The Brilliant Fighting Master
346 Die from the Evil You Brought on Yourself
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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346 Die from the Evil You Brought on Yourself

After the remaining citizens had run out of the city, Jiang Chen didn't detonate the Magic Column right away.

He, Fan Tu, and the other eleven Dark Soldiers landed in the city. Seeing the empty streets, their blood was burning.

Since the end of the Pulse Invigorating Ceremony, the Black Dragon City had been like a shadow cast over the Southwind Ridge. The danger of extermination that could have happened at any time was a heavy burden on everyone.

Fan Tu dashed to the city gates. With a blare, the city wall collapsed, throwing up a cloud of dust as high as 300 feet.

That wall was exactly where Jiang Qingyu's loyal subordinates, and Fan Tu's brothers, had been hanged.

They had gotten their revenge. The Jiangs who had died here would be comforted in heaven.

"Young master, don't we need to send reinforcements to the Southwind Ridge?" a Dark Soldier asked, since Ning Hai had claimed he would send people to exterminate the Jiangs.

"He was bluffing," Jiang Chen said. Ning Hai hadn't sent any messages. Not because he didn't want to, but because he was unable to, since the spiritual weapon used to send messages had been destroyed by the Devastator at the beginning.

He had just learned this from the logs of the warship.

"But… we do need to warn the Southwind Ridge."

Jiang Chen looked towards those standing on the hills outside the city, many of whom were soldiers of the Black Dragon City and angry people eager to take revenge.

He wasn't going to kill them all, since besides him and his warship, the Southwind Ridge wasn't powerful enough yet.

But it didn't matter. The main members of the Black Dragon City were dead. Except for Ning Haotian, the Nings had been wiped out.

Besides, the treasures of the city had been destroyed, too. The citizens who had survived would have to think about how to run away from their enemies. It would be impossible for them to take revenge.

"Young lord."

Fan Tu came back with a woman.

Jiang Chen recognized her as Su Quan. He was amused.

This woman, who had used to look noble, was a complete mess. Her hair was hanging loose. One of her shoes was gone. She had painted ashes on her face to hide herself.

"Huh, she tried to bluff her way out, but I would be able to recognize her even if she turned into ashes!" Fan Tu said in a low voice.

It was Su Quan who had taken Jiang Chen from him and robbed the latter's holy pulse.

"Mrs. Su, have you thought about what happened today?" asked Jiang Chen.

It was ironic that they were standing in exactly the same square where the Pulse Invigorating Ceremony had been held.

Su Quan looked emotionless, but there was hatred in her eyes. She was staring at Jiang Chen, her shoulders shaking.

"You're pretty angry, aren't you? But have you ever thought the scheme you planned for the Southwind Ridge could cause a casualty of your clansmen ten times, or even 100 times, worse than today?" Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.

"Pugh! You're only a bug. Do bugs' lives matter?" Su Quan swore.


Fan Tu couldn't put up with her anymore. He slapped her across the face and said furiously, "You started this war!"

Su Quan covered her cheek with her hand. Her face was covered by her hair. No one could see her expression.

"Mrs. Su, Let me tell you one thing."

As Jiang Chen spoke, the warship landed. Ning Haotian was brought off the ship by the Wind Move Guards.

"Haotian! Haotian!"

Seeing her son, Su Quan lost control. She ran over emotionally.

Ning Haotian was still in a coma at that moment, but his body felt hot.


Su Quan's hands were severely burnt as soon as she touched his skin. She said in a hoarse voice, "Jiang Chen, what did you do to my son?"

"As a member of the Sus, you don't know what this means?" Jiang Chen answered her question with a question.


Su Quan was at a loss, but something occurred to her. She was in shock.

"That's right. All in all, he has the blood of the Sus. His dragon blood woke up since he's heavily injured!" said Jiang Chen. He had just found out.

"But… but…"

There were many things Su Quan wanted to say. In the end, she couldn't say even one thing.

"You want to say that the dragon blood in you is very little, and your husband was only an average man, so Ning Haotian couldn't have it in his body, don't you?"

Jiang Chen shook his head and said, "The aristocratic families of inheritance are so shallow. It's exactly because of your shallowness that my mother has been suffering for so many years."

Su Quan finally accepted the fact, but she didn't know what to do next. She was trying very hard to figure out what the procedure was when dragon blood was awakened.

In the meantime, Ning Haotian's skin felt hotter and hotter. It had turned red.

On his arms, large amounts of dragon scales appeared. They covered his both hands quickly.


Su Quan was shocked. Regardless of his high body temperature, she tore Ning Haotian's clothes open and saw the same thing had happened to his chest. The lifelike dragon scales could be compared to the most beautiful armor in the world.

"Congratulations! Your son is a genius," Jiang Chen said.

"Young lord, what has happened?" Fan Tu was confused. He didn't understand the current situation.

"The purity of his dragon blood could be evaluated from many signs. The dragon scales are one of them. Half of Ning Haotian's body are covered with them. This means—"

Su Quan interrupted him and shouted, "The dragon blood he has is the purest in the past 100 years among the Sus! But why… why hasn't it appeared until now?"

She looked towards Jiang Chen, expecting to get an answer from the youngster who seemed to know everything.

"You want to know? It'll be brutal for you. That's why I'm happy to tell you about it."

