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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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348 Concession

"Young lord, what should we do?" Fan Tu said anxiously.

It was impossible for the Southwind Ridge to withstand the troops of the dynasty.

Jiang Chen was weighing his choices. He had to rescue his father, and he wouldn't want anything to happen to the Southwind Ridge.

But if he gave Ning Haotian to them, the latter would become a huge potential threat to him.

"I'm a citizen of Your Majesty's empire, but Your Majesty is protecting foreigners from other fields, instead of me?" Jiang Chen shouted loudly.

He shouted loud enough for those outside the city to hear.

A killing intent was emerging between the Xia Dynasty emperor's eyebrows. He said loudly and clearly, "The Black Dragon City also belongs to the dynasty. Did you consider the laws of the dynasty when you claimed you were going to slaughter the whole city?"

"Who started all this? Back then, it was the Black Dragon City's fault, but Your Majesty was still on their side. Looks like Your Majesty knows about various grades and ranks perfectly," Jiang Chen said in a sarcastic tone.

"How dare you! What made you think you could speak to me like this?"

The emperor of the Xia Dynasty had been holding a grudge against him since the Third Prince's death. He had been holding his temper due to the Sacred Institute, but his anger had kept rising until that day.

"I'm a member of the Hero Palace. Have you ever thought about how the Hero Palace would feel seeing the help you're offering aristocratic families of inheritance?" asked Jiang Chen.

The emperor hesitated at the mention of the Hero Palace. He looked towards the Murongs and the Sus.

"It's not going to work. Stop struggling. The Hero Palace can't help you out," Murong Xiong said. Since his voice was transmitted by the internal power he gained from practicing martial arts, no one else could hear it.

"The Hero Palace isn't strong enough to dominate the whole Dragon Field, as you think. To be more precise, the Hero Palace isn't even as good as a first-class group. All it has is an irreplaceable, prestigious place in people's hearts, which functions well to call out groups to kill demons at crucial moments.

"The trust of the people is the most wealth the Hero Palace has. That's why they'll try their best not to use it up. They won't meddle, because you and the Black Dragon City have old scores. Even if the Xia Dynasty eliminates your clansmen, it's because you committed a crime first. Besides, Ning Haotian is a member of my aristocratic family of inheritance.

"Not to mention the Hero Palace is still ignorant of what's happening here. We travelled here so fast because we sensed the purity of his dragon blood."

Murong Xiong spoke a lot and fast so that Jiang Chen could understand the situation well. He didn't want the latter to invite trouble that neither of them wanted due to stupidity.

"If Ning Haotian dies, the troops will attack the Hundred Thousand Mountains," the emperor of the Xia Dynasty said complacently. What Murong Xiong had said put him at ease.

"Is Your Majesty sure?" Jiang Chen sneered and jumped onto the warship. He took Crimson Moon out of the cabin.

The princess had no idea what had happened. She looked around, at a loss, while mumbling, "Are we at the Black Dragon City?"

She had been here, but she had never seen a Black Dragon City as desolate as this one, full of Magic Columns that she smelled danger from, although she had no idea what the columns were.

"You made it?"

The Black Dragon City was in such a state, but no one was stopping Jiang Chen. Crimson Moon was smart enough to figure out why.

Jiang Chen didn't answer. He gestured for her to look up.


Crimson Moon saw the emperor as soon as she looked up. Her expression became very strange.

"Crimson Moon, why are you with him?!" the emperor said in surprise.

Murong Xiong was unhappy to see things getting more complicated. He glanced at Ning Haotian and said, "Order the troops to attack. Don't stop until he lets Ning Haotian go."


The emperor hesitated, but soon he made up his mind. A red light was emitted from his hand, flying toward the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

"Damn it! Doesn't Your Majesty want the princess to live?" shouted Jiang Chen.

"I suggest you stop struggling and let Ning Haotian go while you still have leeway," said the emperor.

"Okay! You made me do this!"

Jiang Chen pierced the sword into Crimson Moon's chest. The princess couldn't believe what had happened to her. He drew out the sword under her gaze and kicked her into the cabin.

"Like Your Majesty, she still has a few minutes. As long as Your Majesty retracts the order, I'll save her," Jiang Chen shouted.

"You're courting death!" The emperor of the Xia Dynasty flew into a rage. As emperor, he had never been threatened like that.


In the cabin, Li Hengjing was burning with anxiety. He hurried to help Crimson Moon sit up. When he was checking her injury, he noticed nothing severe had happened to her.

Crimson Moon was surprised, too. She touched her own chest. The wound was real, and she was really bleeding, but she didn't feel any pain.

Was it just a coincidence that his sword didn't hit anything vital? Crimson Moon couldn't help but think.

Outside the cabin, the stalemate continued. Jiang Chen, the emperor of the Xia Dynasty, and Murong Xiong were all expecting their rival's surrender.

At the moment, they were expecting the emperor's reply.

He had been struggling, then he said, "Fine. Anyway, Crimson Moon failed me. She broke through to the Reaching Heaven State without developing any extraordinary meridians. I'll treat her death as a sacrifice to the royal family!"

His voice was also transmitted to the warship through his internal power. No one except those on the ship could hear him.

Crimson Moon was shocked, as if she had been struck by thunder. She looked pale. When she had heard she had been sacrificed, she felt like her brain was buzzing. She couldn't think at all.

After the emperor had expressed his attitude, it was Jiang Chen's turn.

Fan Tu was extremely anxious, since it was becoming more and more dangerous for the Southwind Ridge.

Jiang Chen gnashed his teeth. If he had anticipated this, he would have killed Ning Haotian at the Natural Law School.

But how could he have anticipated it? He had wanted Ning Haotian to stay alive to be his bargaining chip so that the Black Dragon City wouldn't kill his father during the battle.

Between the impending danger and the potential danger Ning Haotian could bring in the future, the former was more urgent.

I have the holy pulse. What does it matter if I let Ning Haotian go? Even though he has dragon blood, he's been defeated by me once. I'll defeat him again.

Jiang Chen gnashed his teeth. Although he wasn't willing to, he had to make concessions for his clansmen.

"All right. I'll let him go. But I don't want to touch him. If you want to save him, come down and fetch him yourselves," said Jiang Chen.

The Murongs and the Sus hesitated again.

Murong Xiong made up his mind and flew down.

"Chief Murong…" the Sus shouted in worry.

But Murong Xiong ignored them. He landed in the area where the Devastator could produce the most severe damage, which also happened to be where the Magic Columns were.

He looked emotionless. Without glancing at Jiang Chen, he walked towards Ning Haotian directly.

As a dragon blood carrier, he wasn't afraid of dragon flame. He walked into the fire and pressed his hand to Ning Haotian's chest.

Soon, Ning Haotian, who was almost dead, groaned slightly. The dragon flame also stopped rising.

Murong Xiong scooped him up and flew into the air.

"Jiang Chen, now do you know why the Gaos were so angry with your mother for her choice in husband? Ning Haotian is the best example of a successful political marriage," Murong Xiong suddenly said.

Jiang Chen was surprised. He hadn't expected him to know about the Gaos. He had assumed it was Su Quan who had informed the Sus of it after she had been scolded by Gao Yue in the pagoda.

This is bad!

Jiang Chen suddenly had a bad feeling. A Destructive Angry Lotus floating in the air followed Murong Xiong right away.

But it was too late. He had already flown into the air, ready to leave.

Before he left, he told the emperor of the Xia Dynasty, "We can't let Jiang Chen live. Otherwise, the Xia Dynasty will end up the same as the Black Dragon City."


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