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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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351 Reunion

"How powerful!"

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. His father's swordsmanship skill was the best he had ever seen, not to mention that he was a Venerable.

On the other hand, the Dark Soldiers had gotten rid of their first battalion, as well. The mountain town was once again safe for a moment.

"I'll go help," Jiang Qingyu said in the air. Then he flew out of the city.

Jiang Chen thought it was a good idea for his father to sound them out, since it was unwise to turn to the warship when they were still ignorant of the dynasty's battle power.

Then he went to the east courtyard.

After Jiang Chen had left for the Sacred Institute, Gao Yue had come back to the Southwind Ridge from the Redcloud Peak, too.

Since Jiang Chen wasn't there, she didn't have any reason to stay at the Redcloud Peak. The east courtyard was her home.

Gao Yue was standing in the yard nervously. She had heard rumors saying the dynasty had sent troops to attack the Southwind Ridge.


Suddenly, an unexpected voice could be heard. Gao Yue was pleasantly surprised. She looked up and saw Jiang Chen walking over rapidly.


Gao Yue hugged her son emotionally.

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly. He almost couldn't breathe.

"Son, why are you back now? Do the troops out there have anything to do with you?" asked Gao Yue.


Jiang Chen told her the whole story, including how the Black Dragon City had been eliminated, how the Murongs and the Sus had come to their rescue, and how they intended to eliminate the Jiang Mansion with the aid of the Xia Dynasty's emperor.

Gao Yue understood the key points and asked, "What about your father? Is he back, too?"

Her voice was trembling. Her beautiful eyes were full of hope.

"Yes. Father is fine. He's fighting against the troops outside, taking the mountain people into the city to keep them safe," said Jiang Chen.

"Great. That's great!"

Gao Yue was jumping happily like a teenage girl, waving her arms. She said, "Is your father completely recovered?"


Jiang Chen was pretty confident in his medical skills.

"So we still have a chance."

"Mother, is father very strong?"

Gao Yue nodded and said with a smile, "He's been on the Master List since before you were born. Then he practiced in seclusion at the Southwind Ridge. When you were four, your father was already strong enough to be ranked number one on the Master List. When you were ten, he was invincible throughout the Fire Field."

"He's that great?" Jiang Chen held his breath. He had thought his father was only an average Reaching Heaven State.

"What about father's master? He must have been a great Venerable."

Jiang Chen was wondering how a great Venerable had died so easily.

"No. Your father is actually stronger than Taoist Priest Skywind, but not many people knew that before he was imprisoned by the Black Dragon City. So he is thought of as weak and dependant on Taoist Priest Skywind."

"I see."

Jiang Chen felt proud. He was the descendent of a powerful man.

"I wouldn't have been a perfect match for your mother if I weren't that good," Jiang Qingyu's clear voice came from the sky.

But when Jiang Chen looked up, he saw nothing.



When Jiang Chen looked down again, Gao Yue and Jiang Qingyu were hugging emotionally, gazing at each other tenderly.


Jiang Chen, still single, felt hurt by that scene. He coughed harshly.

Not until then did Gao Yue realize their son was still there. She pushed Jiang Qingyu away shyly.

Jiang Qingyu glanced at Jiang Chen in exasperation and said, "Didn't I find a fiancée for you?"

"Don't even mention that. That woman despised the poor and sucked up to the rich. She broke up with our son after the Black Dragon City caught you," Gao Yue complained.

"Well, you never know."

Jiang Qingyu smiled naughtily.

Jiang Chen liked such a joyful atmosphere, but at the thought of their current situation, he said involuntarily, "Father, what about the troops?"

"They've retreated," said Jiang Qingyu.

"They've retreated?"

"Yeah. I cut all of their generals' heads off. Of course they had to retreat."

Jiang Chen was surprised. He said, "Is that what you meant by 'help'?"

"Yeah. What else could that have meant?"

"I thought you were going to shield the others in the mountains."

Jiang Chen tumbled to a realization. At the same time, he felt confused. He asked, "But father, you just mentioned we were going to fight and that you'd talked with someone. That wasn't necessary, was it?"

"I meant the fight with the dynasty. We'll go to the capital to cut the bullsh*t emperor's head off. What do you think?" Jiang Qingyu smiled.


Jiang Chen looked over. He was shocked. That was something he'd never thought about.

"The dynasty sent Xue Jingtian to subdue me. Now they're sending troops here, intending to eliminate my clansmen. Son, do you think I should let that go?" Jiang Qingyu said seriously.

"Definitely not."

Jiang Chen suddenly came to himself and said excitedly, "Father, was the leader of the Natural Law School the one you talked with?"

"That's right. As long as you agree to be the next leader of the Natural Law School, they'll be on our side and fight with us."

Then Jiang Qingyu shifted his attention to Gao Yue again. He put his arm around her thin waist and said caringly, "Yue, you've lost more weight."

"You stink." Gao Yue was embarrassed. She frowned as if she really hated the smell.

"Ahem, really not my fault. The Black Dragon City didn't allow me to bathe."

Not until then did Jiang Qingyu start to think about his appearance. He touched his messy hair and wished he could wash right away.

But he suddenly paled and grasped Gao Yue's wrist hard. He said, "Yue, why are you in the Gathering Yuan State? We agreed you would never fight again."

Jiang Chen was full of regret. He came forward and said, "Father, it's my fault."

Then he told his father about the fight with Li Qin.

"It was unexpected. There was nothing we could do to stop it from happening." Gao Yue was quite optimistic. Among the three, she cared the least.

"I tried so hard to practice in order to take you back to the Gaos and tell them you'd made the right choice so that they could give us the antidote you needed. I didn't expect…" Jiang Qingyu looked to be in pain. If Li Qin had been alive, he would have killed her and cut her dead body into thousands of pieces.

"I'm fine. My lifespan has recovered. As a Gathering Yuan State, I don't have to fight anymore. It's all right," said Gao Yue.

"Yue, you're from the Gaos. Your phoenix blood is the purest. I don't want you to be ruined by my love. That's the last thing I want to see. Back then, you shouldn't have taken the poison without telling me first.

"If you're with me, but become an average woman living in the mountains, I won't forgive myself," said Jiang Qingyu.

"I'm really fine," Gao Yue said again.

"Ahem. Ahem."

Jiang Chen coughed again. Before Jiang Qingyu looked over, he hurried to take a pill out and said, "Mother, father, I've refined the antidote. Just take it."

Under Gao Yue and Jiang Qingyu's surprised gazes, Jiang Chen said again, "Mother's status deteriorated due to the poison, so I added something into the antidote. If it works as expected, mother's strength will recover. If it doesn't, there won't be any secondary effects, either."

"Jiang Chen, really?"

Gao Yue and Jiang Qingyu looked at the pill. They couldn't believe the thing they'd dreamt about had appeared like this.


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