The Brilliant Fighting Master
349 Dragon Language Speaker
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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349 Dragon Language Speaker

Murong Xiong returned to the Dragon Field with his men immediately.

The emperor of the Xia Dynasty didn't pay any attention to Crimson Moon. He glanced at Jiang Chen coldly and left the Black Dragon City, as well.

Obviously, the command to attack hadn't been retracted.

"Uncle Fan, go back to the Southwind Ridge and pick up the clansmen."

Jiang Chen took the Destructive Angry Lotuses and the Magic Columns back. He told Fan Tu to travel back by ship and try to arrive at the Southwind Ridge before the troops.

Jiang Chen spoke again. "I'll go to the Black Dragon Pool to save my father."

There wasn't much time left. Jiang Chen didn't waste any of it. He flew towards the Black Dragon Pool at a high speed.

By then, all the forces in the Black Dragon City had been eliminated. The black dragon at the Black Dragon Pool was the only remaining power.

After arriving, Jiang Chen dashed into the Black Dragon Pool directly. He kept falling.

The black dragon, whose power had been drawn, was still very weak, so he didn't run into the same wind edge as last time.


Almost a year had passed since their last meeting. Jiang Qingyu had changed a lot. At the moment, he looked like the mad man that Jiang Chen had seen during his first visit, the homeless-looking guy that he had realized was his father.

Fortunately, Jiang Qingyu didn't lose his senses. He was pleasantly surprised to see Jiang Chen.

Jiang Qingyu said, "The dragon didn't look quite right to me today. So you really acted."

His voice was hoarse. He found it difficult to even pronounce these words, because he hadn't talked to anyone for too long.

"The Black Dragon City has been removed, but the Southwind Ridge is being attacked by the dynasty's troops. Father, stand aside, please."

Jiang Chen took out a dagger to cut the iron chain connected to the wall. The hard and indestructible iron chain was broken into two immediately.

This dagger was also a part of the Dark Soldier Project.

When there was only one iron chain left uncut, noises came from the bottom of the pool. A terrible energy was surging.

"Retreat!" Jiang Qingyu hurried to say.


Jiang Chen flew up and looked down. The black dragon's eyes were like a pair of red lanterns, fierce and forceful. The wind edge it created was strong enough to tear a person open.

Not until Jiang Chen had left the Black Dragon Pool did the dragon stop rising.

"Black dragon, the Black Dragon City has been eliminated. You're free. You don't have to be anyone's slave anymore!" Jiang Chen said loudly.

It was easy to see the black dragon had been trapped there unwillingly.

Dragons are proud creatures. How was it reasonable for him, merely a soul, to stay willingly in a bottomless abyss after his body had been killed and his scales, bones, and blood had been used as materials to serve human beings' purposes?

He must have been trapped there through some special method.

There was hesitation in the black dragon's fierce look when it heard "free."

"I know you're trapped here due to some spell. I can liberate you from it," said Jiang Chen.

This time, the black dragon flew out of the abyss. His dragon body was exposed to the moonlight, and although he was only a soul, he looked much more majestic than the dragon Ning Hai and his men had transformed into.

"What else do you know?" the black dragon said. His magnetic voice sounded dangerous.

Jiang Chen read between the lines and said right away, "Once the spell is removed, the connection between you and the Black Dragon Pool will also be gone. It won't take long for your soul to vanish."

"So?" the dragon asked again.

"Do you want to be trapped here forever to be someone's energy source?" asked Jiang Chen.

"Human being, you're telling me to die!"

With a lash of the body, the black dragon opened his mouth. The temperature rose sharply.

"Wait. I have the perfect solution for your dilemma."

Something occurred to Jiang Chen. He took out the eight groups of spiritual beings and said, "Your soul can enter this book to be my naga."

"Eight groups of spiritual beings?" The black dragon knew of this pretty well. That saved Jiang Chen a lot of explanation.


"In that way, you'll be able to order me around anytime. What's the difference between this and being another's slave?" the black dragon sneered.

"It's the difference between me and the Black Dragon City. If you've been observing the development of the whole thing, you should know what kind of person I am."

"Exactly. You eliminated the Black Dragon City. You're a great man. But that's not enough for me to become your naga," said the black dragon.

"Azure Demon," Jiang Chen called Azure Demon out and said, "This is my deva. I promised him to help him rebuild his body in twenty years. I can promise the same thing to you—"

"I don't trust human beings," the black dragon interrupted him violently. It seemed Jiang Chen's words had reminded him of bad memories.

"If you go back to the Black Dragon Pool, you'll be enslaved forever, or you'll die. If you become my naga, you'll have campaigns all over the world to show your majesty!" Jiang Chen changed his persuasion tactics.

And it worked. The stubborn black dragon looked down. His body was lashing back and forth.

"I need some time to think it over."

Suddenly, the black dragon went back into the abyss.

"I'm running out of time!" Jiang Chen said anxiously.

"None of my business, human," the dragon ignored him and said impatiently.

Azure Demon comforted Jiang Chen when he was trying to keep persuading, "Young lord, that's the way of the dragons. This dragon understands the situation perfectly. He said he needed more time to think. He actually meant you should change your attitude when you talk with him."

"Yeah?" Jiang Chen didn't understand what that could mean.

Azure Demon said directly, "Dragons never see human beings as equivalent to them, so you should kneel down and beg him. Tell him how uneasy you and your father have been, that your clansmen need you. In this way, he will have the perfect excuse to give you an affirmative answer."

"But if he becomes my naga in this way, isn't he afraid I'll give him a hard time?" Jiang Chen said in surprise.

Azure Demon shrugged his shoulders and said, "That's the way of the dragons."

"Damn it."

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes and an idea occurred to him. He ran after the dragon in a hurry and said, "Wait!"

Azure Demon was curious to see what he was going to do, since he was speaking in the same old tone.

"What's up, human?" The black dragon looked back impatiently, giving him a fierce stare.

Jiang Chen took a deep breath and started to speak again, but he didn't say anything meaningful. It was just strange syllables, as if he was being choked while speaking. It sounded like something from an ancient time.

Azure Demon didn't understand a thing, but the black dragon reacted strongly. His body kept lashing. His big eyes were full of surprise.

Then Azure Demon saw the black dragon entering the eight groups of spiritual beings decisively.

He was extremely shocked. He instantly sensed a strong energy coming from the book. He knew it was the enhancement the black dragon had brought to the eight groups of spiritual beings after the latter had become a naga.

The most important thing was that the naga was complete, so the power of the eight groups of spiritual beings had been greatly improved.

"Dragon language. Were you speaking in dragon language? You're a dragon language speaker?" Azure Demon didn't come to himself until then.

Dragons would naturally feel close to dragon language speakers. Besides, dragon language wasn't easy to learn. It had to be imparted by a Holy Dragon.

With this background, of course Jiang Chen had won the black dragon's complete trust.


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