The Brilliant Fighting Master
321 The Dragon Dynasty
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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321 The Dragon Dynasty

The two entered the yard.

Jiang Chen was making tea while listening to Crimson Moon.

Before talking about the venerable treasure, she had asked Jiang Chen's opinion about imperial power.

"The imperial power is said to be supreme. It rules the whole world. Its existence can be dated back to the Era of the Hero.

"As the end of the Era of the Hero came, the imperial power became even stronger.

"However, the peak of power is always followed by a decline. Although the imperial power kept getting stronger, it wasn't an exception to the rule. As the power of martial arts started to rise, the two powers have been restraining each other.

"The best example is the Natural Law School and the Xia Dynasty."

"Right. The Xia Dynasty used to rule the whole Fire Field. The top ten schools and sects of the Fire Field had to pay tribute to the emperor every year and announce their affiliation with him," said Crimson Moon.

Jiang Chen said curiously, "Princess, why did you ask me about this? Does it have anything to do with the venerable treasure?"

"Exactly. When the imperial power was at its strongest, the dynasties of all fields were ruled by a dominating dynasty. Back then, the Xia Dynasty was actually called the Xia State.

"This dominating dynasty was the Dragon Dynasty. Its last emperor was ignorant and stupid. Its people had tragic lives. In the end, it was overthrown by the Sacred Institute.

"The Dragon Dynasty still has some supporters remaining in the Dragon Field. It's said that the man behind the Evil Cloud Palace was the princess of the devastated dynasty."

Jiang Chen poured some hot water into a tea cup. The heat floating up carried the light aroma of tea.

What he had done reminded Crimson Moon that she had strayed too far from the topic, so she said immediately, "When the Dragon Dynasty was overthrown, seven imperial guards buried its treasures all over the continent.

"The imperial guards were all strong men of venerable level, so the treasure is also called venerable treasure as a cover.

"It wasn't easy to hide the treasure, so the seven imperial guards asked for some of the more loyal states' help."

Jiang Chen finally understood what she was talking about. All kinds of questions occurred to him.

"The Xia Dynasty was one of the states that helped?"


Jiang Chen smiled gently and said, "That would be top secret in the Xia Dynasty. If there really is a treasure map, why doesn't the Xia Dynasty look for the treasure and let Your Highness lead the whole thing?"

"You misunderstood me."

Crimson Moon wasn't surprised at his questioning. She became serious and said, "The treasure was left to the royal family of the Dragon Dynasty. The Xia Dynasty will only get a reward for its help in guarding of the treasure.

"Although it's only a part of the treasure, it would still be a big fortune for people today."

Jiang Chen had always known she was an admirer of imperial power, so he wasn't surprised at what she said.

"So my question is the same. Why hasn't the Xia Dynasty collected its reward?"

"I'm not done yet." Crimson Moon didn't look very happy. After all, she was a princess.

"Please go on." Jiang Chen didn't think it was a big deal. He gave her the tea he had brewed.

"It's not so easy to find a venerable treasure. Only direct descendents of the royal family can get it. Being a direct descendent of the Xia Dynasty isn't enough. It has to be a direct descendent of the Dragon Dynasty.

"Back then, states of all fields would ally themselves with the Dragon Dynasty through marriage."

Not until then did Jiang Chen realize—he had been wondering why they had to differentiate direct descendents of the Dragon Dynasty from those of the Xia Dynasty.

"The purity of the blood of aristocratic families of inheritance isn't controlled. It's the same with the blood of the Dragon Dynasty, so the Xia Dynasty hasn't formed a complete map yet, even after all these years."

Crimson Moon saw Jiang Chen start to speak again, but she didn't give him the chance. She said first, "Are you going to ask what the connection is between imperial blood and the status of the map?"

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders in concession. He had to hear the answer to this question before he could believe the story of the venerable treasure.

"I'll show you something."

There was hesitation in Crimson Moon's eyes, but since she had made up her mind before she came, she stood up immediately.

"Are you sure no one is watching this place?" Crimson Moon asked before she started.

Jiang Chen thought she was afraid they would be overheard by others, so he answered her confidently, "Take it easy. My yard is deployed with a tactical formation. No one can enter here without my permission. Neither can any holy awareness."

"All right."

Crimson Moon turned her back to him, then she did something surprising.

She untied the strings on her back. Under Jiang Chen's surprised gaze, her smooth back was completely exposed to him. She was extremely slim and slender, her skin as fair as jade.

Not until then did Jiang Chen see she had worn those clothes because she was prepared for this very thing to happen. After the strings were untied, she covered her breasts with her hands so that Jiang Chen wouldn't see anything else.

"I believe you. You didn't have to take your clothes off," Jiang Chen smiled.

"What are you thinking? Look," Crimson Moon said unhappily. As soon as she had finished speaking, her skin started to change, like ink diffused on paper. A map that covered her whole back appeared.

"The map will only show completely on the back of those who have pure blood. The complete map will cover their whole back. The others from the royal family have less than one-third of the map."

Although she wasn't facing Jiang Chen, he could imagine the proud expression on her face.

While he was moving to look at the map more carefully, the map disappeared quickly without a trace.

"Do you believe me now?"

Crimson Moon turned around. With her clothes wrapped around her, she reached back to retie the strings, but perhaps due to nerves, it took her a long time, and she was still unable to tie them.

"Let me help you."

Jiang Chen couldn't put up with the sight anymore. He walked behind her. By then, she had put on her clothes. Only the strings hadn't been tied, so he couldn't see anything.

As a result, Crimson Moon didn't refuse, but the close interaction made her red cheeks even redder.

"Jiang Chen…"

In the silence, Ying Wushuang's voice suddenly came from the door. The light in her bright eyes dimmed rapidly when she saw what the two were doing in the yard.

Crimson Moon's clothes were messy and her cheeks were flushed. Jiang Chen was standing behind her, tying her into her clothes.

Anyone could imagine what had happened, including Ying Wushuang.

When Ying Wushuang noticed Crimson Moon's temporary token, she knew the latter was a disciple of the Sacred Institute.

"Shameless! Nasty!" Ying Wushuang cursed loudly. She left without giving Jiang Chen any chance to explain.

Some disciples of the Hero Palace would use their identities to hit on the female disciples of the Sacred Institute.

As the former captain of the Department of Discipline, Ying Wushuang knew many female disciples of the Sacred Institute that had been cheated on in relationship. They had gone to her, crying and accusing those men.

She hadn't expected Jiang Chen to be one of them, too.

The three pieces of practice equipment that could be used to get ready for the test had completely changed his position in the Hero Palace.

Other disciples greeted him warmly when they saw him.

Ying Wushuang thought that maybe it was because of this that Jiang Chen had started to get cockier.

She was extremely disappointed in him. Although she knew she wasn't in any position to accuse him, she wouldn't excuse him.

"Didn't you say no one could enter the yard without your permission?"

Crimson Moon was shocked, too. She tied the strings rapidly by herself and questioned Jiang Chen.

"She's an exception. She can come and go freely."

"Huh, you're really charming, aren't you? How long have you been here? Not long, huh?" Crimson Moon scorned. Ying Wushuang looked morose, and she could come and go freely to Jiang Chen's place. It wasn't difficult for her to imagine what the relationship between the two was.

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》