The Brilliant Fighting Master
324 Tens of Billions
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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324 Tens of Billions

At the wide sea of thunder at the Hero Palace…

Another fifteen minutes had passed since Jiang Chen had entered the white zone. The disturbance created there was beyond description.

It wasn't exaggerating to say the sea of thunder had been overturned. Elder Thunder was totally shocked.


To Elder Thunder's surprise, a blare suddenly appeared. The white sea of thunder was finally gradually calming down.

"This is bad!"

Elder Thunder was horror-struck when he found he couldn't sense Jiang Chen's energy!

This could have meant Jiang Chen had disappeared from this world, shook into pieces by thunder.

When Elder Thunder was regretting that he hadn't gone in for the rescue, a figure walked out from there slowly.


When Elder Thunder recognized it as Jiang Chen, he was pleasantly surprised, but if Jiang Chen was still alive, why couldn't he sense his energy?


The only possibility that occurred to Elder Thunder was that Jiang Chen and the sea of thunder had become one, so his senses were confused.

But even he hadn't achieved such a state yet. It was only Jiang Chen's first time here, and he had already managed to achieve that.


Elder Thunder found Jiang Chen walking towards him while he was still in a daze.

This time, he wasn't so surprised. He found it completely normal that Jiang Chen had merged with the sea of thunder.

"Elder, are you here to protect me? Thank you," said Jiang Chen.

Elder Thunder had seen many talented disciples at the Hero Palace. Jiang Chen, before him, might have been one of the best.

"Not at all. I didn't do anything. Congratulations," said Elder Thunder.

Jiang Chen nodded. He had succeeded. He had a small core of thunder in his Qihai. This made his day.

"I was too eager for success and went a little too far. I hope I didn't do any harm to the wide sea of thunder."

The core of thunder in his Qihai wasn't bigger than the palm of a child's hand, but Jiang Chen had taken in a great amount of thunder to form it.

"Doesn't matter. The wide sea of thunder has its own cycle. It has numerous years of thunder accumulated. What you consumed was only a small part of it." Elder Thunder said generously, "You can come to practice in the wide sea of thunder anytime."


Jiang Chen was pleasantly surprised. Although he had a core of thunder and could generate the force of thunder by himself, it wouldn't keep releasing power without charging.

Most importantly, upgrading the core of thunder depended on the wide sea of thunder.

"The Hero Palace can be so generous when it's willing. It's a pity I don't have enough time. If I had six months more time, even ten Ning Haotians wouldn't compare to me."

Jiang Chen thought whether he should ask the Hero Palace to allow him to enter the Time Palace to practice for longer, but he had the leaf, the Nine Transformations Elixir, and the wide sea of thunder from them. He had already enjoyed many benefits. If he asked for more, even he himself would feel embarrassed.

However, he didn't know that even if the Hero Palace agreed, he couldn't enter the Time Palace twice in a year. Otherwise, it would only do him harm, not good.

After saying goodbye to Elder Thunder, Jiang Chen went back to his yard.

He didn't want to take a rest. He walked directly to the refitted sailing ship.

This ship not only looked different, but its foundation had seen an even greater change. He had completely refitted the controls of the ship.

Tactic pennants had been placed all over the hull. In this way, the whole ship was under the protection of a defensive tactical formation.

He had modeled the ship after the warships of the Over Cloud Palace.

It hadn't been difficult for him, since he had been the designer of those very warships.

Those unique warships had become the symbol of the Over Cloud Palace. They had fought all over the world and won many battles.

Although this was a refitted war ship, its comprehensive power was much stronger than that of those ancient war ships. Because 500 years had passed, many things had developed, and many rare resources of the old days had become popular.

Thanks to this, Jiang Chen, who had been restricted by the limitations of his environment back then, was able to show his true merit.

It was interesting that in the Hero Palace's eyes, this warship had been so damaged by Jiang Chen that it had been scrapped.

Some had even gone to the elders and asked them to order Jiang Chen to get rid of it on the grounds that a broken sailing ship had destroyed the beautiful environment of the Hero Palace.

If they knew how powerful this ship was, what would they think?

Jiang Chen jumped onto the deck and activated the warship.

With a muffled sound, the ship started to move more and more violently, like a giant beast stretching itself after waking up from a sound sleep.

The hull was emitting a light as bright as flames. The bottom of the hull emitted a brilliant blue light.

The giant ship left the ground and flew into the air at a high speed.

When it had reached a certain height, the Hero Palace noticed it.

"Enemy attack! Enemy attack!"

The ship froze many people's blood when they saw it.

It had looked majestic enough when it was still on the ground. When it was in the air, with the light, it looked much more overwhelming.

And it had shown up so suddenly. They thought the Evil Cloud Palace had come to attack them.

Not until they saw the ship flying out of the Hero Palace did they realize it must have left from there.

"Where does one buy such a ship? How intimidating!"

"It looks like it's on fire. Why?"

"I feel like I've seen it somewhere."

Since it wasn't an enemy attack, the ship became their focus.

In many men's eyes, Jiang Chen's warship was a display of power.

To describe it more concretely, it was as if they had seen a fully armored general whose mount was on fire among thousands of soldiers. Wherever he passed, no one could stop him.

Many disciples who could fly followed the ship, trying to figure out who its owner was.

To their surprise, after the warship had left the Hero Palace, it suddenly accelerated and turned into a beam of light. In an instant, it had arrived at the end of their sights and then disappeared.

"No way! How fast!"

The disciples who had followed were petrified. They could still see the white trail it had left, as though it had torn the sky apart.

However, they hadn't seen the most shocking part.

When the ship had arrived somewhere with no people around, it started to disappear bit by bit.

A flock of birds didn't know what had happened. They flew to where the ship had disappeared and all hit something.

It turned out that the warship had become invisible, not disappeared.

Jiang Chen drove the ship to Zhong Ling Mountain and entered the mountain area quietly, then manipulated the tactical formation so that nothing that happened in the mountain could be observed from outside.

What Jiang Chen was going to do was load the weapons that had been produced there onto the warship.

The cannon that had shocked Yin Shuang had been completed. Its surface was gold plated.

It didn't have a carriage yet, but when Jiang Chen carried it onto the ship, it fit into the grooves on the deck perfectly.

It turned out the carriage had always been on the ship. It could rotate freely and load cannonballs automatically.

The cannon was the "Devastator" that had been owned by the Over Cloud Palace in the old days!

It could destroy a mountain with one cannonball, and this was only a single part of Project Dark Soldier.

It wasn't even the most amazing part!

Jiang Chen looked towards the walls of Zhong Ling Mountain. The key to defeating the Black Dragon City was hidden inside the mountain.

He had completed the whole Project Dark Soldier, and he had invested tens of billions in it.


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