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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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332 Shoot!

The rainbow created from the radiance of the sword was overwhelming. Elder An's attack was clearly broken down. She didn't even get the chance to struggle.

It only took him six months to become so powerful?!

Elder An was shocked, her sword shaking. Her arm had been broken by his powerful energy.

The energy didn't stop there. It was running towards her chest.

"Jiang Chen, are you going to kill an elder?!" Elder An shouted herself hoarse, as if she had forgotten that she was the one who had exerted a killing move first.

"A Reaching Heaven State in the initial phase isn't qualified to be my elder."

Jiang Chen's sword didn't stop. It pierced through her chest without leaving her any chance to survive.

Elder An's body became stiff. After the Red Cloud Sword was pulled out, she felt weak in her whole body. She lost control of herself and started to fall.

That's it?

The world before her plunged into darkness, but Elder An still couldn't believe it. She had never thought death would come so suddenly.

Precisely speaking, she had never thought she would be killed in the territory of the Natural Law School.

"Jiang Chen, how dare you!"

Three grand elders flew into a rage. Elder An had been killed before them due to their incapability.

It happened while they were in charge of the Natural Law School, and therefore, it was their negligence of duty.

But of course, Jiang Chen should be the one to blame!

The three grand elders attacked him at the same time. Their energies were running wild. Not even one onlooker had the nerve to stay in the air. They all hurried to return to the ground.

When they looked up again, they found the blue sky and white clouds were gone. The sky clouded over as if it was night.

"Catch him and kill him!"

"Kill him!"

"Put him to death!"

A large area was affected by the three grand elders' attacks. Ripples were spreading out in the sky, carrying dreadful power.

It was difficult to imagine how pressured Jiang Chen felt under their siege, but the crowd immediately realized that Jiang Chen and the grand elders weren't at the same level. He was also a Reaching Heaven State.

"Wu Sheng, Liu Jianqing, and Wan Ye were promoted as grand elders not long ago. They aren't as strong as the Three Clarities of Natural Law, but they're all in Cloud Four or Cloud Five."

"They're attacking at the same time. Jiang Chen won't be able to resist them."

"How come they all came out at once with the intent to kill?"

The onlookers realized how serious the affair was, and they couldn't figure out why. Before, no matter what kind of conflict had happened, there had always been a limit.

But this day, they were all full of killing intent. Their hatred seemed irreconcilable.

Quite a few disciples at the Natural Law School liked Jiang Chen. They were worried about him, but there were also people gloating.

"Elders, you're not a match for me. Are you sure you want to have this fight with me?" asked Jiang Chen.


Wu Sheng, Liu Jianqing,and Wan Ye glanced at each other. The killing intent in their eyes didn't become any weaker, but they didn't rush to launch an attack.

"You killed an elder in public. You should be killed!" Wu Sheng shouted.

"I don't even want to argue about it. I would never have stood there to wait to be killed."

"You're powerful. You could have cracked her killing move easily. Why did you have to kill her? You were taking the chance to revenge yourself!" Liu Jianqing shouted.

Many people frowned at his words, finding him disgusting.

"The grand elders of the Natural Law School are really disappointing."

Jiang Chen voiced everyone's thoughts. He took out his school token and said, "I killed an elder, so I'm now expelling myself from the Natural Law School."

As he spoke, the token turned into ash in his hand.

"Do you think you can run away from punishment this way?" Wan Ye said coldly.

Jiang Chen wasn't in a hurry. He took out another token and said, "It's your mouth. You can say whatever you want to say. The Hero Palace will investigate whether it's fair or not for their disciple."

The whole world quieted down.

When they finally realized what he had meant, it created a great stir in the whole school.

Some people were confused, some shocked, others pleasantly surprised.

Those who were confused didn't know the Hero Palace well.

Those who were shocked knew what the Hero Palace was, most of them elders.


The three grand elders were also petrified. Their killing intent disappeared immediately, like a balloon that had leaked.

Jiang Chen had gone to the Sacred Institute to study as a disciple of the Natural Law School.

