The Brilliant Fighting Master
327 Kill Yuan Hong
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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327 Kill Yuan Hong

"How dare you?"

Crimson Moon was completely shocked. She hadn't expected Yuan Hong to be so crazy.

What he had said further confirmed her assumptions.

Although Yuan Hong had left the Natural Law School, he was still Ning Haotian's master. Of course he would act in his apprentice's best interests.

If people knew Ning Haotian was behind the assassination of a Hero Palace disciple, despite their old disagreements, he would be in major trouble.

That being said, Ning Haotian didn't know that Jiang Chen was a member of the Hero Palace. He didn't know Crimson Moon would risk her life to protect Jiang Chen, either, so Yuan Hong had decided to kill her by himself.

It wasn't a wise idea!

"Yuan Hong, if you kill me, Ning Haotian will lose his connection to the royal family, and the Black Dragon City will lose its strongest protection!"

Yuan Hong hesitated for a while. Soon, he smiled cunningly, as if he had figured something out.

"That's better than letting Jiang Chen have protection from the royal family!"

Crimson Moon wanted to explain, but she knew Yuan Hong wouldn't listen to her.

She was anxious. She wanted to manipulate the machine-operated bird, but no matter how hard she tried, the bird didn't move at all. It was smoking more and more each second.

Yuan Hong felt disdainful towards Crimson Moon's struggle. It was a piece of cake for him to kill a Reaching Heaven State in the initial phase, but before attacking Crimson Moon, he was attracted to the curve of her body.

His cold look became lurid.

I'm going to kill her anyway. What if…

He put his thought into action right away. The current Yuan Hong didn't have many concerns.

As soon as he pointed at Crimson Moon, her body was frozen like it was stuck in a shapeless magnetic field. The red dress on her fell to pieces immediately.

Crimson Moon screamed. She only had her underwear left. The majority of her fair skin was exposed, as clear as a perfect gemstone.


Li Hengjing, although seriously injured, tried hard to get to his feet. He draped his coat over Crimson Moon and stood before her to protect her. He said furiously, "How dare you offend the princess?!"

It turned out he had chosen to take the adventure with Crimson Moon for the beautiful princess's sake, not Jiang Chen's.

"Get out of my way!"

Yuan Hong had been enjoying watching Crimson Moon's body. He shouted and pointed his finger at Li Hengjing. The light given off by his finger was like a string of white silk, intending to take Li Hengjing's life.

Li Hengjing had nowhere to escape, and he was too weak to fight back. The only thing he could do was to wait for his death.

He felt the world spin around, in a trance. He thought his death had come, but when the spinning stopped, he realized it wasn't his time yet.

He opened his eyes and found he had been moved. He could still see Yuan Hong and the light that had missed him.

It hadn't only missed him; Crimson Moon and the machine-operated bird had also been saved.


Li Hengjing looked back and was petrified.

He saw Crimson Moon freezing up. She opened her eyes wide, as if she'd seen something unbelievable.

He looked in the same direction and felt the same as Crimson Moon.

An airship, the most majestic and most fantastic one he had ever seen, was flying over slowly.

The ship wasn't very big, but it gave off the feeling that it could destroy a tower ship easily.

Yuan Hong was shocked, too. He flew higher and overlooked the deck. Soon, he saw someone.

"It's you!" Yuan Hong suddenly shouted. He was giving off a terrifying energy.

"I heard you wanted to see me," Jiang Chen smiled. He didn't look scared at all.

"No, I don't want to see you. I want to kill you!" Yuan Hong's voice was frightening. He was like an evil spirit. It was easy to imagine just how much he hated Jiang Chen.

"Elder, your mentality doesn't seem so good. If you don't adjust yourself in time, you'll not only be spellbound, but also lose your life."

Jiang Chen was provoking him intentionally by calling him elder.

"I'll calm down once I kill you."

Then Yuan Hong pointed his finger again. An azure light was shot out as if it was an arrow.

"You'll fail. Pity."

Jiang Chen didn't dodge. He took the attack head-on and smashed the light to pieces with his sword.


Yuan Hong was shocked. He hadn't expected Jiang Chen to have made such significant progress. The anger in his heart flared up, and his face became more and more sullen.

"You have improved after your short-term study, but do you think you're already good enough to be my rival?" said Yuan Hong.

His previous attack hadn't been very serious, yet he thought he could kill Jiang Chen with it.

"You're already a dead man," said Jiang Chen.

"Haha, ridiculous!"

Of course, Yuan Hong didn't believe him. His qi was moving all over his body. The strong energy was even disturbing the universe. He had completely dominated everything within 300 feet.

"Jiang Chen."

At this moment, Crimson Moon and Li Hengjing pulled the machine-operated bird up and yelled out, "Yuan Hong is in Cloud Seven of the Reaching Heaven State. Don't push yourself so hard. Let's go!"

Both of them had witnessed many of Jiang Chen's miracles, but those had been in competitions.

The current situation was completely different.

Yuan Hong was a real, powerful man who could destroy the universe.

"Demon Killing Finger!"

Before Jiang Chen could respond, Yuan Hong attacked first. The light between his index and middle fingers was so bright that it even outshone the sun.

"Princess!" Li Hengjing hurried to shout. This finger attack would not only attack Jiang Chen, but destroy the whole ship. The machine-operated bird could have been affected, too.

Crimson Moon knew that. She was controlling the machine-operated bird, which wasn't far away from being scrapped, to move backward.

When Yuan Hong pointed his finger, it seemed like he intended to pierce through the ground like a knife.

Soon, the light hit the hull, swallowing the ship like flames.

Undoubtedly, Jiang Chen, still on the ship, would die.

However, when the light had disappeared, Crimson Moon and Li Hengjing were shocked to find the unique warship was still in perfect condition.

The light had been warded off when it was ten-odd yards away from the hull. The ship hadn't suffered any damage, although it hadn't backed away.

"How is that possible?!"

Yuan Hong had considered many consequences before his attack. He had thought Jiang Chen might be able to survive, but in each of his assumptions, he was certain that at least the warship would be destroyed.

"I told you that you'd die today."

Jiang Chen jumped up and stood in the air.

He wasn't going to attack. He had even drawn back his sword. Under confused gazes, the warship began to move.

A door in the hull opened, and iron lumps of all shapes flew out.

These iron lumps looked like parts to something larger, their edges jagged. When they fell on Jiang Chen's body, they pieced together perfectly and formed a piece of spiritual armor.

Like the ship, it was the most amazing spiritual armor they had seen.

It was very heavy, causing Jiang Chen to become sixteen-feet-tall in it. This was why Jiang Chen couldn't put it on directly.

It didn't look very charming, nor did it have any pattern, but with a closer look, one could see the beauty of the metal used to create it. Its smooth curves were encouraging and inspiring.

Jiang Chen raised his left hand. A giant sword was growing from out of his hand.


Jiang Chen didn't trash-talk. He ran towards Yuan Hong at an amazingly high speed.


Crimson Moon and Li Hengqing didn't see what had happened. They only heard Yuan Hong's scream.

They vaguely saw Yuan Hong raising his hand to fight back, but in a second, his broken arm was flailing in the air.

"Perfect, let's make you Project Dark Soldier's first target."


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