The Brilliant Fighting Master
345 Bombing the City!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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345 Bombing the City!

Suddenly, Jiang Chen saw a figure in white out of the corner of his eye.

But when he looked over, he found nothing.

The black dragon was dashing over with all its effort.

"So fast!" Jiang Chen exclaimed. The black dragon's strength was beyond his expectations. He was afraid he wouldn't be able to finish his plan smoothly. He would have to pay the price for his misjudgement.

At the same time, he had almost made a severe mistake due to carelessness. He hurried to dodge, holding the object in his hand tightly.

Although he had managed to dodge the dragon's head, he was caught up in the powerful air current that had been created by the long dragon's movement and lost his balance in the sky.

With a lash of the dragon's tail, its powerful strength targeted Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen switched on his Magical Thunder Armor immediately, although he knew that even with it, a heavy injury was inevitable.

With his view blocked by the dragon's tail, he could see nothing but darkness. Then he heard a fierce noise of impact.

Pain didn't come as he expected. Instead, the temperature around him dropped sharply. He felt ice grazing him.

He looked over and saw the white figure from before standing in front of him.

"Apprentice sister?"

Jiang Chen's face was like ice. As the ice melted, extreme delight showed on his face.

"Show whatever you have."

Li Xue'er was standing with her back facing him. She moved as the black dragon moved, her profile the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.


Jiang Chen bucked up. He raised the object in his palms, which was a white and red lotus bud.

If they took a closer look, people would notice it wasn't a real flower. It had been carved out of some kind of energy crystal, and it was such a masterpiece that there was not a single flaw.

"Whoever helps Jiang Chen today will die!"

The black dragon was annoyed that its attack hadn't reached Jiang Chen. It didn't seem to scare Li Xue'er. It only felt one thing: anger.

Suddenly, the black dragon raised its upper body. A scarlet light similar to the Black Flame was flowing out of its throat.

As it shouted, the Black Flame was ejected in a blast of air.

Li Xue'er put her palms together. A single word came out from between her full lips.

Several ice walls emerged before her, but soon, a large hole appeared in the ice walls.

"Are you ready?" asked Li Xue'er.


Jiang Chen had only needed a short while to prepare himself, so holding Li Xue'er's hand, he dove towards the ground.

"Although the power is moving vertically, it'll be still terrifying when we're at our highest speed!" said Jiang Chen.

The lotus was floating in the air. As it rotated, its petals started to open. When it had fully bloomed, the bottom emitted a red glow.

"What the hell is this?!"

Ning Hai was gazing at the lotus through the black dragon's eyes. Seeing Jiang Chen escaping, he knew it wouldn't be that simple.

But before the black dragon could run away, the glow of the lotus suddenly flickered. The air around it was disturbed, like ripples on the surface of a calm lake.

An aurora appeared, and it seemed to the black dragon that the whole world had disappeared. It was drowned in the aurora.


The crowd outside the Black Dragon City heard a noise coming from the sky. It was low and quick, not resonating at all, but everyone had a bad feeling about it.

The noise had sounded like the sky being torn apart.

The whole area started to quake immediately. Even the clouds were blown away.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Soon, the crowd felt the remaining power overhead. A storm was brewing, blowing countless people off their feet.

They were far away from the battlefield, and the battle had actually happened in the air, but they were still strongly affected. It was unimaginable how strong the flower was.

"Oh my gosh!" everyone exclaimed when they looked over again.

Not because there was something there, but because there was nothing left.

The area didn't fit with the landscapes around it at all. It was such a strange sight that it looked like there was a glitch in the scenery.

Looking down from their vantage point, they held their breath. The mountain previously there had turned into flat ground.

"It's gone?"

"There's nothing left?"

"Did Jiang Chen and the Black Dragon City die together?"

People were ogling it while discussing.

There was thick ice where the mountain had been. They could vaguely see people trapped in it.

Jiang Chen was lying on his stomach, feeling like all of his bones had broken. He complained, "The Destructive Angry Lotus is more powerful than I imagined."

The lotus was made of Devastating Flame Nucleus, one of the strategic resources he had gathered.

He hadn't been lying when he told Yin Shuang he was carving a flower.

Like the Devastator, the Destructive Angry Lotus was also one of his trump cards.

He had built it in case the Black Dragon City had people at the venerable level.

Everyone had witnessed its terrifying power. Before Ning Hai and others could switch off the city's emergency black dragon status, they had turned into ashes.

At the same time, the Devastator had gained an advantage and pushed the Black Flame away. The weird cloud had disappeared, too.


The Dark Soldiers shouted like beasts, since all of the Black Dragon Guards had been killed!

The battle had ended.

The Black Dragon City had been completely wiped out.

The Magic Column made contact with the ground, gradually entering it.

"Run! Quick!" Su Quan finally woke up from her daze, running away quickly.

But she realized there was no one behind her.

In the thick ice, as soon as Jiang Chen managed to get to his feet, he saw Li Xue'er beside him, unconscious.

"Apprentice sister!"

She wasn't more powerful than him. The power of the black dragon and the Destructive Angry Lotus had injured her more severely than him.


As Jiang Chen tried to offer her a hand, she raised her arm to reject his help. She stood up slowly by herself.

Jiang Chen feared for her recovery ability, but he was soon overjoyed.

For some unknown reason, she had come to rescue him. To his knowledge, this wasn't something practitioners of the Icy Heart Formula did.

"You don't have to be grateful to me. The school sent me. Now I'm going back to treat my injuries."

Her voice was still as cold as ice. The thick ice protecting them started to disappear.

"Apprentice sister, let me help you with them."

"I consumed a lot while being attacked. I'm not wounded actually, but I need time to recover."

Without even taking one look at him, Li Xue'er took off slowly.

"Apprentice sister, why did you practice the Icy Heart Formula?" Jiang Chen shouted, unwilling to give up.

She didn't answer him, as though she didn't hear him. She flew away quickly.

Jiang Chen felt his heart sink, but he had no time to feel sentimental, since he still had unfinished tasks. He flew back to the Black Dragon City.

"Here he is. Here he is!"

Jiang Chen appeared in people's sights again. This meant he had won the battle.

In comparison, the black dragon hadn't appeared. They assumed it had been killed in the last attack.

The Black Dragon City, including its known combat power and secret trump cards, had been defeated.

Many citizens knelt down, shrieking and refusing to believe what had happened.

"He's gorgeous!"

On the contrary, foreigners admired him from the bottoms of their hearts. Jiang Chen had really wiped out the Black Dragon City all by himself.

At the time of the Magic Column's explosion, the Black Dragon City would disappear forever from the Fire Field.

It was unexpected to everyone that the top of the Xia Dynasty had ended like this.

"Whoever remains in the city, I'll give you fifteen minutes more to leave. After that, I'll bomb the city!" Jiang Chen shouted angrily.


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