The Brilliant Fighting Master
337 All Cards in His Hands
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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337 All Cards in His Hands

The Natural Law School had received the Natural Law War Case many years earlier. It could assemble any spiritual weapon, due to which the school regarded it as the most valuable treasure they had.

Since no one had ever used it, it was never known exactly how powerful it was, but upon seeing Ning Haotian, the disciples of the Natural Law School suddenly realized one thing.

Only those who had practiced the Black Tortoise Genuine Technique could use the Natural Law War Case. The combination of the two could double the user's strength.

The Natural Law School had discovered where the inheritance was decades before Ning Haotian, but no one could win its recognition, so they only took what was in the inheritance until Ning Haotian's appearance, when the board of elders of the Natural Law School decided to give him special training and send him to the inheritance.

After that, they elected Ning Haotian to be the successor to the leader and gave the Natural Law War Case to him. Everything had been developing as planned, except for the emergence of Jiang Chen.

But Jiang Chen had only made the process less smooth. He hadn't really affected anything.

As soon as the Natural Law War Case factored into the battle, Jiang Chen would definitely die.

The crowd felt pity for him. Some of the higher-ups even regretted their decision. Judging from the current situation, Jiang Chen was actually a better candidate than Ning Haotian.

However, what was done was done. Jiang Chen held a grudge against the Natural Law School, and there was no way back.

"When a martial arts technique is combined with a weapon, its power will double," Ning Haotian said. As he spoke, he patted the war case hard and some small parts flew out. They rapidly assembled a ring. He put it on the index finger of his right hand.

"Point at the Sky and Destroy Deities: Break the Universe!"

He pointed his finger forward. Wild lights came out of the finger, converged, and flew out.

He was still in shock of Jiang Chen's armor of thunder, so he wouldn't fight against him in close combat anymore.

The lights from the finger flew over. However, if it ended up the way he wanted, he wouldn't be involved. He was confident he could get Jiang Chen this time.

The finger's lights whooshed across the sky and hit Jiang Chen's blade in a flash.

Jiang Chen held his breath and injected the elevation of the sword, wind, and thunder into the Red Cloud Sword. The blade was shining so much that Ning Haotian had to step back so he wasn't blinded by it.

"Dragon Claw Breaks Mountain: Thousands of Whirls and Claws!"

Ning Haotian stepped into the air and gave off an astounding power. By the time he arrived at a high enough altitude, the ring on his finger had become an extremely sharp, black, steel claw.

After the energy of dark tortoise had been exerted, thousands of sharp claws appeared in the air and fell towards Jiang Chen.

The whirlwind created by the claws covered the whole sky. Its target was clearly Jiang Chen.

After cracking the lights, he struck with the sword and the knife, trying to crack the destructive claws, but they were endless. They hit against the knife and the sword, pushing him to fall to the ground.

Ning Haotian was about to launch another attack, but then it occurred to him that it wouldn't be necessary. He looked at Jiang Chen, who looked like a drowned mouse at that moment, with disdain.

Some lowered their heads, since they didn't have the heart to watch the scene. With the appearance of the Natural Law War Case, Jiang Chen's failure was destined.

The Natural Law War Case was a part of the Black Tortoise Genuine Technique, so Ning Haotian wasn't using an external force.

Jiang Chen was good enough to fight against Ning Haotian, but it would be too hard for him to win.


Suddenly, people saw Jiang Chen, whose life hung by a thread due to the claws, had stopped falling, and the claws were no longer a threat to him anymore.

With a closer look, they noticed it was thanks to the sword in his hand, which had become sharper. As soon as the claws were less than three yards away from him, he would smash them with the sword right away.

"He's broken through during a fight again."

"He has mastered the complete minor doctrine of wind. His swordsmanship has leveled up from initial success to great achievement."

"What a fighting genius. He's so difficult to deal with."

The higher-ups of the Natural Law School were sharp-eyed. They saw the changes in Jiang Chen immediately.

