The Brilliant Fighting Master
344 Life or Death
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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344 Life or Death

"Lady, shall we go?"

In the high-rise, the maids beside Su Quan were extremely anxious. The Magic Columns were comparable to the end of the world.

But Su Quan wouldn't go. She stubbornly believed the Black Dragon City would defeat Jiang Chen in the end.

The Black Dragon City had almost been ruined. Almost everyone had run for it. The prosperity earlier that day was like a dream.

How… how could he be so strong?!

Su Quan wouldn't listen to her maids at all. Her proud face distorted in ghastly surprise.

It was right from this building that she had watched Jiang Chen and her son Ning Haotian celebrate the Pulse Invigorating Ceremony together.

At the beginning, people had reacted well to Ning Haotian's pulse, but since the identification of Jiang Chen's holy pulse, his had become unworthy of mentioning.

She had felt jealous. Seeing her son standing there disappointedly while Jiang Chen had become the center of attention, she had made up her mind to take his holy pulse away from him.

She was from the Sus of the Dragon Field. She knew how to do it.

As for the possible consequences, since Jiang Chen was only a wretch from the mountains, she had never thought about it.

When Jiang Qingyu had created a tremendous uproar in the Black Dragon City, she hadn't felt even a little bit guilty.

When the higher-ups of the Black Dragon City had questioned her, she had replied that it was for the sake of the Black Dragon City, that Ning Haotian's power would help the city rise in the future.

She had never thought that one day Jiang Chen would be so powerful.

He had even defeated her masterpiece, Ning Haotian, whom she felt so proud of.

We can't lose. We can't lose!

Once the Black Dragon City was captured, as the person behind it, she would have no chance to run away.

Fortunately, after playing their trump cards, it seemed the Black Dragon City was going to balance the playing field.

The warship would be completely destroyed at the time of Black Flame's landing.

Without the warship, Jiang Chen would lose his power.

Not until then did Jiang Chen realize what the Natural Law School had meant.

Individual battle was totally different from capturing a city.

As the strongest man of the Black Dragon City, Ning Haotian had been defeated by Jiang Chen. However, although Jiang Chen had improved a lot after that, it wouldn't be as easy for him to destroy the Black Dragon City.

Ning Hai was attacking the warship fiercely with his remaining subordinates, intending to demolish the Devastator, but Jiang Chen stopped them.

"The more of you die, the easier it is for me to wipe you out. You've already lost more than half of your companions.

"Now, I'll send all of you to hell."

Jiang Chen dashed over. He overwhelmed them by brandishing his knife and sword together. Younger than twenty, he managed to keep these famous people at bay.

Those who had run out of the Black Dragon City exclaimed again at his power.

"Don't go too far! The power of black dragon!" Ning Hai shouted. With the strength he received from who knows where, a black energy flowed among him and his two sons. It turned into a dragon head, while the other elders turned into the dragon's body.

Different from Dragon Scale, which was a dance, the power of black dragon turned them into an actual black dragon.

Jiang Chen was instantly at a disadvantage. The knife and the sword kept resisting attacks from the dragon's claws.

"The black dragon is the real ace of the Black Dragon City."

In the eyes of those staying far away, the black dragon was as good as a Venerable.

Jiang Chen was not only restricted, but soon started to bleed due to the dragon's punches.

The Dark Soldiers were fighting with the Black Dragon Guards. The Devastator emitted column-shaped energy to prevent the Black Flame coming down from the weird cloud.

"It's breathtaking."

"After all, the Black Dragon City is an aristocratic family with 1,000 years' history. If the great formation hadn't been cracked, maybe even a Venerable wouldn't have been able to capture it."

"But even a Venerable couldn't own a ship like that."

"Why didn't they exert the power of black dragon earlier?"

"Who would exert their ace at the beginning?"

The audience outside of the city was extremely excited. Many of them were clenching their fists. They didn't even feel anything when their fingernails cut into their palms.

From their angle, the sky over the Black Dragon City was indescribable.

Around forty Magic Columns were falling slowly. The sky was covered with dark clouds. Black Flame was fiercely burning.

The blue light and the fierce flame were crashing into each other, forming long columns of different colors. Sometimes it was the blue that was at an advantage, while sometimes it was the black. They were in a stalemate at that moment.

The fight between the twelve Dark Soldiers and the Black Dragon Guards was also shocking. There were no more than 100 people, but it sounded like the fights of thousands of soldiers.

Of course, the most important was the battle between Jiang Chen and the black dragon Ning Hai and the others had turned into.

Jiang Chen had been dodging since the appearance of the black dragon. He had no way to fight back.

"Great. That's fantastic."

Su Quan was pleasantly surprised. To her knowledge, the Black Dragon Guard had been the only trump card the Black Dragon City had. The Black Flame and the power of black dragon had come as a complete surprise.

So the reason my family wanted me to marry my husband could be true.

Su Quan recalled the past. As a young lady of the Sus of the Dragon Field, no matter how average she was, it would have been impossible for her to marry into a third-rate group in such a remote area as the Fire Field.

The Dragon Ball does exist, Su Quan thought silently. But soon, she stopped thinking about these things and focused on the current battle before her.

The black dragon had the strength of a Venerable.

This was enough.

Jiang Chen was moving around the warship to avoid attacks. He was forcing himself to hold on with the aid of the warship's power.

"Jiang Chen, after killing you, we'll kill your clansmen as cruelly as possible," he heard Ning Hai's angry voice coming from the black dragon.

"Haha, the power of black dragon isn't regenerable. The Black Dragon City has been consuming it for almost 1,000 years under careful calculation. You didn't use it until there was no other way out. I'm guessing you don't have much of it left."

Jiang Chen scorned loudly, "Even if you can kill me, your other enemies will swarm here."

"Before that, you'll die tragically!" said Ning Hai coldly.


"When that warship runs out of energy, you'll become weak and pathetic again."


Jiang Chen smiled without showing any attitude. He suddenly left the warship and flew into the air.

"You trying to escape?"

With a sway of its body, the black dragon followed him at high speed.

Soon, Jiang Chen disappeared in the clouds, as did the black dragon.

People burst into an uproar when they lost sight of Jiang Chen and the dragon.

It was surprising that Jiang Chen had run away, but it also seemed logical, since the black dragon was too powerful.

The thing was, people had expected to be shocked by more gorgeous attacks from Jiang Chen.

He always had such mystical power.

"Jiang Chen did that because he hit the limit. The Black Dragon City will be at rock bottom."

"But Jiang Chen and his family will be wiped out, too."

"It's a total tragedy."

Over the clouds, wind was blowing. Stars were over his head. He could die if he took one more step forward, but Jiang Chen suddenly stopped. The black dragon was flying around him, like a cat playing with a mouse.

"Jiang Chen, die."

Ning Hai's voice came again. The black dragon flew over with threatening gestures.

"No. You will die."

Jiang Chen smiled coldly and took something out of the mustardseed ring carefully.

When this object appeared, the whole sky was charged with danger.


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