The Brilliant Fighting Master
323 Core of Thunder
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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323 Core of Thunder

The sea of thunder was different from other practice locations. First of all, it was extremely dangerous there. Any carelessness would lead to death.

In addition, the wide sea of thunder had to work with a secret method to take effect. Otherwise, practitioners would only be tortured by thunder and lightning rather than improve.

This secret method was called the Thunder Formula, one of the few methods that worked on thunder and lightning.

Practitioners of this method relied on thunder to work on their carrier of martial arts. They were able to strengthen their protective energy jars, too.

However, practitioners wouldn't be able to control thunder and lightning directly.

Thunder and lightning were the fiercest forces in the world, their destructive power strong.

Jiang Chen had developed all eight of his extraordinary meridians, thanks to which he had been able to master some wonderful methods and summon wind and thunder.

The force of the wind depended on one's attainments in the creation of wind.

For the thunder, practitioners would have to figure out a way to collect it in their Qihai, so the wide sea of thunder was perfect for Jiang Chen.

When he had asked to enter the wide sea of thunder to practice, none of the grand elders of the Hero Palace were opposed. They only worried whether he would be able to handle it.

As far as they knew, Jiang Chen had never practiced the Thunder Formula.

They wouldn't mind showing it to him, but Jiang Chen said it wouldn't be necessary, since he had other ways to practice in the wide sea of thunder.

In the end, Jiang Chen entered the wide sea of thunder. At the same time, a grand elder guarded him so that he wouldn't die there.

The wide sea of thunder was made up of endless dark clouds, tumbling. Purple arcs of electricity emerged from time to time.

Jiang Chen travelled through the tactical formation there and entered the dark clouds.

The view before him suddenly changed. He could see nothing but purple. Electric arcs of different sizes kept flickering, jumping everywhere.

Jiang Chen zoned out for a second, then felt his body go numb. His clothes were also torn apart.

He was given a great scare. He hurried to manipulate his halo of heaven and switched on his protective energy jar, but after a while, the protective energy jar seemed unable to hold on for long.

"Eight Extraordinary Meridians all developed, wind and thunder to receive orders!"

Jiang Chen stopped hesitating. He focused his mind and the eight extraordinary meridians in his body started to work again.

Traceless arcs and thunder and lightning were whirling around him. The force of the thunder kept entering his Qihai.

His qihai was only the size of a palm, but it was like an endless hole madly taking in the force of the thunder.


The grand elder responsible for protecting Jiang Chen, and also the person in charge of the wide sea of thunder, was called Elder Thunder.

He was extremely skilled in using the wide sea of thunder and other practicing methods related to thunder.

He was also one of the few people who could use thunder and lightning as a form of attacking.

Elder Thunder knew Jiang Chen had never practiced the Thunder Formula, so he was curious to see how the latter would practice there.

At first, seeing Jiang Chen's body almost paralyzed, he had nearly stepped in to help and given up on the latter's method.

But to his surprise, a change occurred in Jiang Chen's body in only a few seconds.

"Is that possible?" Elder Thunder couldn't help but exclaim at the scene before his eyes.

Other disciples practicing in the sea of thunder would absorb the force of the thunder and lightning and work on their carrier of martial arts, too, but they could only absorb very little of it due to its destructive power.

If other disciples were also able to absorb the force of thunder and lightning as rapidly as Jiang Chen, their bodies would have been burnt to ash.

Fifteen minutes had passed and Jiang Chen hadn't stopped. He was approaching the core of the sea of thunder.

"Monster. He's a monster," Elder Thunder exclaimed. The force of the thunder and lightning Jiang Chen had taken in was already enough to fill his whole body, but he didn't feel satisfied.

What Elder Thunder didn't know was that Jiang Chen was forming a core of thunder.

As long as he had a core of thunder in his Qihai, he wouldn't have to gather the force of thunder again every time he turned on his eight extraordinary meridians.

Such a powerful thing wasn't easy to form.

Before Jiang Chen had gone there, he had only meant to charge his carrier of martial arts with electricity.

He had become greedy after experiencing the power of the wide sea of thunder. He also wanted to get this done in one shot so he'd be done forever.

It was extremely dangerous, because he was located in the core of the sea of thunder. If he failed, he would die immediately.

But if he didn't approach the core of the sea of thunder, it would be impossible for him to form a core of thunder.

Elder Thunder had realized this. He still knew nothing about the core of thunder, but he could see what a dangerous situation Jiang Chen was in.

"He's taking such a great risk without informing me first. What a headache."

Elder Thunder was very nervous. As Jiang Chen went deeper and deeper, it would be more and more difficult for him to rescue the latter.

When he found the purple around him was dimming and a white color was emerging, he became extremely serious.

The white zone was dangerous, even for him. He would have to risk his own life to save someone from there.

Elder Thunder was going to appear to stop Jiang Chen killing himself.

But he was hesitating.

Jiang Chen was risking his own life of his own free will. No matter whether he succeeded or failed, the result depended on himself.

If he helped, he might be able to save Jiang Chen, but he might cause the latter to fail as well.

As an experienced man, Elder Thunder knew that could destroy a genius, so he did nothing but watch Jiang Chen enter the white zone.

Well, in the worst case, I'll risk my own life to rescue him, Elder Thunder thought to himself.

The force of the thunder in the white zone was very powerful. Jiang Chen was drowning in thunder and lightning as soon as he entered.

Elder Thunder could only vaguely sense where he was.

Soon, there was a great disturbance coming from near Jiang Chen's area. The thunder and lightning were getting stronger and stronger, like waves, getting higher and higher.

What is this method he's practicing? It's so powerful. Elder Thunder was surprised.


While Jiang Chen was causing such a big stir, it wasn't calm at the Natural Law School of the Fire Field, either.

During those days, no one of the Natural Law School had felt any boredom.

They had been gazing at the Peak of the Heavenly King from time to time.

They didn't have to stay close to it, because a wonderful scene could be observed even from outside the Natural Law School.

A golden light was emitted from the Peak of the Heavenly King and soared into the clouds.

The light wasn't still. The strong energy kept flowing.

It had been there for five days. At the beginning, it hadn't been as strong as it was then, but as time went by, the light had become thirty-odd yards high and much thicker.

People had been puzzled at first, until news came that it was because Ning Haotian would complete his solitary confinement soon.

The powerful energy couldn't be held down, so it was emitted, surprising the whole school.

It wouldn't be difficult to imagine how powerful he would be after he was released from seclusion.

The people of the Redcloud Peak were becoming more stressed for each foot the golden light grew.

They were living in the Fire Field, completely ignorant of what had happened to Jiang Chen in the Dragon Field.

But they were aware that once Ning Haotian completed his seclusion, he would resolutely get revenge on Jiang Chen. He could even attack the Hundred Thousand Mountains, because Ning Haotian had become strong enough to show no fear in the face of the majesty of Taoist Priest Skywind!

Those of the Jiang Mansion could only hope their young lord would perform a miracle once again.

Even Wen Xin and Meng Hao, who weren't members of the Jiang family, felt pressured, especially Princess Wen Xin, who knew the situation better. She knew the Jiang Mansion could face substantial risk.

Jiang Chen had killed the Third Prince and offended the royal family. The royal family couldn't take the revenge against him directly, but they could exterminate the Jiangs with the aid of the Black Dragon City!

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