"Eternal life to the Immortal Doctrine of Sword!"

The slowly declining power was gone. It was replaced with a newborn, but vigorous, energy.

"Sword, go!"

As he manipulated his core of thunder, the destructive Red Cloud Sword made people feel threatened, as if even a look at it would hurt them.

Starting from the bottom, he destroyed all of the claws. He came up to Ning Haotian in his armor of thunder. Each movement of his was fatal, and he was merciless.

"This is bad!"

Ning Haotian hadn't prepared for such a turn. Unable to crack the sword method, he called the Natural Law War Case over to use it as a shield to resist Jiang Chen's attack.

"If Extreme Martial Arts were still alive and knew that you used his war case like this, he'd be annoyed," Jiang Chen scorned.

"Cut the crap!"

Ning Haotian was irritated. He patted the Natural Law War Case and a Sky Piercer Javelin flew out. It aimed at Jiang Chen and pushed him back with its force.

"Even though you've broken through in the fight, you won't be able to rewrite your destiny."

Ning Haotian took the Sky Piercer Javelin and thought, If the fight goes on like this, it'll be unfavorable for me. I should end it as soon as possible!

"Jiang Chen, try this!"

He put the Sky Piercer Javelin back and gathered the energy of black tortoise in his palm. He gave the war case a hard pat.

It shined brilliantly right away, circling madly.

Jiang Chen, still overjoyed about his breakthrough, turned serious at the scene.

With as much as he knew about the Black Tortoise Genuine Technique, he knew Ning Haotian was going to exert one of its unique movements, but he didn't know which one.

The Black Tortoise Genuine Technique had three unique movements and one killing movement.

The first unique movement didn't require the war case, but the other two did.

If he was going to exert one of these two, Jiang Chen wasn't sure whether he could resist it.

As for the killing movement, Jiang Chen didn't believe Ning Haotian could have learned it in half a year.

"Unique Movement: No Enemy in Ten Directions!"

After getting prepared, Ning Haotian pushed the war case to advance. With large amounts of the energy of black tortoise injected, the war case was covered in a golden glow.


Jiang Chen was relieved. It was just the first unique movement, but he still couldn't be too careful. He had to try his best.

When the brightness of the golden glow had achieved its peak, the war case suddenly opened. Ten weapons started their attacks together, carrying the endless energy of black tortoise. The weapons were a knife, spear, sword, javelin, stick, fist, palm, leg, claw, and finger.

"The Sword Method of Ksana: The First Movement!"

Jiang Chen made an all-out effort. After the improvement of his Immortal Doctrine of Sword, he had mastered the first movement completely.

As soon as he exerted the sword movement, the world seemed to slow down. The overwhelming attack of the ten weapons also slowed down.

Jiang Chen and his sword turned into a blur of light and ran forward, twinkling.

It all happened so fast.

Clash! Clash!

A series of clanging noises could be heard. Some of the ten weapons didn't hit anything. Others were connected with the blade.

Ning Haotian's Holy Feathery Coat was torn open once again. He was bleeding, but Jiang Chen wasn't any better off. He spit up blood due to the shock, but didn't have any trauma.

"I underestimated you, but I'll still be the winner."

Covering his wounds, Ning Haotian's look turned colder and colder. He said, "You've played every card you have. Now, it's your time to die."

"The Second Unique Movement: Ten Most Powerful Doctrines!"

Ning Haotian's injury wasn't slight, but he exerted the second unique movement anyway. Not only the onlookers were shocked; Jiang Chen also smiled helplessly.

"Let's see what you can do now!"

Ning Haotian pushed the war case forward again and the ten weapons came out one more time. They were aggressive, aiming at each part of Jiang Chen.

Neither the Immortal Doctrine of Sword nor the armor of thunder would work this time.

"I expected you to master the three unique movements completely, but it looks like this is your limit, so you're a dead man."

Jiang Chen, who seemed like he had given up, suddenly raised his head with a cruel smile on his face.


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