The Brilliant Fighting Master
320 Transforming the Power
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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320 Transforming the Power

Jiang Chen was anxious, but he knew he shouldn't panic.

He had to stay calm at such a crucial moment.

Jiang Chen tried to make a plan after Nan Gong had left, but it turned out that he had already made it long ago. That was exactly what Project Dark Soldier was for.

However, spurred on by Taoist Priest Skywind's death, he felt it was necessary to execute his plan, and only success would be acceptable; no failure was acceptable.

Jiang Chen had resolved to die for his cause, so he found he had no reason to rush.

He looked towards the two wooden boxes on the table. He took the leaf out and put it into his mouth immediately.

Instantly, his mouth was like a fountain. Endless life energy was produced and flowed into his body.

The whole process was not only painless, but also comfortable, all of his pores open.

Soon, he had a numb and sore feeling all over his body. It happened frequently, but wasn't painful.

Jiang Chen realized the wounds in his body were being healed.

Everything wears, including a human body. It was the same for Reaching Heaven States.

Practitioners' bodies would suffer injuries with every attack, every collision. Despite treatment or self-recovery, there were still small injuries left.

They were like small cracks on a wall. Although they weren't a crucial problem for the wall, they still existed.

The leaf in Jiang Chen's mouth erased these cracks and helped the body recover to its original state.

Gradually, the energy of life sunk deeply into his body. The unrecovered holy pulses were like two seeds in soil, rapidly starting to take root and sprout.

When his holy pulses had recovered, he felt once again like he was going to explode. This time, the feeling was stronger.


The nine holy pulses had finally all recovered and become the real Holy Pulses of Nine Clouds.

He felt exalted after the complete holy pulse had recovered. He felt a great, indescribable power spreading in his heart.

The sky was high, but not higher than his ambition.

He overlooked the whole world.

Nine Clouds. Nine Clouds. Nine layers of clouds.

Those with the Holy Pulses of Nine Clouds were the emperors of the world.

No matter what I've imagined, it's impossible to know how it feels to have the complete holy pulses through imagination, since it's too powerful, too powerful!

Jiang Chen raised his arms to shoulder level and clenched his palms with a majesty that could control the whole world.

The crisis of the Black Dragon City was nothing worth mentioning.

Eight extraordinary meridians, nine holy pulses!

Any genius could die by my hands in a flash.

That amazing feeling didn't start to disappear until fifteen minutes after, but the joy he felt wasn't any less.

The complete Holy Pulses of Nine Clouds wouldn't simply enhance his practice speed. The holy pulses weren't only used for practicing.

When practitioners achieved the Reaching Heaven State, they finished building the carrier of martial arts. Their Twelve Standard Meridians were like useless decorations to them. Their power came from themselves and was boosted by the haloes of heaven.

The complete holy pulses were a different system. Neither the Twelve Standard Meridians nor the Eight Extraordinary Meridians could compare to them.

Simply speaking, Jiang Chen could exert his power not only through his haloes of heaven, but also through his nine holy pulses.

Haloes of heaven and holy pulses were independent from each other.

Compared to other Reaching Heaven States, Jiang Chen was endowed with extraordinary power.

The holy pulses would absorb the energy of the universe and transform it into extraordinary power.

Of course, practice always took time. Even with the help of the extraordinary power transformed by the holy pulses, practitioners still had to go through the whole process of studying from beginner to proficient to master.

Since not many people had holy pulses, this area wasn't very developed. Besides, everyone's holy pulses were different. Most people had to figure it out by themselves.

Jiang Chen had less than three months left. He didn't want to spend his limited time trying limitless possibilities.

He opened the second box. He had already decided to use the Nine Transformations Elixir and practice with his holy pulses later.

Jiang Chen knew how to take the Nine Transformations Elixir. He cut his chest open with a sharp knife and inserted the panacea inside.

As soon as the panacea made contact with his blood, it became flowing liquid and flew into his heart.

When he had finished healing his wound, the blood circulated around his body once. The strong effects of the panacea could already be felt.

It's powerful!

Jiang Chen cheered up. Class-ten breakthrough panaceas were, indeed, wonderful. He felt like he was transforming with every passing second.

This feeling was even stronger when he was practicing.

This status would last for a long time, until the Nine Transformations Elixir was completely absorbed by his body.

Jiang Chen had everything ready. Next, he would just have to take the time to practice.

That was exactly what he did. In the next month, he practiced like crazy, only returning to Zhong Ling Mountain once every few days to check the progress of Project Dark Soldier.

Fulfilling days always went by more quickly. After two months, Jiang Chen had achieved Cloud Two of the Reaching Heaven State.

The time it had taken him to achieve the breakthrough was almost the same as when he had been a Mental Wander State, but for Reaching Heaven States, this speed was amazing.

Fortunately, Jiang Chen had been in complete seclusion during these days. Even Ying Wushuang hadn't come by a lot, so not many people knew about his progress.

That day, Jiang Chen had a visitor.

It was one of the few people that he knew in the Dragon Field, Princess Crimson Moon.

She had come from the Sacred Institute to the Hero Palace with a temporary token. It was the first time the two had met at the Hero Palace.

"Vacation is coming. We're going back to the Fire Field. Shall we travel together?"

Crimson Moon didn't say any polite greetings, nor did she give Jiang Chen any chance to say them. She went straight to the point.

The Sacred Institute had machine-operated birds to transport short-term disciples, but the Hero Palace didn't. Jiang Chen was surprised that Crimson Moon had gone there in person just to invite him.

Jiang Chen took a glance at the refitted airship not far away in his yard and said, "Thank you, princess, but I think I'll go back alone."


Crimson Moon wasn't sure whether she should be surprised or not. Anyway, although she had already received an answer, she didn't leave. Apparently, that wasn't the only thing she had come for.

"I'm already a Reaching Heaven State," Crimson Moon suddenly said.

"Congratulations…" Jiang Chen said instinctively. Then something occurred to him, and his face froze in shock.

"I trusted you, so you should trust me, too," said Crimson Moon.

Jiang Chen recalled their conversation the last time they had met. He thought Crimson Moon would give up on that idea. He hadn't expected her to break through to the Reaching Heaven State without developing any extraordinary meridians.

From her angle, what Jiang Chen had said could be true, but it could also be a lie. Even if it was true, would he be willing to give her the method?

"You know your fiancé and I are mortal enemies?" asked Jiang Chen.


"You should know that a war between us is on the verge of breaking out, as well. It'll probably start when I go back home soon," said Jiang Chen.

Crimson Moon smiled helplessly and said, "Last time we talked, I had formed all forty-nine of my holy points. Almost three months have passed since then. It took me two months to consider. I didn't develop my extraordinary meridians, although many people gave me strange looks."

Then Crimson Moon looked at Jiang Chen's eyes and said slowly, "Now, shouldn't you show your sincerity?"

Jiang Chen tumbled to the realization that the transaction between them had nothing to do with Ning Haotian.

If Jiang Chen taught her how to develop her extraordinary meridians, she would tell him about the venerable treasure.

"Tell me about the venerable treasure then."


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