The Brilliant Fighting Master
328 Before the Big Figh
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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328 Before the Big Figh

Jiang Chen, in heavy armor, holding a heavy sword, had injured Yuan Hong severely with his impressive power.

This was the power of Project Dark Soldier.

Jiang Chen was going to deal with the whole Black Dragon City using it.

Yuan Hong had come ignorantly, courting death unknowingly.

With one arm cut off, his position as a Cloud Seven was completely gone.

"Damn it!"

Yuan Hong was a tough guy who had experienced many fights. Although he had lost one arm, he pointed at Jiang Chen's chest firmly with the other hand.

This pointing attack had great penetrating power. It could pierce through any section of a mountain, no matter how wide.

His finger was aimed at Jiang Chen's heart. The piercing and strong energy was focused and emitted at that one single point.


Yuan Hong heard an unexpected sound and saw the attack had hit nothing.

He felt a sharp pain in two of his fingers. They were almost broken, but they had only left a light mark on the armor.

"That's all?" Jiang Chen looked at the shocked and frightened Yuan Hong and sneered.


Yuan Hong didn't argue. He turned around to run away immediately. He was running so fast that he turned into a blur of light, but soon, Crimson Moon saw him end up the same as the machine-operated bird, stopped by a shapeless barrier. Although he tried hard to fly past it, he was stuck there.

"You want to leave already?" Jiang Chen said with disdain.

"Tactical formation? How could there be a tactical formation in the air?!"

Yuan Hong was sweating, entirely panicked. He had come to kill Jiang Chen, but in the end, he would be killed by the latter.

Suddenly, he turned around and stared at the warship.

The tactical formation stopping him was being emitted from the warship.

"The ship… Where did you get that ship?!" Yuan Hong shouted desperately.

Weapons that could kill Reaching Heaven States weren't average items that could be owned by just anyone.

"I built it."

Jiang Chen came up to him, raising his giant sword.

Yuan Hong was shocked when he heard the answer. He felt conflicted. Unfortunately, before he could express it, the giant sword had struck down.

A Cloud Seven of the Reaching Heaven State had died this tragically!

The dead body fell, his blood raining down.

Crimson Moon and Li Hengjing were petrified. They couldn't believe what they'd seen.

The heavy armor on Jiang Chen's body started to disassemble. It separated into pieces once again and went back to the warship.

The heavy armor was part of Project Dark Soldier. It was also where the name had come from.

It was called Dark Soldier Armor. Soldiers in the heavy armor were called dark soldiers.

Only a few groups in the Over Cloud Palace were powerful enough to organize their own dark soldier troop.

This was first and foremost because the necessary materials were extremely precious, not to mention the secret casting technique.

Maybe to build one set of such armor would be possible, but what about 100 sets, or even 1,000?

In the Sacred Zone, the largest dark soldier troop consisted of only 362 soldiers.

Jiang Chen had twelve sets of Dark Soldier Armor on his warship.

The one he had worn was the one meant for generals.

Jiang Chen caught Yuan Hong's dead body before it fell onto the ground and threw him onto the warship.

After all this had been done, he looked towards the two on the machine-operated bird.

"That machine-operated bird is practically broken. Get onboard," Jiang Chen said.

Crimson Moon and Li Hengjing didn't hesitate to board the ship.

"Jiang Chen…"

Crimson Moon was about to speak when the letters she was carrying with her flew out and fell in Jiang Chen's hands.

"What was that for?" she said unhappily.

The letter was how the Xia Dynasty communicated with others. When a written letter had been burnt, the other end of the communication would receive it.

"Princess, you've seen how powerful the warship is. Before I finish what I'm going to finish, I'm afraid you'll have to stay on the ship for some time," said Jiang Chen.

"Jiang Chen, the princess was trying to help you!" said Li Hengjing.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and said, "I know why she tried to help me. I know why you tried to help, too. Besides, you didn't really do anything. I ended up rescuing you instead."

"But—" Li Hengjing still tried to argue.

"I'm not discussing this with you. Actually, you don't have another choice," Jiang Chen interrupted him.

Crimson Moon rolled her eyes. Something occurred to her. She said, "Are you going to attack the Black Dragon City to rescue your father?"

If she hadn't witnessed the power of the warship, Crimson Moon wouldn't believe that was even an option.

"Yeah. If the Black Dragon City is informed and has the time to prepare, it'll be unfavorable for me," said Jiang Chen.

Not until then did Li Hengjing understand why Jiang Chen was going to hold him and Princess Crimson Moon hostage.

"The Black Dragon City is different from Yuan Hong. To attack a city is different from killing a person. Can your ship handle it?" asked Crimson Moon.

"That's not your concern."

Crimson Moon was angry, since he had refused to tell her and acted like she was prying.

"If you attack the Black Dragon City, Haotian will attack your clan, too," said Crimson Moon.

"That's why I'm going back to the Natural Law School first to deal with him."

Jiang Chen's confidence shocked Crimson Moon. She said, "The Natural Law School won't allow you to use the warship to attack him."

"Did I say I would use the warship? You just stay here and watch how your fiancé dies by my hand."

When he was finished speaking, he accelerated the ship. In only a few seconds, the ship was flying several times faster than the machine-operated bird had been.

At this moment, at the Natural Law School...

Everyone was surprised to see the golden light suddenly disappear from the Peak of the Heavenly King. It was returned back to the peak.

Then a thunder-like blast from the Peak of the Heavenly King suddenly broke the silence. Air billowed out powerfully and spread everywhere.

Ning Haotian had completed his ordered seclusion!

It dawned on the whole Natural Law School. Many disciples were very excited about it.

At the same time, the Red Cloud Peak was also in chaos. Airships kept arriving.

"Jiangs, you rats, come out!"

"Jiang Feng, you bullied my apprentice brother. Come fight me!"

"The Jiangs are barbarians from the Hundred Thousand Mountains. There has been an increase in theft at the Natural Law School since your arrival. Today, I'm going to investigate it thoroughly."

The arrival of these disciples was unexpected. They had come to pick a fight, raining down curses on the people of the Red Cloud Peak and the Jiangs.

In their minds, the Jiangs were all unforgivable criminals.

Later, they started to speak with one voice and request the same thing.

They requested the Red Cloud Peak remove the tactical formation and let them in to talk through the problems between them.

The Red Cloud Peak wasn't inhabited by idiots. They knew once they lost the protection of the tactical formation, the others could do anything to them.

Maybe they wouldn't be slaughtered inside the school grounds, but those people were so aggressive that they would at least disable or injure them, driving them away from the Natural Law School eventually.

And then it would be their end.

They felt desperate that none of the elders had shown up although it was so chaotic.

Fortunately, we've sent some people back to the Southwind Ridge, Fan Tu thought to himself at the Red Cloud Peak. After the emergence of the light, he had a hunch that something would happen, so he had simultaneously sent some disciples back to the Jiang Mansion and called in Wind Move Guards to help.

Once we've driven out of the Natural Law School, the Southwind Ridge will be disconnected from the school. The Southwind Ridge will face a catastrophe.

Fan Tu felt sad at the thought.

He hoped the young lord wouldn't come back, because even if he came back, nothing would change, but as long as the young lord was alive, it meant the Southwind Ridge hadn't been completely destroyed and could rise again one day.


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