The Brilliant Fighting Master
347 In a Stalemate
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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347 In a Stalemate

Jiang Chen looked up and found the golden dragon claw had been pulled back, but the clouds were still moving.

Then the clouds formed a big swirl. It converged into a point at the top and gradually revealed a human figure.

It was a large middle-aged man in a concealing robe with golden patterns on its sleeves and front.

There wasn't any unnecessary expression on his clear-cut face. He had a natural majesty even though he wasn't angry. One look of his could put people under great pressure.

A Venerable!

Ning Hai had managed to behave like a Venerable with the aid of the power of the black dragon. Unlike him, this man was a real Venerable.

Several people appeared in the air instantly, all of them emitting a strong energy.

"What's going on?"

The sudden change confused those who had thought things were over. The Black Dragon City thought they were reinforcements. Their hope was reignited.

"Who are you?" asked Jiang Chen.

The sky was dominated by these people, while the Black Dragon City was his territory. As long as the Magic Column was there, they wouldn't dare land.

As long as he held on, Ning Haotian would be burnt to death.

"Murong Xiong from the Murongs."

"Murong Fei from the Murongs."

"Su Yan from the Sus."

"Su Qi from the Sus."


Those in the air introduced themselves. They were from two aristocratic families of inheritance.

Jiang Chen realized dragon blood was actually the inheritance of the Murongs. He didn't remember what the Sus' inheritance was, but by hearsay, it definitely wasn't dragon blood.

"Jiang Chen, let him go," Murong Xiong, leader of the group, ordered in an undisputed tone.

"No," Jiang Chen answered decisively.

"I wasn't asking for your opinion. It was an order." Murong Xiong frowned slightly. As he spoke, the sky went dim and the clouds darkened.

"You think you can order me around?" Jiang Chen hated his tone.

"Do you think the Magic Column can stop me?" Murong Xiong shook his head. He laid his eyes on Ning Haotian, intent on going to rescue him.

Suddenly, he looked very serious. He squinted. So did the others.

They saw several Destructive Angry Lotuses fly out of Jiang Chen's hands and fall throughout part of the city. They were still buds, whirling slowly.

"Come on! Don't give me any reason to look down on you. Murongs, come down to rescue him!" shouted Jiang Chen.

Murong Xiong's lips were a thin line. The others looked at each other and didn't know what to say.

"Crazy. He's mad."

"He'll die, too. I don't think he dares activate the lotuses."

"If you don't think so, go down and rescue Ning Haotian."

"…Forget it. Jiang Chen is too unpredictable."

The big men from the Dragon Field had more or less heard of Jiang Chen. He had killed a man in the presence of the elders of the Hero Palace to defend an animal.

It was hard to say whether he would risk his own life to kill them.

"Jiang Chen, you just told Su Quan you would let Ning Haotian go if she had fed him with the right pill. But why are you doing this now? Maybe you've never intended to let him go since the beginning," Su Qi, an elder of the Sus, said.

"I would let him live, but I wouldn't allow him to go like this and come back to take revenge against my family when he's strong enough. I would destroy all of his practice attainments and draw all of his dragon blood so that he would live his whole life as an average man.

"But your arrival has reminded me of the risk. Of course, you would like to do whatever you could to train such a genius.

"You would even get revenge for him to please him."

Jiang Chen was very logical. He said slowly, "So, you'll be irritated by his death, but you won't risk your own life to kill me just for a dead man."

He glanced at Ning Haotian. The dragon flame was getting higher and higher and less possible to approach.

Suddenly, he kind of regretted landing in the city. Otherwise, he wouldn't have bothered to speak with these men. It would have been better to bomb them to death directly.

"Jiang Chen, you're smart. So now you're waiting for Ning Haotian's death, aren't you?" asked Murong Xiong.

Jiang Chen smiled without answering him. With Ning Haotian's current condition, it would be impossible to save him without turning to any external force.

At the same time, the Devastator on the warship was accumulating power again.

Added to the Magic Column and the Destructive Angry Lotus, Jiang Chen said with a smile, "Do you dare come down?"

No one answered from the air. They had witnessed the power of the Destructive Angry Lotus.

One lotus could kill a Venerable. There were sixteen around Jiang Chen at the moment.

If they were activated at the same time, even a great Venerable would be scared off.

"By the way, Murongs, why do you want to save Ning Haotian?" Jiang Chen took the chance to ask.

"Why did you ask a question when you already know the answer? You're only stalling for more time," Murong Xiong sneered.

Jiang Chen didn't get angry. He smiled and said, "Let me guess. An ancestor of Ning Haotian's had pure blood, so the Sus and the Murongs merged through marriage. Am I right?"

That was the exact purpose of aristocratic families getting married frequently.

Ning Haotian was a member of the Sus, but it was the Murong dragon blood that had woken up.

"So the Sus didn't get the best of the deal," Jiang Chen smiled.

The Sus moaned in a muffled voice without any comment.

"Jiang Chen, do you think as long as we're stuck in a stalemate like this, you'll be fine? That we can do nothing except watch Ning Haotian die?" Murong Xiong broke the silence and said again.

"What else can you do?"

"You're from the Hundred Thousand Mountains, a place called the Southwind Ridge, aren't you? There isn't a Magic Column or a Destructive Angry Lotus there, right?" A cold smile showed at the corner of Murong Xiong's mouth.

The smile on Jiang Chen's face faded. His look was as sharp as a sword. He said, "What I hate most is to be threatened with my clansmen by others. Murongs, think about it. There are no irreconcilable problems between us. But if you dare do anything to my clansmen, the Murongs' territory will end up the same as the Black Dragon City."


An elder of the Murongs burst out in laughter. What Jiang Chen had said sounded like a joke to him.

Murong Xiong shook his head, too. He didn't take Jiang Chen's foolish words seriously.

But what Jiang Chen said next stopped him from laughing.

"The Black Dragon City laughed at me like this, too."

The whole crowd quieted down.

Then he said again, "Besides, you managed to arrive here so quickly through some special portal, which means you won't be able to leave the Black Dragon City easily. So stop bluffing."

"Should I say you know too much or you know too little? Do we need to eliminate your family personally?" said Murong Xiong coldly.

Then another man appeared, but instead of through a portal, he came flying in from somewhere.

"Young lord."

Fan Tu knew things were unfavorable for them as soon as he recognized who it was.

Jiang Chen's face was sullen, too.

It was the emperor of the Xia Dynasty.

"Chief Murong, the troops outside the Hundred Thousand Mountains are already in place. As long as they receive the order, no one in the mountains will survive," said the emperor.

It was pathetic that the emperor of the Xia Dynasty was apple-polishing the Murongs to such an extent. It also showed how powerful the Murongs were.

"Jiang Chen, there isn't much time left for us to think. If Ning Haotian is burned to death, your clansmen will be eliminated," said Murong Xiong.


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