The Brilliant Fighting Master
339 On the Verge of the Big Figh
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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339 On the Verge of the Big Figh

Below his dashing eyebrows, Jiang Chen's eyes moved towards the grand elder that had spoken.

He obviously hadn't thought it through. Even he himself looked as shocked as the others by what he had said.

They had been threatening to kill Jiang Chen, but in an instant, they wanted Jiang Chen to be their leader. Anyone would need time to adapt to such a big change.

When they finally came to themselves, they thought it made sense.

Ning Haotian had been disabled. If they lost Jiang Chen as well, the Natural Law School would have no excellent disciples left except for Li Xue'er.

The Three Clarities of Natural Law were exchanging looks.

"You want me to be the next leader? Sounds good. So elders, please come to the Black Dragon City with me," Jiang Chen suddenly said.

"The Black Dragon City? What for?"

People were confused. When they connected the old conflicts between Jiang Chen and the Black Dragon City with Ning Haotian's survival, it dawned on them what Jiang Chen was planning.

He was going to attack the Black Dragon City!

If he really did that, the peace in the Natural Law School would definitely be broken.

The war between the power of martial arts and the imperial power would start.

The Natural Law School had appointed Ning Haotian as the next leader because they had wanted to achieve a balance between the schools and sects and the dynasty to coexist with the latter in peace.

They wanted Jiang Chen to be the leader so that the Natural Law School would boom.

So they didn't respond to Jiang Chen and gave up the idea.


Jiang Chen didn't speak. He turned around and walked towards the warship.

"Jiang Chen, you defeated Ning Haotian, but that doesn't mean you can destroy the Black Dragon City, too," the grand elder who had made the preposition reminded him with good intention.

"I know," said Jiang Chen.

"And you'll still go? Aren't you afraid you'll die?" The whole Natural Law School was confused.

Jiang Chen didn't answer them directly. He looked towards Fan Tu, who was beside him, and said, "Uncle Fan, what do you say?"

"Even if I die, I'll make the Black Dragon City suffer!" Fan Tu said in a low voice.

"Ahooo!" The Wind Move Guards raised their arms to cheer. They were resolute and fearless to fight this battle.

"Men from the mountains are never afraid of death," Jiang Chen finally answered the Natural Law School's question and brought his men to the warship.

Meng Hao and Wen Xin also followed him. They planned on going with him, too.

"You'd better stay out of this, especially Wen Xin. All in all, you're still from the royal family."

"I'll let you off when we arrive in Nine Dragons."

Jiang Chen declined them despite their good intentions. Before the warship left, he looked towards one of the peaks of the Natural Law School. His look was too complicated to describe.

At the Peak of Ingénue, a woman was standing by the cliff. Her white clothes were flowing in the wind, her breathtaking pretty face as calm as water. With the same calmness, she watched the warship leave.

The warship left the Natural Law School at lightning speed. They arrived in Nine Dragons, located not too far away, in an instant.

"Jiang Chen, watch out. The Black Dragon City isn't as powerful as the Natural Law School, but nothing will stop them from killing you," Wen Xin reminded him.

"I know," Jiang Chen nodded.

"Stay alive. I'll wait for you in Nine Dragons."

Wen Xin said this as if she had made up her mind. Then she walked towards the edge of the deck.

Meng Hao was anxious. It was Wen Xin's way of confessing her love, but it seemed that Jiang Chen hadn't understood.

"Meng Hao, sorry. Because of me, you left the Natural Law School, too," said Jiang Chen.


Meng Hao didn't know what to say to his morose friend. He smiled bitterly and said, "It's nothing. I joined the Natural Law School thanks to you."


Then Jiang Chen walked them off.

He looked towards Fan Tu and the eleven Wind Move Guards and said seriously, "I have news from a reliable source. Taoist Priest Skywind died at the Alien Battlefield."


The news was still unknown to the Fire Field.

The twelve men started a discussion immediately. They didn't know Taoist Priest Skywind very well. He was Jiang Qingyu's master, that was all they knew.

"The Black Dragon City will get the news soon. They'll execute my father and invade the Southwind Ridge, so today, we'll make the first move to attack the Black Dragon City and rescue my father.

"You could die or be disabled in this battle. You can choose not to go."

The Wind Move Guards stopped talking right away. They made serious faces and stood as straight as spears. Their looks were firm.

"Great! You're elite warriors of the Southwind Ridge. Show the b*stards of the Black Dragon City what we've got!"

The warship headed for the Black Dragon City.

With the speed of the ship, they would arrive in a minute, but on their way, someone came up to him. It was Su Xiuyi, the leader of the Natural Law School.

"Apprentice brother."

Jiang Chen flew into the air to meet him. He stopped calling him leader, since he wasn't a disciple of the Natural Law School anymore.

Su Xiuyi bowed his head and asked, "You quit the Natural Law School because you didn't want to put the Natural Law School in a difficult situation, didn't you?"

Jiang Chen smiled in answer.

"Those unambitious old dogs are satisfied with the current situation. They just want to maintain the current peace. If we attack the Black Dragon City together, even if the dynasty declares war on us, what will it matter?" Su Xiuyi shook his head helplessly.

"Apprentice brother—"

"So six months is still too short. You haven't taken over the group I started, have you?" Su Xiuyi interrupted him.

Jiang Chen nodded. He hadn't even walked out of the Sacred City. He said, "There are too many powerful people in the Dragon Field. Six months is too short."

If it was in the Fire Field, he would have been able to cause a big commotion with the achievements he had made in the past six months.

But in the Dragon Field, he was only a disciple of the Hero Palace who had gained some fame. He wasn't even as well-known as Master Chu Yun.

"But you brought this thing back. Amazing."

Su Xiuyi pointed at the warship as he admired it. Then he took out a book.

"You'll find all kinds of information about the Black Dragon City in this book, including their potential power, their trump cards, and their ace in the hole. You'll find it helpful."

"Thank you, apprentice brother!"

Jiang Chen was overjoyed. With this book, the chances of winning would be greatly enhanced. It was extremely useful.

"I'll settle the aid from the dynasty for you," said Su Xiuyi.

"Apprentice brother, you've helped a lot."

Jiang Chen knew what "settling" could cost him, so he hurried to shake his head. Su Xiuyi was sacrificing a lot.

"If I don't help you, even if you get your father out of prison, you won't be able to leave the Black Dragon City alive. Don't underestimate the Xia Dynasty," said Su Xiuyi.

"Apprentice brother, you're underestimating my warship. By the way, we don't have to settle anything in terms of the dynasty. Now that Ning Haotian has been settled, maybe the dynasty won't meddle any further. And…"

Jiang Chen told Su Xiuyi in a low voice how Crimson Moon was on his ship and how he could threaten the dynasty with her.

"So, your preparation was more thorough than I thought. Okay, I'll stay in the dark and observe. If anything goes wrong, I'll lend you a hand," said Su Xiuyi.

"Apprentice brother, it's my biggest advantage to know you joined the Natural Law School." Jiang Chen was quite moved. A friend in need was a friend indeed, not to mention at such a crucial moment.

Su Xiuyi smiled gently and said, "Don't get so emotional before battle. It isn't a good sign."

Jiang Chen smiled, then went back to the warship and kept advancing to the Black Dragon City.

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》