The Brilliant Fighting Master
331 Come out and Go to Hell!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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331 Come out and Go to Hell!

Ning Haotian, after cracking the tactical formation deployed at the Red Cloud Peak, came to the least eye-catching mountain in the Natural Law School.

By then, neither Jiang Chen nor the Southwind Ridge were on his mind.

Although the holy pulses have completely disappeared from my body, I'm already powerful enough to be ranked on the Master List.

I'm the only person qualified to be the leader of the Natural Law School!

Ning Haotian's ambition was still limited to the Fire Field—becoming the leader, marrying the princess of the Xia Dynasty, ruling the whole Fire Field, and being the strongest person there.

When he was less than a hundred yards away from the mountain, a passage opened.

Ning Haotian threw his shoulders back and went in excitedly.

He didn't know that an unexpected visitor had arrived at the Peak of the Heavenly King.

The disciples of the Peak of the Heavenly King were still celebrating Ning Haotian's return. It was plausible that his loyal followers would see countless benefits after he became the leader.

Suddenly, a growl exploded in the sky over them. "Ning Haotian, come out and go to hell!" They were given a good scare and looked into the sky with incredulous looks.

Who would be so audacious on Ning Haotian's big day?

However, when those angry men recognized the familiar figure, they were all petrified. No one knew what to think.

It was Jiang Chen, the most peculiar disciple in the Natural Law School. He had earned his fame in the Fire Field at the competition of the Sacred Institute and become the strongest person on the Eternal Flame List.

"He came back today. Is he really Apprentice Brother Ning's sworn enemy?"

"I guess he doesn't know yet how strong Apprentice Brother Ning is now."

"He looks so angry. Has he come because of the Red Cloud Peak?"

These disciples weren't panicked after their surprise. No matter how excellent Jiang Chen was, they wouldn't be worried as long as Ning Haotian was with them.

But still, no one had the nerve to respond.

After all, it was Jiang Chen, the crazy man who had cut the Third Prince's head off in front of the Xia Dynasty.

"You're not coming out? Okay!"

Jiang Chen flew towards the Peak of the Heavenly King directly. A defensive formation was turned on immediately.

Until the emergence of the Red Cloud Peak, the tactical formation of the Peak of the Heavenly King had been the most powerful in the Natural Law School.

It took Ning Haotian a great effort to have it deployed, not to prevent his peak from being attacked, but to show his nobility.

However, it couldn't stop Jiang Chen.

Many disciples had realized this. In their eyes, Jiang Chen had magic powers. He seemed incapable of nothing, always beyond expectations.

As they expected, Jiang Chen was holding a formation disk in his right hand and a sword in his left hand, flying up and down the Peak of the Heavenly King.

He was emitting a powerful energy while moving. As he brandished his sword, the energy of the sword soared into the air.


They hadn't seen Jiang Chen for half a year, but it seemed that he had improved greatly.

Soon, the peak began to shake. It looked like the mountain was about to collapse, alarming countless birds and beasts.

Dust soared into the air like smoke signals, which caught the attention of the disciples of the Natural Law School.

When they realized it was coming from the Peak of the Heavenly King, exclamations could be heard in every corner of the school.

Other disciples travelled there in a hurry to see what was going on.

The Peak of the Heavenly King was in total chaos. Not only did houses collapse and rocks fall, but the whole mountain was disintegrating.


"How dare you!"

The Natural Law School didn't stay out of it. Several strong energies showed up to stop Jiang Chen from cracking the tactical formation.

Jiang Chen stopped for a moment. The disciples there finally had a chance to gasp for breath and run madly out of the Peak of the Heavenly King.

"Jiang Chen?"

There were elders and grand elders among those who had come. They were surprised to see that it was Jiang Chen who had attacked the peak.

Each of the grand elders there were strangers to Jiang Chen. He hadn't seen any of them before.

He knew grand elders responsible for managing the Natural Law School were replaced regularly. Grand elders that had retired from their posts would go to the most secret place of the Natural Law School to practice.

But among the other elders, there was one person he recognized—Elder An, Li Qin's master.

Since her application for grand elder had been rejected and she was demoted to reserve elder due to Jiang Chen, her position in the school had gotten lower and lower.

Seeing Jiang Chen again reopened her old wounds.

"Hehe, when my Red Cloud Peak was attacked, the Natural Law School did nothing. Now that the Peak of the Heavenly King is in crisis, so many elders have come. I really miss the Natural Law School," Jiang Chen sneered.

"Shut up!"

"How dare you! You know what you're saying?!"

"You're really a tough egg, just as the rumor said."

Three grand elders responded one by one. Their attitudes had proven they were with Ning Haotian.

"Jiang Chen, you attacked the Peak of the Heavenly King as soon as you came back and almost killed the disciples here. Are you able to take responsibility for what you did?" Elder An shouted.

"Elder An, you're missing the point and diverting people's attention. You're just as skilled in slander as before," Jiang Chen scorned.

"You're courting death!"

Elder An had already been impatient. She attacked him directly as soon as he finished speaking.

This time, no one stopped her!

A cold smile appeared on Elder An's face.

Li Qin, as your master, I'll get revenge for you today!

Her killing intent emerged at this thought. The sword in her hand was moving cruelly from a unique angle, intent on taking Jiang Chen's life.

The grand elders around glanced at each other and didn't try to stop her.

"Elder An, you're still not getting it."

Jiang Chen was fearless before the sword attack from a Reaching Heaven State, confronting it calmly.


Elder An felt pressured under Jiang Chen's gaze. She had a bad hunch, but by then, she had thrust her sword out. She didn't have the time to think.


Elder An exerted her all to ensure the attack's success. The sword in her hand was extremely aggressive. The tip of the blade started a spiral gale that was lashing the sky.

"Gosh, looks like Elder An wants to kill Jiang Chen!"

"She's crazy. Isn't she afraid that the leader will punish her?"

"Ning Haotian will be the leader soon. What would she be afraid of?"

The onlookers were surprised to see Elder An so aggressive.

They had thought it would end up like before, and that no matter how severe it became, no one would die.

"I'm afraid Jiang Chen is thinking the same, so he had the nerve to come here and pick a fight."

Among the crowd, Mu Zhenchuang, who also had history with Jiang Chen, smiled complacently and said, "He doesn't know Ning Haotian isn't who he was anymore. Jiang Chen can't afford to offend him."

"Oh? Half great doctrine of wind, the same as me. You want to get revenge on your apprentice? I'll reunite you with Li Qin then."

When the spirit of Elder An's sword was soaring, Jiang Chen drew out his own sword.

"The Rainbow Sword Method: Rainbow Penetrates the Sun!"

The strength Jiang Chen had shown when he was cracking the tactical formation was surprising, and this sword attack caused another great stir.

A silvering echoing chime sounded. An aggressive radiance of the sword flew into the air. The energy emitted from him shook the universe.

"My goodness, he's in the Reaching Heaven State, too!"

The onlookers had thought they knew Jiang Chen pretty well, but at that moment, their expressions were complicated and interested.

They compared him with Elder An, and another idea occurred to them.

"He isn't an average Reaching Heaven State!"

Jiang Chen and Elder An's swords collided. No one knew what was going to happen next.


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