The Brilliant Fighting Master
341 Attack of the Highest Level
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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341 Attack of the Highest Level

Black Dragon City is in trouble! non-natives couldn't help but think. The warship had destroyed everything the city felt proud of.

Both the defense and the small mountain behind the Ning Mansion were the city's treasures.

There had been methods, martial arunts techniques, precious jewelry and treasures, and practice rooms used to train their disciples.

The defense could be reconstructed, but the mountain was the efforts of countless generations of Black Dragon City citizens.

It was the treasure house of the city, but all this was gone under the attack of the cannon.

The warship didn't continue its attack. A voice came from it. "Irrelevant people should leave the city right away. Otherwise, if anything happens to you, you'll be the ones to blame."

Su Quan was completely shocked.

Then the Ning Mansion finally reacted. Under the lead of Ning Hai, lord of the city, all elite soldiers came into the air.

"Who are you? Were you offended by the Black Dragon City? Please let us know!"

Ning Hai was angry. He had lost the calm he usually showed before the citizens, but he was still controlling his temper.

As long as one is strong enough, even if one is attacking others, the others have to be obedient.

"Have I been offended by the Black Dragon City?" a voice said from the warship. Then a man rose from the deck. He shouted at the Black Dragon City's troops and said, "Look at me. You tell me what problems we have!"

"Jiang Chen!"

His face had become very familiar to the people of the Fire Field ever since the competition of the Sacred Institute, so he was recognized very quickly.

People found it incredible that he was attacking the Black Dragon City, although they knew Jiang Chen and the city had a bad history.

Jiang Chen was great, indeed, but compared to the Black Dragon City, he still lacked something.

It was history that he lacked. The Black Dragon City had been there for almost 1,000 years. No one could destroy it alone, unless that person was strong enough.

Someone once said that if Jiang Chen really wanted to contend with the Black Dragon City, he would need at least ten years to become strong enough.

But he had gone there directly that day.

The puzzled lord realized what this attack meant as soon as he saw Jiang Chen. Ning Hai's wrinkled and firm face turned sullen.

Those behind him were all irritated.

Their fear was gone once they realized who their enemy was.

They had been worried that it was a powerful man, since he had a warship. That was why they had been holding back their tempers.

"Jiang Chen, I should have killed you back then!" Ning Xiaofeng, Ning Haotian's father shouted. "Give my son back to me!"

Ning Xingshi looked out of control. His eyes were bloodshot.

"Your son? Who?" Jiang Chen was puzzled. He couldn't recall who that was no matter how hard he tried.

"Damn it," Ning Xingshi growled. He didn't waste more time speaking. He exerted all of his energy and gave Jiang Chen his fatal killing movement.

He ran over like a cyclone with amazing power in his palms with intent to smash Jiang Chen to pieces.

"Oh? Was he the guy I killed in the entry exam of the Natural Law School? What was his name?"

Jiang Chen ignored him. Suddenly his eyes lit up, as though he had recalled an acquaintance.


Of course, Ning Xingshi couldn't take this. The power in his palms was getting stronger.

"I'm in the Initial phase of the Reaching Heaven State. You're asking for it!" Jiang Chen laughed at him and threw his palm out casually.

Ning Xingshi flew off the ground before he could even approach Jiang Chen. He spit up blood. He would have fallen without the support of others.

"Reaching Heaven State?!"

They were all shocked. Jiang Chen's performance six months ago was still vivid before their eyes, but compared to that moment, he had made much progress.

It was unbelievable that he had grown up so much in six months.

The Black Dragon City's combat power was far weaker than the Natural Law School's.

Ning Xingshi, who had flown away under Jiang Chen's palm attack, was one of the best there.

"Looks like the Black Dragon City is in big trouble."

With his warship, Jiang Chen's arrival was a huge threat.

"Jiang Chen, you think you can fight against the whole Black Dragon City alone?" Ning Hai's voice was low. He sounded angry and aggressive, full of the dignity that came from being the lord of the city.

"Of course."

Jiang Chen still looked very relaxed. He looked around and mocked, "The things the Black Dragon City is proud of are already gone. You were too weak to stop me."

"Stop you? No, we're going to kill you!" Ning Hai didn't hesitate. He launched an attack with his men.

As a lord, he was in Cloud Six of the Reaching Heaven State. His eldest son, Ning Xiaofeng, was in Cloud Four.

Beside them, they had four A-level elders in Cloud Five and nine B-level elders in Cloud Three or Cloud Four.

It was the strongest team the Black Dragon City had.

Since the two shots from the Devastator had shocked the whole city, Jiang Chen's attack had been regarded as the highest level.

Jiang Chen smiled coldly and suddenly flew up into the air.

Ning Hai and others dashed over and found the Devastator was aimed at them. The cannon was shot after Jiang Chen flew away.


It scared Ning Hai out of his wits. In his eyes, Jiang Chen was extremely cruel. The battle had just started, but he was already trying to destroy the whole city.

Fortunately, although the Devastator was powerful, it wasn't very precise at aiming, and it took time for the blue ray cannon to be shot.

They ran away under Ning Hai's command. Only one B-level elder was hit by the cannon and died, since he had reacted too slowly.

"Destroy the cannon!"

Ning Hao couldn't afford any carelessness. He changed the target, intending to destroy the cannon and the warship.

However, all of their attacks were warded off, the remaining energy of their attacks diffused midair.

"Continue! Try your best."

Ning Hai didn't give up. When the warship was on the defense, the blue ray emitted by the Devastator would disappear, then reappear.

"The warship is a whole weapon, and Jiang Chen's biggest. To resolve the crisis, we should either kill him or destroy the ship."

Ning Hai was very experienced. He took a deep breath and raised his arm. He shouted, "Everyone, fight!"

Beside the higher-ups of the Black Dragon City in the air, large amounts of armed soldiers flew over in airships under their captains' leads.

The ships were armed with crossbows. Soldiers were shooting arrows together.

There were many people, but it wasn't messy at all.

To kill an elephant with ants' bites, that was their strategy.

Under the lead of captains in the Mental Wander State, soldiers in the Gathering Yuan State aimed at Jiang Chen together.

At the same time, they also put the few defensive weapons they had into use.

The warship kept receiving greetings from catapults, cannons, and crossbows.

"Keep attacking the warship," Ning Hai ordered. This way, they would be able to prevent the Devastator from attacking.

"Jiang Chen, I'll show you what regret is. At the same time, you'll get to know how terrifying the heritage of the Black Dragon City is."

Jiang Chen curled his lips and asked, "Really? Do you think the cannon is my only weapon?"


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