The Brilliant Fighting Master
322 Ning Haotian Would Complete His Seclusion
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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322 Ning Haotian Would Complete His Seclusion

"Princess," Jiang Chen grew serious and shouted in a low voice to show his discontent.

Crimson Moon came to herself. Anyway, she didn't get to comment on Jiang Chen, but of course, she wouldn't apologize for what she had said. She only said, "I'm done speaking to her. Do you agree or not?"

"Your story sounds true, but I can't exactly ask around whether the venerable treasure is real, can I?"

"Of course you can't. It's a secret."

"So, I'll teach you how to develop the first and second extraordinary meridians first. I'll teach you about the third and the fourth after we go find the treasure and confirm it really does exist," said Jiang Chen.

This meant he really had a way to develop the extraordinary meridians. Crimson Moon relaxed and became excited.

"What about the method to develop the fifth through the eighth?"

"That would depend on how much treasure I can get from the venerable treasure. According to you, it's only a small portion of the whole treasure, and it will be distributed among many. Do you think that's worth eight extraordinary meridians?"

Without waiting for her answer, he spoke again. "May I ask how many people will seek out the treasure?"

"Just you and I."

"Really?" Jiang Chen wouldn't accept her words easily.

"We can find the reward easily with the map and imperial blood. This reward will help me compete for the throne."

Jiang Chen didn't doubt her. That was how it had always been in the competition for the throne.

"I guess the Xia Dynasty is still ignorant of the purity of your imperial blood."

"Yes. The map didn't awaken until I came to the Sacred Institute."

Jiang Chen smiled and said, "Aren't you afraid that when we find the treasure, I'll kill you to have the treasure all to myself? You're not a match for me now."

"Huh, I have ways to protect myself. I advise you not to forget that. Otherwise, you're the one that will regret it."

"When will we go?"

"After I confirm the method to develop two extraordinary meridians is real!"

"Makes sense."

So Jiang Chen told Crimson Moon about the method. The latter was listening to him concentratedly.

Then something occurred to him. He said, "Due to the speed of development, I don't think we'll be able to start looking for the treasure before we go back home, but after I go back, I might have to fight with Ning Haotian. It could be a life-or-death fight. So, whose side will you be on?"

Ning Haotian was her fiancé. However, if Jiang Chen died, she would only have two extraordinary meridians developed for her whole life.

Jiang Chen seemed interested in her answer. Crimson Moon didn't speak. She didn't get angry, which was rare.

"Don't go back," Crimson Moon said seriously.

"Why not?"

"So that you won't die."

Jiang Chen looked down and said, "Will Ning Haotian complete his solitary confinement soon?"

As his fiancée, of course she knew his current news.

To some extent, if she answered him, it would be a betrayal of her fiancé, so she only nodded, as if it was very hard for her.

"Hehe, he has been practicing using my holy pulses until today and earned the highest achievements thanks to them. However, I'll kill him as soon as he's out of isolation. How exciting," Jiang Chen sneered.

Crimson Moon turned serious. Although she wasn't surprised at Jiang Chen's reaction, she thought it necessary to explain to him clearly.

"The inheritance Haotian got is from a guide left by a great Venerable. It's called Black Tortoise Genuine Technique. It's said once one masters it, one becomes extremely powerful and will be the best at defeating rivals who are good at martial arts techniques."

This information was very important.

Jiang Chen committed the guide's name to memory silently. He looked serious. He obviously knew something about Black Tortoise Genuine Technique.

"Was the great Venerable he inherited it from called Extreme Martial Arts?" asked Jiang Chen.

Crimson Moon hadn't expected him to ask such a question. She thought for a while and nodded.


I never expected him to die, and in the Nine Heavens Continent at that. Unbelievable, Jiang Chen exclaimed silently. This Extreme Martial Arts had been a famous man 500 years before in the Sacred Zone.

The Black Tortoise Genuine Technique he had created was a perfect guide to combining secret methods and martial arts techniques together.

It contained ten kinds of martial arts techniques. Once a practitioner achieved the greatest level, he would master all of them.

Everyone knew practitioners had to master martial arts techniques step by step. Even with Jiang Chen's talent, he wouldn't be able to practice ten kinds of martial arts techniques at the same time.

So Black Tortoise Genuine Technique was tricky to an extent. As long as one had the energy of black tortoise contained in it, one would be able to exert the ten martial arts techniques to the fullest.

This guide could liberate practitioners from the restrictions of martial arts techniques.

Practitioners wouldn't have to practice each sword or knife technique, so they wouldn't have to waste more time that could be used to practice methods. Instead, they would gain great power through the method and at the same time, master martial arts techniques.

When Black Tortoise Genuine Technique became public knowledge, it caused a great stir. Most experts in martial arts techniques didn't think it was the right way, but back then, Jiang Chen thought it could change the spirit of martial arts.

However, before he had the chance to talk with Extreme Martial Arts to learn more about the guide, the latter had been hunted down and disappeared.

It was a surprise that he was hearing about him again 500 years later. Extreme Martial Arts had been hiding in the Nine Heavens Continent when he was being hunted down.

"You stay at the Hero Palace. When I go back, I'll keep Haotian away from your family. How does that sound?"

Jiang Chen smiled and said, "Princess, don't get fooled by your own lies. It will never be peaceful between me and Ning Haotian. Do you want me to trust my enemy's fiancée to protect my family and clan?"

Crimson Moon didn't refute this time, since what he had said was true.

"Are you sure you're going back?"


"So could you teach me the method to develop the third and the fourth extraordinary meridians first?"

If Jiang Chen died, she would be satisfied enough as a Reaching Heaven State with four extraordinary meridians developed.


It was the first time that Jiang Chen had found the princess naïve.

Crimson Moon tried to argue, but Jiang Chen didn't give her the chance. He implied she should go. "So, Your Highness, pray for me. Pray that I won't be killed by your fiancé."

However, if he didn't die, Ning Haotian would.

Crimson Moon felt helpless about that. She could do nothing else but leave.

"Oh right, the last question. I guess Ning Haotian isn't above Cloud Five yet, is he?" Jiang Chen suddenly said.

He knew how long Ning Haotian had been a Reaching Heaven State, only one year.

It was, normally, impossible to achieve Cloud Five from the initial phase, but he had an inheritance, so Jiang Chen had to prepare for the worst case scenario.

"No," Crimson Moon answered without telling him exactly which cloud Ning Haotian was in. What she had said that day was already enough for her to be punished.

If Ning Haotian knew, it was hard to say whether he would forgive her.

"All right. Thanks a lot."

Jiang Chen watched Crimson Moon leave. He thought to himself, He's below Cloud Five, so I have a chance to win.

If he was above Cloud Five, with the Black Tortoise Genuine Technique he had, it would difficult for Jiang Chen to win.

I still have two weeks. I just have to try my best.

Jiang Chen was going to enhance his eight extraordinary meridians to improve his strength. There was an expansive sea of thunder at the Hero Palace for the disciples to practice with.

The effects of the sea of thunder couldn't be replaced with other tools, because it was formed by a kind of energy that no technique could replace.

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》