The Brilliant Fighting Master
334 Energy of Black Tortoise
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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334 Energy of Black Tortoise

Ning Haotian was enraged.

He was known as the best youngster in the Fire Field. Wherever he went, he was the center of focus. He was used to being seen as majestic, but Jiang Chen was his sworn enemy. Whenever they met, he no longer stood out.

He had destroyed the Red Cloud Peak, but Jiang Chen had made the Peak of the Heavenly King disappear.

He had sent his master to kill Jiang Chen, who was a threat to his position as leader, but the latter had sent him Yuan Hong's dead body instead.

All of this wouldn't be settled until one of them died.

"Haotian, you'll be our future leader. Don't act recklessly," said a grand elder.

The appointment had been decided while Ning Haotian was alone on the mountain. Not many people knew about it, so it caused a great stir among the crowd.

These disciples had thought the competition between Ning Haotian and Jiang Chen would continue for a long time.

They hadn't expected the school to have already made the decision to appoint Ning Haotian. Jiang Chen might never have been a candidate.

The appointment had been made before Jiang Chen had quit the school voluntarily and destroyed the Peak of the Heavenly King, so there was no correlation between their decision and his departure.

Even if Jiang Chen had behaved himself, he wouldn't have had the chance to be the next leader.

Meng Hao suddenly came forward to accuse the school of unfair treatment and declare his own decision to leave.

"Jiang Chen has contributed so much to the Natural Law School. He was qualified to study at the Sacred Institute. He brought honor to the school, but the school never considered him as a candidate. Is that fair? I don't want to stay at such a school, either!"

"Neither do I," Wen Xin added. She hadn't spoken much, but she looked resolute.

Many people started to discuss the situation, unsurprised at the happenings. After all, when Ning Haotian was in power, he would definitely deal with those two.

"Who else?"

Ning Haotian cared about the leader's position even more than killing Jiang Chen. Seeing Meng Hao and Wen Xin challenge his authority, his face became more sullen.

"We support Apprentice Brother Ning!"

"Jiang Chen didn't get elected because he wasn't good enough. Who could he blame for that?"

"Yeah. Making a big contribution doesn't mean someone is qualified to be a leader. If a Mental Wander State gave billions of yuan stones to the school, should we make them the leader?!"

Ning Haotian's supporters were the majority. They started to speak one by one, which relieved Ning Haotian of his worries.

"What a farce. Just stop it. Whoever wants to quit, please leave as soon as possible."

Vice leader Jiang Wei didn't think any good would occur if the racket continued. He wanted to put a stop to it immediately, but Ning Haotian didn't agree with him.

"As the next leader, it's my responsibility to get rid of wrongdoers. Besides, what Jiang Chen did today was unforgivable."

As he spoke, he took off his coat. He was wearing a neat outfit with light armor underneath. His black hair was blowing in the wind as he emitted energy, which added to the aggressive atmosphere around him.

"Leader, elders, please stay out of this. It's between me and Jiang Chen. The Hero Palace can't say anything if I kill him," said Ning Haotian.

The grand elders didn't add their opinions. Leader Su Xiuyi had said nothing since the beginning. He just had a mysterious smile on his face.

In the air, there was only Ning Haotian and Jiang Chen.

The audience all stayed silent somehow, nobody speaking. They were simply watching quietly.

"I was worried about what to do with you if you kept hiding in the Sacred Institute, but you came back to die."

Ning Haotian was burning with anger, but he wasn't in a hurry. He was going to enjoy the process slowly, like he was enjoying an exquisite dish. He was confident.

It was reasonable. He had been appointed as the leader by the grand elders as soon as he had completed his ordered seclusion. It meant his strength had been recognized.

Jiang Chen shook his head and said, "You lost the holy pulses you stole, didn't you? So how are you still this confident? As a thief and a robber, you're trying so hard to act elegant and graceful. You even call yourself a strong man. That's ridiculous, sad and pathetic."

Ning Haotian curled his lips, about to speak, but was interrupted.

"Don't tell me it was the Black Dragon City's decision. In the ceremony to rob holy pulses, the two concerned parties both have to be awake. There has to be a strong desire for the transplantation succeed."

Jiang Chen made a thinking gesture and said, "Let me see… As I recall, during the ceremony I heard a voice saying, 'Mother, give it to me. Give the holy pulse to me now. I need it!' Wasn't that your voice?"

Ning Haotian's look became as sharp as a sword. He wanted to kill Jiang Chen right that moment.

"And that voice also said, 'I couldn't stand father's expression when he learned I had failed in the Pulse Invigorating Ceremony. I'm the future lord of the Black Dragon City. I want the holy pulse. I want to be unique!'" Jiang Chen continued.

"Shut up!!!" Ning Haotian growled furiously.

"Are you angry?"

The complacent smile on Jiang Chen's face gradually faded. He shouted, "I recall your shamelessness and my pain! You're angry? You're in no position to be angry!"

"Go to hell!"

"Bring it on!"

It seemed like both of them had lost their minds. They ran towards each other madly. Their fist and palm hit against each other like meteors crashing into each other.

Terrifyingly large waves emerged around them. From the ground, the whole sky seemed distorted.


The higher-ups of the Natural Law School were shocked, but still very confident in Ning Haotian. In their eyes, he would definitely win.

They even laughed at Jiang Chen while watching the two hit each other in anger, since he should have been relying on his advantage in martial arts techniques instead of brute force.

However, neither of them had gained the advantage, in a stalemate in the air. Their arm muscles were bulging as they fought with brute force.

"What? Are you surprised?"

Seeing Ning Haotian's shocked face, Jiang Chen scorned, "Your fiancée was right. Your state is below Cloud Five. You're only Cloud Four."


Ning Haotian was struck dumb at the mention of Crimson Moon. Jiang Chen's scornful tone made him see red.

"Energy of Black Tortoise!"

Ning Haotian wished he could smash Jiang Chen to pieces. Manipulating his haloes of heaven like crazy and supported by the guide's power, he prepared for the attack with his arms. Jiang Chen started to step back.

"Oh? The inheritance that you got thanks to my holy pulse seems powerful, but you will still die today!

"Eight extraordinary meridians developed, with wind and thunder to receive orders!"

Jiang Chen suddenly stopped moving. Ning Haotian felt a great power sweeping over him and flowing into between his palms. He was shoved into the air.


The top management of the Natural Law School paled. They hadn't expected Ning Haotian to lose in the first round.

Fan Tu was extremely happy to see this scene. He even told the whole world what was on his mind in that candid and bright voice.

"Haha, interesting. It's so interesting. The one abandoned by the Natural Law School is about to defeat the great genius the school has trained and invested so much in."

The disciples of the Natural Law School felt weird, too.

If what Fan Tu said was true, it would be ironic for the Natural Law School.

"Hm, that can't happen."

"He wasn't careful enough. That's all. It's still too early to say who will win."

"Apprentice Brother Ning will beat Jiang Chen to death once he gets serious!"

The disciples of the Peak of the Heavenly King started to cheer for him, but they didn't sound quite as confident anymore.


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