed in one sword attack, all four together.

The emperor almost flopped out of the air, scared out of his wits. He hurried to go back to the area within the palace's protection.

"Your strength… your strength… how?" the emperor said in a daze.

"What? Didn't the Black Dragon City tell you I had been fighting against them under the influence of a strong poison?" Jiang Qingyu said in surprise.

The emperor cursed all of the higher-ups of the Black Dragon City silently. They'd left out such important information when telling him.

"Are you going to be a great Venerable soon?" the emperor said again.

"If I hadn't been trapped in the Black Dragon Pool, I would have already become one," said Jiang Qingyu.

Although he had said it in a plain tone, the energy he was giving off was so imposing that it could pierce through a sheath. It seemed he was emitting a light that could blind everyone.

That's why mother fell for him.

Jiang Chen had been wondering how a young lady of the Gaos and a man from a small mountain force of the Fire Field had become a couple.

I've made it to where I am today thanks to the bibles and secret methods I memorized in my previous life, but father has made such an achievement completely by his own efforts.

At this thought, he couldn't hide his pride anymore.

"Even so, you aren't paying respect to the imperial power. You'll have to pay a price for it."

The emperor said in a low voice after having calmed down, "What you did just now could implicate the whole clan of yours."

"I came precisely for my clansmen's blood today," Jiang Qingyu said coldly.

"How dare you."

The emperor shook his head. He looked angrier and angrier. His voice grew louder and louder. He said in a fit of rage, "The imperial power can't be trampled by bugs like you!"

"Royal Blood! Burn!

"Royal Armor! Open!"

The emperor looked just the same, but noises were coming from the inside of his body that sounded like turbulent waves.

When the royal blood had flowed through the emperor's heart and circulated for a cycle, his skin surface was emitting a golden light.


It caught Jiang Chen's attention that his protective energy jar hadn't been formed only through martial arts skills.

He took a closer look and found it came from King Bone.

King Bone referred to the remains of the overlords who had led their citizens into a golden age.

The emperor of the Xia Dynasty had transplanted a King Bone into his body. Combined with the protective energy jar, he had been able to create an extraordinary royal armor.

"Father…" Jiang Chen was going to warn him.

"Son, trust your father," Gao Yue said gently to stop him.

Jiang Chen was struck dumb, then came to himself and nodded.

His warning wouldn't change anything in a fight between two powerful men.

"Bring it on!"

The emperor attacked first and exerted a fist method. His fist carried an overwhelming power.

"Third Sword: Illusion!"

Jiang Qingyu was neither surprised nor frightened. He looked as if he was focusing on something ordinary that had nothing to do with life or death.

The powerful fist and the profound spirit of the sword exchanged blows in the air.

Jiang Chen suddenly realized the martial arts techniques he had mastered allowed him to appreciate the details of the fight.

It wasn't hard to see Jiang Qingyu was at an advantage at that moment. The power of the fist had been shattered. The spiritual sword had beaten the emperor of the Xia Dynasty.

But the emperor was not only safe and sound, but had broken the spiritual sword. He was at a disadvantage, but he went against the common rule of fight to launch an active attack.

What a powerful defense!

Jiang Chen was worried, but soon he found he didn't have extra energy to worry about his father.

In the palace, the Holy Dragon Cannon was already ready. All kinds of defensive weapons had also started to recover.

The interference Jiang Chen's warship had caused was only temporary. At the moment, things were getting back to normal.

A group of fully armed soldiers flew into the air, full of killing intent. They launched an attack without a word.

And none of them were weak. They were first-class Reaching Heaven States, much stronger than the Black Dragon Guards of the Black Dragon City, and they had more people.

Under Fan Tu's lead, the Dark Soldiers went up against them with Gao Yue. It was a brutal fight.

Thinking of his task, Jiang Chen started to observe the imperial palace.

The attacker usually had less advantages than the defender. It was like attacking a city. Relying on geographical advantage, the defender didn't have to work as much as the attacker, plus they could deploy all kinds of defenses.

Take the Natural Law School and the Xia Dynasty for example. If they met outside, it was hard to say who would win.

But if one of them attacked the other, the defender would definitely be at an advantage.

For the moment, Jiang Chen wouldn't be able to have any influence on the Venerables. What he was going to do was get rid of the Xia Dynasty's geographical advantage.

He was going to crack their tactical formations, their trump cards, and all of their defenses.

This time, he hadn't gotten any information from Su Xiuyi, so he had to sort it out on his own.

"Jiang Chen, go to hell!"

However, another team dashed out of the imperial palace, intending to kill him.

Once they captured Jiang Chen, they would be able to force Jiang Qingyu to surrender.

There were three Venerables in the team!

"How ridiculous for a family to invade the imperial palace!" one of them scorned.

All of a sudden, Su Xiuyi's voice came. A pagoda fell from the clouds!

"Count us in. Is that enough?"


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