The Brilliant Fighting Master
319 To Die Together
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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319 To Die Together

Jiang Chen said goodbye to the leader and the grand elders and went back to his place.

After all the issues had been settled, the next step was to make sufficient preparations to confront Ning Haotian's challenge.

Project Dark Soldier was on the right track for this. He wanted to improve himself further before returning to the Fire Field, but soon he heard knocks at his door.

Jiang Chen opened the door and saw it was Nan Gong.

Nan Gong was usually at the Sacred Institute, so he hadn't been at the Hero Palace, although many things had happened that day.

Jiang Chen could guess what he had come for.

Nan Gong walked into his yard and said, "Jiang Chen, you've surprised me so many times."

"Nan Gong, please believe me. I didn't want to do that. Everyone thinks they can bully me, so I have to fight back," Jiang Chen smiled bitterly.

"I'm here for two things. The first is to pass along a message from the leader."

The leader could show up anywhere, anytime, but he had sent Nan Gong over. It must have been because Nan Gong and Jiang Chen had been getting along well.

Nan Gong took out two rectangular wooden boxes under Jiang Chen's curious gaze.

He opened the first box, and there was a green leaf in it, like artwork. If one took a close look, one would find the leaf's veins shone like stars. The whole leaf contained a strong vitality.

Although it was just a leaf, Jiang Chen felt like he was looking at a humongous, vibrant tree.

"This leaf is from a Holy Tree of the Era of the Hero."

Nan Gong was very serious while introducing the leaf. Even his breaths sounded heavier.

Then he glanced at Jiang Chen and said, "Put it in your mouth. Don't spit it out until you're exhausted. Through this, the holy pulses in your body will recover."

Jiang Chen was pleasantly surprised. He hadn't expected the Hero Palace to be so generous.

"And this one?"

Jiang Chen looked towards the other wooden box, wondering what was inside.

Nan Gong smiled and opened it under Jiang Chen's expectant look.

When the box was opened slightly, Jiang Chen's nostrils flared, and his pupils dilated.

He guessed it was a panacea in the box—a class-ten breakthrough panacea!

"The Nine Transformations Elixir will bring you profound changes. It's not a panacea you take orally. It should be directly put into your heart. As it's washed over by your essence blood, it influences your whole body.

"Another effect is to give you the strength to fight when your strength is already exhausted. It allows you to keep pushing your limits. The Nine Transformations Elixir will be helpful to you even if you've manipulated the force of your original yuan. If you take other panaceas, they'll also take effect more quickly."

Jiang Chen didn't need Nan Gong to introduce the Nine Transformations Elixir to him. He knew its effects perfectly. It was exactly what he needed at that moment.

"The leader doesn't intend to purchase your method to develop extraordinary meridians or your practice equipment with these two items. They're a reward for being an excellent disciple," said Nan Gong.

Jiang Chen realized this message was a response to what he had said to them.

"Nan Gong, please convey my thanks to the leader," said Jiang Chen.

"Sure," Nan Gong nodded. He was surprised to see Jiang Chen so calm in the face of these precious things. He couldn't help admiring the youngster in his heart.

"Nan Gong, what's the second thing?" asked Jiang Chen.

His question reminded Nan Gong. The second thing was a bit more complicated. He started to speak after thinking for a while.

"All short-term disciples will leave soon. I think you'll go back as well, won't you? Although you've joined the Hero Palace."

"Of course," Jiang Chen nodded. He had been working hard for this.

"Of course, there is an end to short-term studies. The disciples will go back to their hometowns in the end. You're a member of the Hero Palace, so you have the right to choose.

"But we hope that you choose to stay."

Jiang Chen was confused. He said, "Nan Gong, are you worried I won't come back again?"

"After all, our current practice equipment has all been built by you. You have a Golden Dragon Card, so I don't think you lack any resources. Besides, you still have to kill a guy ranked on the Slay Demon List. If you can't finish that task, you'll be expelled from the Hero Palace," Nan Gong smiled.

Jiang Chen tumbled to the realization that even if he was expelled from the Hero Palace, it would be a trivial punishment.

As long as he stayed in the Fire Field, the families of Zhao Yajun and the others couldn't do anything to him. After all, a group with great power wouldn't travel that far to go after him.

"When you go back, you'll probably be a big shot in your field, but the Dragon Field is where a genius like you could exert your abilities and show your skill.

"The Hero Palace even plans to make you a disciple of inheritance."

"A disciple of inheritance?" Jiang Chen was surprised. He had never considered that.

The Hero Palace had a long history, full of all kinds of glory and achievements, but Jiang Chen hadn't experienced it during his stay there, since his level hadn't been high enough.

Only disciples of inheritance could experience the real power of the Hero Palace, and only a few people could become disciples of inheritance.

Even Mo Jianfei was merely a candidate.

"You've met less than one-tenth of the strong enemies and talented people in the Dragon Field," said Nan Gong.

"Nan Gong, don't worry about it. I'll be back."

Every man struggled upwards. Everyone understood this.

"All right."

Nan Gong eased up since Jiang Chen had promised him. Then something occurred to him, but he struggled with whether to say it or not.

"Nan Gong, is there something else?"

"Didn't you ask Shi Gandang to pay attention to the news about a Taoist Priest Skywind at the Alien Battlefield?" Nan Gong asked.

"Yes. Does he have any news?"

"The Alien Battlefield has been very chaotic in the past ten years. The communication is very unstable, so much news arrives here with a delay."

Nan Gong was telling it slowly. When he felt the time was right, he told Jiang Chen the truth. "Taoist Priest Skywind died in a battle three months ago."


Jiang Chen had thought about such a situation, because they hadn't heard any news of Taoist Priest Skywind for more than three years, but Jiang Chen was still shocked when he heard the news in person.

He didn't know much about his father's master, so he wasn't emotionally attached to the latter. What he cared about was what this news meant.

"Nan Gong, could you confirm that this information is true? Does anyone else know?" Jiang Chen asked anxiously.

"It's true. It's the most up-to-date information the Hero Palace has. As for other groups, they're using different channels, but they'll get the information as well in the next few months."

"Nan Gong, is it possible to block the information? With the Hero Palace's power?" Jiang Chen said anxiously.

"I guess?"

Nan Gong was surprised. He didn't give a direct answer, which meant it was possible.

"Three months. That's the limit to how long we can prevent it from getting out. I can promise you the information won't be leaked for three months," said Nan Gong.

It wasn't important to Jiang Chen that he know how they planned to do it.

"Three months?"

This meant he only had three months left. Otherwise, the Black Dragon City would seriously execute Jiang Qingyu!

I'll just try my best.

No one could help him. Jiang Chen could only help himself.

"Even if I can't rescue my father, I'll die along with the Black Dragon City!"

The Black Dragon City had been dragging their feet for several months on the matter of compensating him 30 million low-grade yuan stones.

By that time, Jiang Chen had invested billions of upper-grade yuan stones to complete Project Dark Soldier. Even if he couldn't rescue his father, he would make the Black Dragon City pay the price.


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