The Brilliant Fighting Master
336 Natural Law War Case
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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336 Natural Law War Case

The higher-ups of the Natural Law School were very unhappy with Jiang Chen, since he had belittled the Holy Feathery Coat.

They gazed at him seriously, wondering what he had that made him confident enough to talk such a big game.

Jiang Chen didn't let them down. He raised his right arm with his palm facing up. As he clenched his fingers into a fist, electric arcs were jumping in his palm. Soon, an electric ball appeared.

When the electric ball was as big as an egg, the brilliant white light and arcs of electricity had wrapped his whole arm.

"Energy of thunder?"

This was surprising. With thunder and lightning, the most destructive kinds of energy in the universe, in his hand, Jiang Chen looked extraordinary and divine.

But people didn't yet understand its connection to a protective energy jar.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen clenched his fist and snuffed out the ball of electricity. The electricity covered his body immediately, snaking its way across him.

"I'll show you what a protective energy jar of absolute defense is like."

The thunder and lightning and the protective energy jar combined into Magical Thunder Armor.

Jiang Chen jumped as quickly as lightning, carrying thunder with him. Wind was blowing wildly around him.

"The Rainbow Sword Method: Three Movements in One!"

Jiang Chen, experienced in battles, exerted a fast and fierce sword movement. Along with the elevation of the sword, the blade was covered with the energy of thunder and lightning.

Whiz! Whiz! Whiz!

Three sword attacks were launched from different angles in less than a second, as swift as a flash of lightning. They tore the Holy Feathery Coat apart without any effort. Even the light armor Ning Haotian had been wearing was torn apart. It was an extremely dangerous situation for him.

"Second-to-none Spear Formula: A Question Posed to Deities!"

Ning Haotian was given a good scare, too. He launched an attack, bearing the pain in case Jiang Chen attacked him again. A spear suddenly appeared out of nowhere, flying over like a bird.

"Eight extraordinary meridians all developed with wind and thunder to receive orders!

"The Immortal Doctrine of Sword, go!"

Jiang Chen didn't retreat as Ning Haotian had wished. His sword thrust out overwhelmingly. His tall figure and the long sword in his hand were a perfect match.

The sword was thrown out, and he swung his arm, running over with the sword.

The radiance, the elevation, and the spirit of the sword kept changing. When the three merged into one, the Red Cloud Sword looked like a holy sword.

The radiance of the spear had been smashed forcing Ning Haotian to retreat. He was being wounded.

The Holy Feathery Coat had stopped functioning.

"Second-to-none Spear Formula: The One and Only!"

Ning Haotian brandished his spear regardless of his wounds. Thousands of lights from the spear overlaid like endless waves and swept over, but as soon as they made contact with Jiang Chen's armor of thunder, the spear's lights disappeared immediately.


Ning Haotian's confidence had been shattered. Jiang Chen was under the protection of thunder, so not a single drop of water could touch him. Ning Haotian had no way to wound him at all.

Fortunately, a grand elder's voice came into his ears and eased his fears. "He's consuming large amounts of his energy to maintain the protective energy jar. He won't last for too long. Fight and retreat!"

"Second-to-none Spear Formula: Look Back to Raise a Question to Deities!"

Ning Haotian adopted a conservative and defensive spear movement. The silver spear was moving along him, defending Jiang Chen's frantic sword attacks.

As expected, Jiang Chen's armor of thunder was disappearing.

When Ning Haotian was about to fight back, Jiang Chen retreated a bit. He was happy to see that as well, since he wanted a chance to regulate his breathing.

"You even need guidance in a fight. Will you also need help from your parents on your wedding night?" said Jiang Chen.

Ning Haotian, still recovering, almost spat up blood when he heard Jiang Chen.

"Go to hell!"

He stopped resting immediately and injected the energy of black tortoise into the spear, throwing it at Jiang Chen.

He followed his spear, too, like an arrow.

"Black Tortoise Fist: Pale Sky!

"Palm Classics of Mountains and Seas: Stairway to Dragon!"

A fist attack with one hand, a palm attack with the other. When they came together, they were powerful enough to make a hole in hard darksteel.

Jiang Chen dodged the spear, but affected by the movement of the spear, he almost lost his balance.

"A Limitless Sword Attack!

"A Strike without Permanence!"

Jiang Chen threw his sword out with his left hand and grasped the black knife with his right hand.

He exerted a sword movement and a knife movement at the same time. They were complete different martial arts techniques, but they were smooth and natural in his hands.

A knife and a sword, never apart from then on. The knife had the sword's swiftness, and the sword had the knife's potency.

Soon, under countless people's gazes, the fist and the palm and the sword and the knife hit against each other, competing with each other.

Most people watching had never seen a fight like this.

The print of the palm, the radiance of the fist, and the blades were fighting with more power than a whole army of mounted foot soldiers. Even the sky was too small a battlefield for them.

Ning Haotian and Jiang Chen were exchanging blows. Both of them had been injured, but their courage kept growing and growing. The fight became more and more breathtaking.

When both protective energy jars had almost recovered, the fight stopped for a moment. Both of them retreated.

The two of them were sweating and gasping for air. There was blood on their bodies, but it was impossible to tell whose blood it was.

"He's pushed Ning Haotian to that extent."

"He's powerful and only in Cloud Two. This fight already has a result."

"But one of them has to die."

The higher-ups began a heated discussion. They were all shocked by Jiang Chen's performance.

Most importantly, the energy of thunder had reappeared after the short break. It meant that it wasn't an external force, but came from inside him.

If they could see Jiang Chen's Qihai, they would find a shining core of thunder in it.

Ning Haotian suddenly burst out in laughter. He sounded full of energy, which meant he hadn't hit his wall yet.

"Haha, Jiang Chen, you're at your wit's end, aren't you? But I know you still have a unique sword movement. Exert it now. Otherwise, you'll never have the chance."

He was also gasping less frequently than Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen squinted. It wasn't time to exert the Sword Method of Ksana yet.

The energy of black tortoise is really powerful. He's developed three extraordinary meridians at most, but with the help of the energy of black tortoise, he's managed to contend with my eight developed extraordinary meridians.

The Black Tortoise Genuine Technique is impressive, as well. It's as good as my sword method. An average Cloud Four would have been a dead man under my sword.

He obviously has more cards in his hand, and more than one.

Jiang Chen was planning silently, but outwardly, he provoked arrogantly, "Cloud Four of the Reaching Heaven State, just so-so."

"I don't want to show all I have. That's all. After all, I'm striving to improve my rank on the Master List, but if you're so eager to die, I'll let you experience desperation."

Then he took out a long case, the length almost the same as his height. It was floating in the air.

"The Natural Law War Case!"

Everyone present took a deep breath.

This was one of the biggest treasures of the Natural Law School. It was even more revered than the Holy Feathery Coat.

As long as one was recognized by the board of elders, the Holy Feathery Coat could be imparted to them, but only school leaders were eligible to use the Natural Law War Case.

Just like Su Xiuyi's Abacus of Good Fortune, when Ning Haotian officially became the Natural Law School's leader, the Natural Law War Case would become his symbol.

There were numerous weapon parts in the war case. They could assemble any weapon in a flash to create a perfect match for the ten martial arts techniques of Ning Haotian's Black Tortoise Genuine Technique.

In fact, the Natural Law War Case had been specifically designed for the Black Tortoise Genuine Technique, but the Natural Law School had found the case first, and Ning Haotian had only gotten his inheritance later.

It meant that Ning Haotian had managed to find his inheritance with the Natural Law School's assistance.

What a great father, Jiang Chen couldn't help but think.


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