The Brilliant Fighting Master
329 Humiliation
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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329 Humiliation

"Hey all you at the Red Cloud Peak, do you think you'll be safe as long as you don't turn off the tactical formation? That's too naïve!"

"I'll burn an incense stick. If you don't switch off the tactical formation before it burns out, we'll ask Apprentice Brother Ning Haotian to come. He just completed his solitary confinement."

"Right. The Red Cloud Peak has committed so many crimes. Today we'll settle all of them together!"

Those people became more annoyed when they didn't get any response from the Red Cloud Peak, so they made a final offer.

Ning Haotian had already started to plan the whole event when the golden light had appeared at the Peak of the Heavenly King.

Kill Jiang Chen and wipe out the Southwind Ridge—these were his goals. Only in this way could he wash away the shame Jiang Chen had brought him.

But the Red Cloud Peak belonged to the Natural Law School. He couldn't attack it without any reason.

Although their current excuses were also ridiculous, at least they had excuses.

At the Red Cloud Peak, Meng Hao, Fan Tu, Jiang Feng, and some others gathered together to discuss a countermeasure.

"Hold on. Hold on until we can't anymore," Fan Tu said helplessly.

"Yeah, hold on until Jiang Chen comes back!"

Meng Hao didn't lose hope. His eyes lit up as he said, "Even elders in the Reaching Heaven State couldn't crack the tactical formation. Maybe Ning Haotian won't be able to, either."

"I'm not holding on until young lord comes back, but until the Southwind Ridge has enough time to retreat," Fan Tu glanced at him and said lowly.

Meng Hao and Wen Xin were surprised. It seemed the Jiangs had lost all of their hope.

"Jiang Feng, why are you staying here?" Meng Hao asked curiously. During their stay at the Red Cloud Peak, they had become friends.

"If I leave, the Black Dragon City will know what we're planning and they'll put the Southwind Ridge under siege now," Jiang Feng said seriously.

Meng Hao took a deep breath, appreciating his forethought.

"Why don't you expect Jiang Chen to come to our rescue?" Wen Xin couldn't help asking.

"Princess, of course we're confident in young lord, but six months is too short a time.

"I trust him. Young lord could be a Reaching Heaven State, but there is an initial phase in the Reaching Heaven State. After that, it's Cloud One.

"Ning Haotian has broken through the initial phase, his state has enhanced, and he has an inheritance.

"Even if we count on young lord and expect the least of Ning Haotian, they're not currently on the same level."

Wen Xin didn't know what to say, but when she had thought it through, she realized something sounded off.

"But Jiang Chen will come back anyway," said Wen Xin.

As far as Wen Xin knew, Jiang Chen, no matter how great the gap between Ning Haotian and him, wouldn't leave his clansmen behind anyway.

Fan Tu suddenly turned pale when he was about to speak. So did the others.

The ground was shaking violently. They ran out and found the whole Red Cloud Peak was shaking, mountain rocks falling to the ground.

Seeing the Red Cloud Peak in such a mess, the disciples of the Natural Law School in the air burst into laughter.

The buildings that had been finely decorated by Jiang Chen were destroyed, many injured in the process.

There was a majestic figure on the peak. While he was waving his arms, the disturbance in the Red Cloud Peak was getting fiercer.

It was Ning Haotian, who was finally free!

He didn't look any different, still as arrogant and aggressive as ever. As he manipulated the haloes of heaven in his Qihai, a strong energy distorted the air around him.

"He's cracking the tactical formation with brute force!"

Fan Tu used the tactical formation to attack as soon as he realized this.

However, the demon lord generated from the tactical formation was stomped to pieces when it had just formed. It never had the chance to show its power.

In the end, the tactical formation was pushed to its limit, then it broke down as a small tear appeared.

The disciples of the Natural Law School who had followed Ning Haotian there started to cheer and intruded into the Red Cloud Peak recklessly.

After cracking the tactical formation, Ning Haotian declared the fate of the Red Cloud Peak. He wasn't going to do it in person, so he returned to the Peak of the Heavenly King.

"As a disciple here, Jiang Chen deployed such a brutal killing formation. His wild ambition is obvious.

"With the backup of this tactical formation, he has been indulging his clansmen. He has made the Red Cloud Peak the shame of the Natural Law School and has incurred public wrath.

"Today, the Red Cloud Peak will be removed from the Natural Law School. The people Jiang Chen brought here will all be driven out.

"Before that, we'll settle all of the crimes they've committed."

The disciples that had intruded into the Red Cloud Peak kept sneering and gathered the Jiangs together.

"What are you up to?!" Meng Hao shouted angrily.

Someone jumped out of the crowd immediately. His tone was unkind. His look was cunning.

"Meng Hao, you took some panaceas from me through a nasty trick. I'm guessing you haven't forgotten about it, have you?"

"It was because you're not good enough…" Meng Hao refuted immediately. A man came up to him suddenly, a whooshing sound coming from the air.

Meng Hao made an effort to raise his arm to defend himself, but he was knocked down right away. He could feel nothing in his arm.

"My apprentice brother said you did it, so you did it," the attacker said coldly.

A similar thing happened to Jiang Feng, too. They were using all kinds of excuses to justify their attacks.


Fan Tu came forward and shouted in a rage, "You want to drive us away. Okay. We'll go! As for your accusations, let's go to the Hall of Penal Law to sort them out."

"How dare you! Even now, you're still being so unreasonable and rude. Apprentice Brother Ning Haotian was right. You're just barbarians from the mountains."

"Let me teach him a lesson!"

A group of disciples launched an attack without giving Fan Yu any time to react. They didn't want to reason with him at all.

Fortunately, Fan Yu's fist wasn't weak, either. He wasn't at a disadvantage at all, although he was fighting against two people by himself.

"Useless thing. Let me do it!" another disciple said. His fame was different from the others, as he was in the peak of the late stage. He threw his palm towards Fan Tu directly.

Fan Tu was only in the completed middle stage. He flew back as soon as the attack was sent.

"Uncle Fan!"

"Steward Fan!"

Jiang Feng and a Wind Move Guard ran to him to check his injuries.

The troublemakers started to cheer for the man that had knocked Fan Tu down.

"Apprentice Brother Liu Yongliang is ranked fourth on the Talent List. He deserves this rank!"

"Only one palm attack and that savage man was knocked down."

It turned out that this disciple in the peak of the late stage was in the top ten on the Talent List. He had been practicing in seclusion. Not until recently had he returned to the public once again.

He was a follower of Ning Haotian.

"Stop it. The Jiangs will leave the Natural Law School. As for the losses and grievances you mentioned, you can come to me!"

Wen Xin didn't expect these people to go so far as to humiliate the Jiangs to that extent. She came forward right away.

During the preceding weeks, she had a made lots of progress. She was already a Mental Wander State in the late stage.

Besides, she was a princess. Her identity helped her psych people out, but since she was only the daughter of a duke, some people didn't take her seriously and laughed, like Liu Yongliang.

"Since you've spoken, princess, of course it's no problem for us. As long as these barbarians kneel down and beg for our mercy, we'll let them go," said Liu Yongliang.

"Haha, right. We'll let them go if they kneel down and repent."

"This is the biggest tolerance we can show these barbarians!"

Many disciples went along with him. They spoke in agreement, one by one.

"You wish!" Fan Tu stood up and growled. The Wind Move Guards all took their weapons out.

"Look, princess, these barbarians are asking to die!" Liu Yong said with a cold smile.


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