The Brilliant Fighting Master
352 Nirvana of Phoenix
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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352 Nirvana of Phoenix

But her son would never hurt her.

Gao Yue took the antidote. She put it in her mouth under Jiang Chen's eager gaze.

Jiang Qingyu was frowning severely. He had a long face while observing his wife's situation without blinking.

Soon, Gao Yue looked like she was in pain. She covered her stomach and gnashed her teeth. Her forehead was covered in sweat.

"It's normal," Jiang Chen comforted her. He also felt heartbroken.

The father and the son helped Gao Yue sit in a chair. By then, the pain had aggravated even more. Gao Yue couldn't help but scream.

"Son, is she all right?" Jiang Qingyu asked worriedly.

"Yeah. The Death Warrant Flower has such a dreadful effect because its poison goes into the deepest parts of the body, like internal organs and bone marrow. That's why when people poisoned by it fight, their strength and life span suffer a sharp decline."

Jiang Chen continued, "To detoxify it, we have to bring the poison out of these parts. Pain is inevitable."

Gao Yue was sweating heavily. Beads of sweat appeared first on her skin, then turned into vapor and disappeared.

The vapor had a pungent smell that caused them to frown.

But when the process was over, Gao Yue's pain was alleviated.

"We made it!" Jiang Chen said excitedly.

Although he was confident in his own technique, it was his mother he was treating. He hadn't been one hundred percent sure.

"Yeah. The pain is gone, too," Gao Yue smiled.

Since she had taken the poison, she had felt like she was being choked by a hand. If she made any effort to escape, the hand would choke her harder until it strangled her to death.

By then, such a feeling was gone. She felt quite relaxed.

When Gao Yue was about to stand up, her body froze. Then she gave an unreadable expression.

"What's wrong?"

Jiang Qingyu was moving closer to her, but Gao Yue stopped him.

Then Jiang Qingyu and Jiang Chen felt a heat wave sweep over them.

Endless flames were emitted from Gao Yue's body. They dashed towards the sky like a current, the top of which quickly transformed into a holy monster.

A phoenix!

Although it was made of flame, it was spiritual. Even its layers of feathers and its pattern could be seen, as if there was really a holy phoenix inside.

On the ground, Gao Yue displayed the same transcendental status she had shown in the pagoda while facing Su Quan. The pattern of the aristocratic family of phoenix appeared between her eyebrows.

In the fierce fire, she looked even more powerful, like a deity.

Her eyes were giving off a brilliant orange light.

"The purest phoenix blood in the past hundreds of years. Gorgeous."

It took a good while for the phoenix that had caused a stir throughout the Hundred Thousand Mountains to disappear. It entered Gao Yue's body together with the flames.

"My strength has not only recovered, but become stronger!"

Gao Yue reached her hands out. Her eyes were full of surprise and joy.

"Looks like although you were suffering from the poison of the Death Warrant Flower, your phoenix blood kept getting stronger all these years," said Jiang Chen.

In other words, despite the fact that Gao Yue hadn't practiced for twenty years, her strength had enhanced.

That was the terrifying truth about aristocratic families of inheritance.

"Venerable? I'm also a Venerable now?" Gao Yue was overjoyed after finding out how strong she was.

"If you could have practiced in the past twenty years, you would have been a great Venerable instead of an entry-level one," Jiang Qingyu said with pity.

"Although I'm only entry-level, I'm still a Venerable." Gao Yue didn't feel it a pity at all. She had optimism that many people lacked.

"The most important thing is that we're together again," Gao Yue said.

Jiang Qingyu nodded. He finally burst out into laughter and patted Jiang Chen's shoulder, saying, "Thanks to our son. My son really is great."

"As if you were the one who gave birth to him," Gao Yue said unhappily.

Jiang Qingyu laughed. He suddenly sized Jiang Chen up with a sharp look.

Jiang Chen felt more uneasy than uncomfortable.

"Son, don't you have phoenix blood in your body?" Jiang Qingyu asked seriously.


"It was only a question. Son, it'll be fine even if you don't," Jiang Qingyu said immediately.

Jiang Chen understood what his father had meant. If he had phoenix blood in his body, and it was very pure, they would be able to prove the Gaos had made a mistake.

It was important to his father.

Although he knew political marriages between aristocratic families of inheritance didn't work very well, it didn't mean descendents of a non-political marriage would definitely have pure blood.

Ning Haotian was a rare example.

Jiang Chen's holy pulse was his, so there was no chance for it to counteract his phoenix blood.

And what usually happened in the aristocratic families of inheritance was that blood status would be stable for the child's whole life after they turned twenty years old.

Jiang Chen would turn twenty soon, but there was still no sign of phoenix blood in his body.

But it was the fact that there hadn't even been a small sign that had caught Gao Yue's attention.

Theoretically, as the carrier of the purest phoenix blood in the past hundreds of years, even though her husband was an average man, it was impossible for her descendent to not carry even a little bit of phoenix blood. He should at least have thin phoenix blood or phoenix blood full of impurities.

Jiang Chen's status was quite abnormal.

Gao Yue recalled the family record she had read.

When the blood of inheritance was super pure, it was called genuine blood.

Carriers of genuine blood were extremely scarce among aristocratic families of inheritance.

However, once such a person appeared, the aristocratic family of inheritance the person belonged to would grow rapidly and climb to the top of the world.

But it took time for genuine blood to wake up.

The way to wake up the blood differed with its properties, but all of them were dangerous. One could die in the process.

For example, to wake up the dragon blood of the Murongs, one had to walk into fierce dragon fire without any protection.

If one could bear the dragon fire and wake up smoothly, that person was a carrier of genuine blood.

If one didn't walk out, it was out of the question that one would be burnt to death.

Many overconfident people who thought they had genuine blood ended up dying, so the Murongs forbid their disciples to perform genuine blood waking ceremonies on their own.

As for the Gao's phoenix blood, the way to wake up genuine blood was easier, but more violent.

It was… suicide.

How they committed suicide didn't matter, but they had to die. Genuine blood carriers would be reborn from fire after the nirvana of phoenix.

For non-carriers, death was death. They wouldn't come back to life again.

There were no signs before the ceremony. People had to figure it out during, but usually these ceremonies would end in tragedy.

The only reason Gao Yue thought her son might have been a genuine blood carrier was that he didn't have any phoenix blood in him.

But she wouldn't make her son risk his life just because of that.

She wouldn't even tell Jiang Chen about it, since those who died in the ceremony all had once believed they were genuine blood carriers, and they wouldn't listen to any advice, finally paying the price.


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