Jiang Chen squatted down and pointed at Ning Haotian. Staring at Su Quan, he said with a slight smile, "His dragon blood should have been aroused at the Pulse Invigorating Ceremony. In only one day, three days at most, his dragon blood would have woken up."


Jiang Chen stopped for a second. Then he continued, "You took my holy pulse and transplanted it into his body. The holy pulse wasn't his, so it counteracted the waking of the dragon blood. Not until the holy pulse disappeared in his body did the dragon blood wake up again. However, it's already too late."

It was, indeed, brutal for Su Quan.

If she hadn't transplanted the holy pulse into her son's body, with such pure dragon blood, Ning Haotian wouldn't be any worse off than Jiang Chen with the holy pulse.

She could have returned to the Dragon Field with honor thanks to Ning Haotian.

Su Quan wanted to laugh, but she tried to calm down at the thought of her son's current status. However, she was panicking.

It was said that one had to stay awake when the dragon blood woke up. Otherwise, one would be devoured by it and burnt into ashes.

"Haotian, Haotian, wake up!"

Su Quan shook Ning Haotian's body helplessly, despite the fact that her hands had been scalded. She knelt down before Jiang Chen and begged, "Please, please help Haotian. Please."

"Are you kidding? You want young lord to save your son?" Fan Tu said with disdain.

"Uncle Fan, saving a life is more respectable than building a seven-floor pagoda."

Jiang Chen smiled mysteriously, then took out two pills, one red and one white. He said, "You two have to pay a price for what you did. The white pill can save a life, while the red one is poisonous. Take them. It's your choice which one of you takes which pill."

"Young lord!"

Fan Tu and Wind Move Guards didn't agree. They tried to stop him, but Jiang Chen insisted. He gave Su Quan the pills.

Su Quan took them, obviously hesitating.

She wasn't afraid of death. As long as Ning Haotian could survive, he would be able to take revenge.

As smart as Jiang Chen was, he must have thought about it.

Hum, would a creature like him be so nice? I'm sure the poisonous one is the one that saves a life. You want to see me dying of regret? Su Quan kept sneering silently. All kinds of evil ideas occurred to her that she hoped her son could fulfill on her behalf.

So she put the red pill into Ning Haotian's mouth.

However, the red pill really was poisonous. Ning Haotian looked to be in even more pain. The effect of the poison could be seen from his neck.

"I didn't expect you to be so vicious," Jiang Chen was surprised.

"You! Jiang Chen! Both of them are poisonous, aren't they?!"

Su Quan refused to believe it. She threw the white pill back to him.

Jiang Chen caught it. He didn't bother to explain. He threw it to the most severely wounded Dark Soldier and said, "Swallow it."

The Dark Soldier took it right away. It brought color back to his pale face soon. He was breathing better, and he looked more energetic.

"Wha… what…" Su Quan was petrified. She hadn't expected Jiang Chen to have told the truth.

"You sabotaged the awakening of your son's dragon blood with the holy pulse. Now you're even feeding him poison. How brutal," Jiang Chen said.

"No! I did it for Haotian's sake. It was for the Black Dragon City's sake! All of you should die! You bugs from the mountains, you're affiliated with the Black Dragon City. You're supposed to be devoted to our clan!" Su Quan had turned red. Her strained veins were prominently visible.


Ning Haotian's body suddenly started to burn. His temperature was so high that it pushed Jiang Chen and the others away.

"Haotian, wake up! Your dragon blood is the purest seen in the past 100 years! As long as you wake up, the Sus will be yours. The Dragon Field will be yours!"

Su Quan didn't leave, still shaking Ning Haotian's body. She didn't even yell, although she had been caught by the fire. In the end, the fire swallowed her.

"Alas. You died from the evil you brought on yourself."

Jiang Chen shook his head. He had given her two pills. If Ning Haotian had taken the white one, Jiang Chen seriously would have let him go.

Because Su Quan's motherly love had touched him, yet Jiang Chen hadn't forgotten what her treatment of the Southwind Ridge, one of them had to die as payment.

However, Su Quan destroyed the chance that she had earned for Ning Haotian through motherly love by herself. How ironic it was.

"Young lord!" Fan Tu suddenly shouted. He was pointing at the sky in shock.

As clouds tumbled by, a golden dragon claw came down with destructive power.

"Does the Black Dragon City still have such great power?" Fan Tu said with confusion.

"No, it's not the Black Dragon City."

"The reinforcements from the dynasty?" said Fan Tu. It was a general of the dynasty that had subdued Jiang Qingyu in the old days.


Something occurred to Jiang Chen. He looked towards Ning Haotian, who was burning, and said, "It's the Sus. They've come to rescue him!"

The Sus of the Dragon Field wouldn't allow the once-in-a-century dragon blood carrier to die like this. They had to save him.

But Jiang Chen wouldn't allow them to.

He took the bow Fan Tu had given him and shot at Ning Haotian.

Before the arrow could touch Ning Haotian's body, it was burned into ashes as it was caught in the dragon flame.

No one could approach the body.

"Get onboard the warship!" Jiang Chen ordered. He manipulated the Magic Column in the ground with his mental power. It started to emit a strong light.

He was going to bomb the Black Dragon City to kill Ning Haotian.


Sensing what he was about to do, the dragon claw in the air stopped moving. A majestic voice yelled instead.


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