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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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354 Dream Team

It wouldn't take long for the people of the capital to experience the same shock as those who had been in the Black Dragon City.

The imperial palace was the heart of the Xia Dynasty, the home of the overlord of the Fire Field.

It came as a shock to everyone that the long lasting peace had been broken on such an ordinary day.

The blue ball flew across the sky like a shooting star and hit the tall walls of the imperial city.

Under people's shocked gazes, the city walls, painted red and covered with a golden glow on top, collapsed.

The imperial palace that had been hiding behind the wall was unveiled.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Still in shock, people heard drum beats coming from the imperial palace. A huge amount of soldiers swarmed out of it. Cannons were pushed to open areas.

"Holy Dragon Cannons!"

Some sharp-eyed people recognized the cannons. They were shocked once again. This was the Dragon Dynasty's famous killing weapon.

They hadn't expected the Xia Dynasty to have kept them and put them to use at the very beginning of the battle.

The cannons were aimed at the sky, where there was a warship that looked like it was being supported by red flames. This was precisely where the attack had come from.

The cannons were shot immediately. What came out of the Holy Dragon Cannon was a white energy powerful enough to destroy everything, no matter how tough it was.


But before the cannons hit the warship, the ship gave off a weird sound. Then brilliant lights started to spread downward.

The cannons were powerless as soon as they made contact with the light. The white energy wrapping around them disappeared and they started to fall.

"What's going on?!"

"What the hell is that?"

"It seems that all weapons powered by yuan stones have stopped working!"


The people of the capital could see how anxious the soldiers were. They could do nothing but watch the warship fly towards the imperial palace.

"Jiang Chen!"

With a growl, people saw the emperor of the Xia Dynasty flying out of the Hall of Golden Throne. He looked furious.

The name he had called caused a great stir in the capital.

"Do you think this is the Black Dragon City? You want to intimidate us with a damn ship? You wish," said the emperor.

What he had said confirmed the elimination of the Black Dragon City and that Jiang Chen had been the one to do it.

"Tyrant, I hope you won't regret the favor you did for the Murongs and the Sus." Jiang Chen's voice came from the deck. He sounded as unruly as ever. People were shocked to hear him cursing at the emperor.


The emperor of the Xia Dynasty didn't lose his temper. He burst out in laughter instead. His eyes were full of cruelty. He said coldly, "I think you've lost all of your clansmen, haven't you?"

It turned out he thought that was the reason Jiang Chen had lost his mind and come to court death.

Without waiting for Jiang Chen's answer, his smile faded. He shouted, "Shoot!"

The sound of strings' being pulled came from all over the palace. It sounded like arrows. The arrows that were shot looked like spears.

But there was more. When the arrows came into the air, they transformed into silver dragons made of energy while rotating. They dashed over, whirling.

They hit the defensive formation of the warship first. The silver dragons' bodies were disappearing from head to tail, little by little.

The defensive formation of the warship was like a mirror throughout the whole process. Some cracks appeared and in the end, pah, it was broken. The remaining silver dragons dashed over towards the warship.

The Devastator changed its way of shooting. The blue air column swept over.

"Jiang Chen, every arrow here carries the power of the Black Flame of the Black Dragon City. Each man here is comparable to the black dragon power that Ning Hai used."

Then four men appeared beside the emperor. They were wearing dark golden robes and masks.

"Guardians of the royal family!"

The capital was shocked again. They had been talking about the strength of the royal family a lot. Among all the legends they'd heard, the guardians of the royal family were the most discussed, but only a few people had ever seen them with their own eyes.

At that moment, there were four, which was quite eye-opening.

The strength of the guardians of the royal family didn't disappoint them. They were all Venerables.

The imperial palace was powerful, so they didn't have to sacrifice insignificant soldiers to consume the enemy's battle power.

The great formation of the warship had been cracked. The Devastator was still fighting against the silver dragons.

The guardians of the royal family kept pushing Jiang Chen so that he didn't have the chance to take Destructive Angry Lotuses out.

The battle was developing as the emperor had expected. Jiang Chen would die, and he would take over the warship.

At this moment, a phoenix flew down. It flew in front of Jiang Chen, pushing the four aggressive guardians back.

The silver dragons were caught with fire. They were exhausted rapidly and soon disappeared.

It happened extremely fast. Before people could come to themselves, they saw the phoenix turning into a woman.

She was a beautiful lady, except her clothing, the energy she was giving off, and her fair skin made her look like a teenager. Her pretty face looked slightly mature, but what caught the most attention was her energy.

It was an emperor that was standing before her, but compared to her, he was an ordinary citizen.

"Miss, who are you? Why are you meddling in the Xia Dynasty's internal affairs?"

The emperor was in a daze. This was new to him. It hadn't been included in the information he had.

Since when was there a female Venerable on Jiang Chen's side?

The emperor couldn't figure it out. The capital's people were also wondering about it.

"Huh, you wanted to kill my son. Did you expect me to stay out of it?"

Gao Yue hadn't fought for ten-odd years, but neither the phoenix blood in her nor her pride as a member of the Gaos had weakened. Instead, they had become stronger.

"She's Jiang Chen's mother?"

No one could believe what they'd heard.

They had the impression that Jiang Chen was a tough guy who had grown up in adverse circumstances.

After all, there wasn't a single Venerable in the whole Black Dragon City. Not even Ning Haotian's parents or his grandpa were!

Since when did Jiang Chen have such a background?

"Well, the Xia Dynasty can surely deal with a Venerable!"

After learning her identity, the emperor already knew there was no way back. He had to try his best.

He glanced at the warship. It was in recovery after the chaos just before. It was the best time to attack it.

"Come with me!"

The emperor was going to join the battle in person. His energy was even stronger than that of the guardians of the royal family.

Five versus one, all of them Venerables. Gao Yue didn't have a good chance of winning.

"Yeah? What about me? Can the dynasty deal with both of us?"

When they were about to start, a powerful sword energy came from the sky and pushed the five men back.

Then a man landed beside Jiang Chen.

"Another Venerable?!"

Many people were extremely astonished. How could Jiang Chen have such a background?

"Who are you?!" The emperor realized Jiang Chen had come thoroughly prepared this time.

"Jiang Qingyu, Jiang Chen's father, the dynasty's nightmare."


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