The Brilliant Fighting Master
338 Why Don’t You Think it Over?
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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338 Why Don’t You Think it Over?

"Stop bluffing!"

Ning Haotian felt disdain for Jiang Chen. He had made certain in the previous blow exchanges that Jiang Chen was at the end of his wits.

Fighting was a mental game. In each exchange of blows, one had to know one's enemy better so that the most powerful attack would have a better chance of succeeding.

So he knew that even if Jiang Chen had a better sword movement, he wouldn't be able to exert its power in his current situation.

In comparison, his Ten Most Powerful Doctrines was the strongest movement.

I've won in terms of how to fight a battle, Ning Haotian thought proudly. Although it was mainly because he had so many advantages, he still felt excited.

Jiang Chen took a deep breath and raised the Red Cloud Sword in his left hand. Wind and thunder gathered. The elevation of the sword pierced through the sun.

"It's useless," Ning Haotian smiled. In his eyes, Jiang Chen struggles were futile.

"Break the Rule with a Single Sword Attack!"

But to everyone's surprise, the power injected into the Red Cloud Sword exploded like a volcano erupting.

The universe was shaken, the sun and the moon overshadowed. Only the wind managed to resist.

"Impossible! Where did he get the power?!"

Ning Haotian was surprised. After so many calculations, in the end, he was wrong. Jiang Chen still had such dreadful power in him.

He had thought it was external force, but suddenly, something occurred to him. He froze up as if he had received an electric shock.

Ning Haotian totally forgot himself, shouting in panic, paying no attention to his manners. "Extraordinary power. This is extraordinary power! Have your holy pulses recovered completely?!"

"Eight extraordinary meridians with wind and thunder! Nine holy pulses and extraordinary power!


Jiang Chen was acting like an extraordinary magical soldier. As soon as the Red Cloud Sword struck, the ten weapons were all broken. The Natural Law War Case went back to its original state.


Ning Haotian had been heavily injured. He spit up a great deal of blood after a he felt a shock in his chest. His face was extremely pale.

"You've lost. Now, you'll die."

Jiang Chen, with the aid of the extraordinary power, was in an indescribable state, not like an average human or a deity.

He was overlooking the whole world with his sharp and piercing look.

"The Sword Method of Ksana: The Second Movement!"

He would never show any mercy to his enemies. Since he had completely mastered the first movement, it was already time to exert the second movement.

Although he hadn't mastered it well enough, it was the second movement, more overwhelming and more powerful.

When he threw the sword out, the Natural Law School was filled with the energy given off by the sword.

"This is bad! Help!"

"Ning Haotian can't die!"

"Jiang Chen, how dare you!"

The higher-ups of the Natural Law School wouldn't watch Ning Haotian die and do nothing. They all came to his rescue.

However, no one had been able to stop Jiang Chen from killing Zhao Yajun before the grand elders of the Hero Palace.

Although they moved, in Jiang Chen's eyes, they were moving too slowly. He was the only person that could keep a normal pace in the world he saw. Others seemed like they were stuck in a slower time.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

In the eyes of the disciples of the Natural Law School, it was in a flash that Jiang Chen raised and struck his sword.

During this flash, Jiang Chen had moved from in front of Ning Haotian to his left, his right, and behind him. The Red Cloud Sword had struck ten times.

Ning Haotian screamed and moved after each hit.

After all these strikes, Jiang Chen dragged Ning Haotian backwards.

The higher-ups of the Natural Law School followed him, but they were too slow.

Ning Haotian was covered with blood in Jiang Chen's hand. He had almost stopped breathing. He was practically a dead man.

"Jiang Chen, I don't care whether you're a member of the Hero Palace or not. You killed the next leader of the Natural Law School. Today, we have to kill you!"

The Three Clarities of Natural Law and the three grand elders in charge of the current Natural Law School all flew into a rage. They looked like they would kill Jiang Chen at any cost.

But the question was whether they could.

When they attacked, the warship in the air started to roar. It gave off a shapeless energy that surrounded Jiang Chen to protect him and keep the grand elders away from him.

"You think this can save you?"

The six grand elders insisted on attacking him. They were in the territory of the Natural Law School, so they weren't frightened of anything.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

But before Jiang Chen could speak, from the warship came a sound that could make people's flesh crawl, especially Liu Jianqing and his two companions, who recalled the power of the cannon and started to tremble in fear.

It turned out that Jiang Chen had more than one destructive cannon!

At the same time, Fan Tu arrived with eleven Wind Move Guards and growled angrily, "Who has the nerve to hurt my young lord?!"

Fan Tu's state was the highest among them, but even he was only in the Mental Wander State. Besides, he couldn't fly. It was amusing that he had the nerve to talk like this.

Fan Tu and the Wind Move Guards were dragged into the air by an unknown energy. Some holes opened in the hull of the ship. Parts of Dark Soldier Armor flew over and armed them.

A few seconds later, the Natural Law School was filled with exclamations. The twelve men from the Southwind Ridge were all giving off a dreadful energy with the aid of the Dark Soldier Armor, especially Fan Tu, who was wearing the general's armor. His current strength wasn't any weaker than a Reaching Heaven State's.

"Natural Law School, are you sure you want to have this fight?"

"Your defensive tactical formation is nothing to me. Let me ask you again. Are we going to have this fight?!"

Facing the irritated higher-ups, Jiang Chen was fearless. He said with a cold face, "I might die, but I guarantee I'll remove you from the top ten sects and schools of the Fire Field."

"Too arrogant!"

The higher-ups didn't believe Jiang Chen could do this all by himself. However, although they were angry, none of them dared act recklessly.

The Devastator was still accumulating power. It seemed like it needed more time than it had before. When this cannon shot, it wouldn't only destroy peaks.

"He's alive. Ning Haotian is still alive."

While they were hesitating, people saw Ning Haotian was still breathing.

"Jiang Chen, your revenge is done. Your anger has been vented. Let Ning Haotian go," said Jiang Wei, the vice leader.

"He's still alive because I want him to be alive. I need him for other things. I won't deliver him to you," said Jiang Chen.

"Arrogant. How dare you!"

"Ning Haotian is still alive. We should rescue him at any cost!"

If Ning Haotian was dead, it would be meaningless for them to fight with Jiang Chen. It would only do harm to both parties.

But since he was still alive, they would risk anything to save him.

"Really? Are you sure you want to have a fight for a disabled man?" Jiang Chen scorned.


People were in a daze. Then they stared at Ning Haotian with eyes wide open.

"He has been practicing until today with the aid of my holy pulses. Also thanks to that, he has become a Reaching Heaven State. Now, I've reverted him back to a Gathering Yuan State, and that'll be the most he can achieve for his whole life," said Jiang Chen.

This was brutal, very brutal!

The disciples of the Natural Law School hadn't recovered from the shock brought on by Ning Haotian's defeat. The new information started a new storm in their hearts.

Ning Haotian had made such dedicated efforts to practice until that day. He had been about to show his skill and get ranked on the Master List, but suddenly, everything went back to the starting point.

It wasn't any better for him than death. The higher-ups that had yelled how they'd come to his rescue quieted down.

"Jiang Chen, you're a disciple of the Natural Law School, too. You've defeated Ning Haotian and proven yourself. The leader position is perfect for you. Why don't you think it over?"

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》