The Sacred Institute couldn't say anything regarding the punishment the Natural Law School gave Jiang Chen, but it was different at the Hero Palace.

Any disciple from the Hero Palace could easily match grand elders like Wu Sheng, Liu Jianqing, or Wan Ye.

"Even so, you can't kill people like this," Wu Sheng said in a low voice. He sounded negative, not confident at all.

"I'll kill whoever wants to kill me. Now you feel lucky you didn't start a fight yourselves, don't you?" said Jiang Chen.

The three men were reluctant to admit it. What they were scared of was the Hero Palace, but Jiang Chen made it sound like he could defeat them.

They didn't know Jiang Chen was saving his strength to deal with Ning Haotian. Otherwise, he could have defeated all of them.

"Make way," said Jiang Chen.

The Peak of the Heavenly King hadn't been completely destroyed yet. He wanted to continue what he hadn't finished.


The grand elders didn't give up. Wu Sheng said again, "I won't allow you to threaten the Natural Law School, even if you're a member of the Hero Palace!"

"What about Ning Haotian? He destroyed my Red Cloud Peak. I'm guessing you were watching him from the shadows, weren't you?" asked Jiang Chen.

The three didn't know how to answer him. They sneered and said toughly, "As long as we're here, we won't allow you to do whatever you want."

"Exactly. We won't allow you to destroy the Peak of the Heavenly King!"

"Now that you aren't a disciple here anymore, leave as soon as possible!"

It was the Hero Palace, not Jiang Chen, that they were scared of.

If Jiang Chen was from another important group, they wouldn't kill him, instead catching him and taking him back with them to show the authority of the Natural Law School.

The Hero Palace's position was too high, especially for people in the Fire Field who had never come into contact with them and had only heard of them from legends.

That was why they didn't dare act recklessly, but they also couldn't let Jiang Chen destroy the Peak of the Heavenly King in their presence, especially when so many disciples were watching.

"Are you sure you're going to stop me?" said coldly Jiang Chen.

People who knew him well knew he wasn't a bluffer. They all held their breath, expecting his next move.

"Show me what you've got!" said Liu Jianqing.

"All right!" Jiang Chen answered. Under the crowd's gaze, he turned around and disappeared.

"Whaaaat?" Many people didn't understand what was going on.

"Looks like the disciple of the Hero Palace is also so-so."

The grand elders felt relieved. They were hesitant on whether they should hunt Jiang Chen down, since he had chickened out.

After all, he had killed an elder, but at the thought of the Hero Palace, they didn't dare.

"Jiang Chen."

Wen Xin was confused, too. She followed Jiang Chen to the outside of the Natural Law School. Seeing his expression, she said, "Jiang Chen, don't push yourself too hard. There are three…"

She had thought Jiang Chen had left due to helplessness and anger, but she suddenly stopped speaking.

A ship she had never seen appeared in her line of sight.

She went onto the ship after Jiang Chen and saw a very long steel pipe moving on the deck.

It took her a good while to figure out that it was a cannon!

Around the Peak of the Heavenly King, as Jiang Chen had left, the onlookers also didn't think it necessary to stay, so they started to leave, too.

"I was wondering what amazing thing Jiang Chen would do. In the end, he still has to lay low."

"He was facing three grand elders. What else could he do except trash-talk?"

"Tsk tsk tsk, does he think the Natural Law School is still the same as half a year ago? Apprentice Brother Ning… Eh? What's going on?"

The disciples' discussions were suddenly interrupted by a giant shadow over their heads.

When they raised their heads, their reactions were just like the others who had seen the warship. They couldn't help but open their mouths widely, speechless.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The most dreadful thing was the bright blue ray rising from the deck accompanied by a thundering sound.

When the brightness of the blue ray had achieved its peak, a cannonball was shot at the Peak of the Heavenly King with a bang.

"This is bad. Run!"

The three grand elders were frightened out of their wits after sensing the power of the cannonball. They hurried to escape.


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