The Brilliant Fighting Master
335 Holy Feathery Coa
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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335 Holy Feathery Coa

The Peak of the Heavenly King was completely ruined, but it had been ruined by a warship, an external force. Although people were shocked, Jiang Chen hadn't won admiration from them.

However, he had fought Ning Haotian with brute force and hadn't lost. That was worth respect.

Jiang Chen was a few years younger than Ning Haotian. His family wasn't as powerful as the latter's, so no one expected him to catch up with the latter so fast.

"Is the Sacred Institute that great?"

The higher-ups thought it was thanks to the Sacred Institute, because half a year ago, in their eyes, Ning Haotian had been stronger than Jiang Chen.

They tasted a slight bitterness. They were still looking at Ning Haotian with hope.

"Huh, you think your revenge can be achieved this way? That won't be enough."

Ning Haotian was surprised, but he had made up his mind to kill Jiang Chen that day. Otherwise, in another six months, he would be dead.

"I was only testing out your level, but I'm afraid you exerted all of your power," Ning Haotian sneered. His confidence was back when this idea had occurred to him.

"You can only gain confidence by being ignorant? How pathetic," Jiang Chen shook his head. His expression was full of disdain.

Ning Haotian sneered. He raised his hand slowly, as if he were raising something heavy.

When his hands were over his head, a shapeless magnetic field emerged around him. He had a layer of magnetic rays all over him.

"Holy Feathery Coat!"

Many elders and key disciples were surprised, because what Ning Haotian was exerting was the Natural Law School's most protected secret.

The Holy Feathery Coat was actually a protective energy jar, but it was less limited. In it, Reaching Heaven States could not only move about freely, but all aspects of their carriers of martial arts would also be improved.

Besides, it also had strong defending powers. It was not only difficult to pierce through, but could reflect the enemy's force back.

That was why the Holy Feathery Coat was the most feared among the Natural Law School's enemies in the Fire Field.

Holy Feathery Coat was also considered one of the biggest treasures owned by the Natural Law School. Only those the school thought highly of had access to it.

"This is only the start!"

Ning Haotian smiled complacently. As his arms swung, the golden energy of black tortoise flowed over his body.

In only one minute, his energy became ten times stronger. Looking at him from the ground, people thought he resembled a mountain.

"Black Tortoise Fist: Strike the Vulnerable Point!"

Instantly, the big mountain dashed towards Jiang Chen at a high speed.

"So powerful!"

Wherever he passed, the space was totally damaged. Even those who were the farthest away from him were seized by his energy.

"Gosh, how could Jiang Chen resist this?"

"And Ning Haotian is wearing the Holy Feathery Coat!"

People tumbled to the reality of Ning Haotian. They took a deep breath and looked towards Jiang Chen with pity.

Besides these, Ning Haotian's state was two clouds higher than Jiang Chen's, and he had four haloes of heaven in his Qihai.

It was a disadvantage. Jiang Chen was at a complete disadvantage.

"The ultimate knife, the limitless knife, A Limitless Knife Strike!"

Jiang Chen, as always, didn't admit defeat. He quickly drew out his knife.

As soon as the knife left its sheath, wind started to howl. A dragon made of wind began to terrorize them.

Ning Haotian was affected by the strong wind, stuck in the middle of the dragon's path.

"The great doctrine of wind? That's useless. Martial arts techniques of creation require strength. In addition, I have the Holy Feathery Coat!"

Ning Haotian smiled. He did nothing but let the wind that was powerful enough to kill sweep over him.

As soon as the wind touched the transparent film of light covering him, it became solid and broke with Ning Haotian's advance.

In the end, the wild wind merged with his fist attack and fueled his energy, but Jiang Chen's knife had no way back once it had left its sheath. It kept moving forward.

The blade flashed, but it didn't move behind of Ning Haotian like usual. Instead, it was deflected in another direction with a clash.

"Boring. You wanted to exhaust my fist power like this? What a petty trick."

He had intended to take Jiang Chen's life, but in the end, he had merely deflected the latter. He wasn't happy with the result.

However, although most of his fist power had been wasted, the black knife in Jiang Chen's hand was still shaking violently.

"Your attack wasn't flexible enough. It was foolish for you to attack your enemy with all your strength. If I was you, I wouldn't want to admit it out loud," Jiang Chen scorned, but he was smiling bitterly to himself silently.

He was familiar with the feeling of being inferior in strength and having to win a challenge through his martial arts techniques.

Most importantly, the Black Tortoise Genuine Technique was just as he expected. It subverted martial arts techniques. Ning Haotian's fist attack was master level.

But I expected him to be stronger.

Jiang Chen smiled at the thought. He was still elegant, free, and fearless.

"Stubborn. I'm curious to hear what you'll say when you die."

Ning Haotian shrugged his wide shoulders. He was at an advantage, so he wasn't anxious at all. What was a powerful attack in others' eyes was only normal for him.

"Black Tortoise Fist: Storm the Den!"

Ning Haotian launched another attack and approached Jiang Chen.

"A Unique Leg Attack: Shatter Mountains and Rivers in Anger!"

However, when Jiang Chen threw his knife out to counter the fist attack, Ning Haotian suddenly launched another attack with his legs. His long legs and whip drew a semicircle in the air.

The switch from fist to leg was smooth and natural. His leg attack was still a also master level.

He kicked the black knife. With the Holy Feathery Coat on, he wasn't afraid of a blade. When the two made contact, the sound of clanging metal filled the air.

The powerful leg attack kicked the black knife into the air. Jiang Chen lost control and also flew into the air.

Ning Haotian folded his arms across his chest and said proudly, "Are you satisfied now?"

Jiang Chen was almost 1,000 yards away. He tried hard to steady himself, not stopping until he tumbled hundreds of yards further.


He spit up blood, but he still looked stubborn and fearless.

"He's forcing himself."

"If he can't crack the Holy Feathery Coat, it'll be impossible for him to win."

"How can he crack it? It's the biggest secret of the Natural Law School. Only those in higher states could ignore it."

"Those with the Holy Feathery Coat are practically immortal, even among people of the same state, not to mention Jiang Chen, who's in a lower state."

Not until then did the disciples of the Natural Law School realize the disciples of the Peak of the Heavenly King hadn't lied. Ning Haotian was powerful indeed when he was serious.


The higher-ups finally felt relieved. This result proved that they had made the right choice, but some of them were wondering whether the result would have been different if they had given the Holy Feathery Coat to Jiang Chen.

"It's time to end this boring fight."

Ning Haotian was beaming. As soon as Jiang Chen died, he would be untouchable in the Fire Field.

"Yeah, it's time to end it."

Jiang Chen suddenly straightened. He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and sneered, "I'm done studying the Black Tortoise Genuine Technique."

He didn't bother to find his black knife. The Red Cloud Sword was in his hand.

"You think this will work—" Ning Haotian said with disdain, but he was interrupted before he could finish.

"You think you're the only one with a protective energy jar? The Holy Feathery Coat? It's a party trick for kids. I'll show you what a real protective energy jar looks like."


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