The Brilliant Fighting Master
311 An All-around Master
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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311 An All-around Master

Yin Shuang gave the jade bottle to Master Chu Yun in person. She was more than happy to become acquainted with someone who was able to refine Heaven Pulse Elixir.

Master Chu Yun looked mature, easy-going and eloquent.

"Master, do you know the use of the jade bottle?" Yin Shuang asked directly after some thought.

Lin Rong was given a scare, but with her smile and her beauty, she looked like a pretty younger sister to anyone. She had asked the question in such a cute manner that no one could be angry with her.

"I have to study it more," said Jiang Chen.

"Master, you invented the Heaven Pulse Elixir at such a young age. You're a genius. This small jade bottle won't be a problem for you."

"Haha, Miss Yin Shuang, you're sweet. I'm not surprised at all that you're the chief auctioneer."

"Thanks, master. You can just call me Yin Shuang."


Lin Rong shook his head bitterly, thinking how nice it was to be a pretty woman.

Jiang Chen took the jade bottle and put it into the mustardseed ring.

"Master, where are you staying?" asked Yin Shuang.

"Haven't found a place yet. I'm new here, so I have to look for one."

"Master, you'll be staying here for half a year. What kind of place do you want? Maybe I can help you with it."

Jiang Chen thought for a while and said, "It would be best if I could find a peak where no one lives. You know, it's not so convenient to refine panaceas in the city."

"That's true. Master, I'll send someone to arrange it for you. We have to wait until at least tomorrow, so tonight, I'm afraid you'll have to find another place."

"Thanks, Miss Yin Shuang."

"Master, it's just Yin Shuang."

Yin Shuang looked up, showing the whites of her eyes.

Jiang Chen had a crush. Her look was so sexy. This Miss Yin Shuang wasn't an average woman.

They kept talking for some more time, then Yin Shuang left unwillingly.

Jiang Chen lodged at a guest room in the chamber of commerce. He deployed a restraining order to hide from holy awareness as soon as he had entered the room, then took the jade bottle out.

As I expected!

Jiang Chen felt delighted after a closer look. The jade bottle was exactly the treasure that he had assumed it was—a Pure Jade Bottle!

It could be used to hold water, but certainly, if that was its only use, he wouldn't have purchased it for more than ten million.

In theory, the capacity of the jade bottle was limitless. Another wonderful effect the Pure Jade Bottle had was its ability to produce spiritual water that could revive dead trees.

It was wonderful, because it was a magic weapon, and magic weapons had endless magic effects.

Owners of magic weapons didn't have to rely on martial arts techniques. It wasn't rare for Mental Wander States to kill Reaching Heaven States with the help of magic weapons, but it was a pity that the one Jiang Chen had just received couldn't be used to attack.

He wouldn't be able to drown a Reaching Heaven State with the water from it.

Jiang Chen put it back carefully. He could imagine how much the bottle could help him in the near future.

The next day, Yin Shuang came to the chamber of commerce to tell Jiang Chen she had found the peak he wanted.

When he arrived at the peak, he found the landscape to be to his preferences, the spirits abundant.

He was totally convinced in Yin Shuang's abilities.

"It's called Zhong Ling Mountain. It's one of the assets owned by the Bank of Sacred City, a present for master. I hope you like it."

Jiang Chen nodded and gave her a panacea. He said, "This is the Retaining Youth Elixir. Although it won't make you retain your youth forever, you won't show any trace of aging before at least fifty."

Yin Shuang had intended to refuse to take the panacea, but when she heard its effects, she held her breath for a second and her eyes lit up.

No woman could resist such a panacea.

The Sacred City also had Retaining Youth Elixirs, but Yin Shuang knew although they were good for skin, they weren't able to hide the traces of aging.

The master had told her his Retaining Youth Elixir could keep her appearance unchanged until fifty. Of course, she was shocked.

The Heaven Pulse Elixir was already enough to prove the master's ability. She surely didn't doubt him.

"Master, this is too precious."

Although she would like to take the panacea right away, she was trying to be polite.

"You deserve this Retaining Youth Elixir. After all, beauty should last forever," said Jiang Chen.

Yin Shuang was in a daze. The master had said such pretty words in such a serious manner. She was used to dealing with people, but at that moment, she couldn't help but flush red.

"Master, you're really sweet."

After a good while, Yin Shuang took the Retaining Youth Elixir happily.

The next thing to do was to build houses. With the help of the puppets hired by the chamber of commerce, it didn't take long.

Besides, Jiang Chen was going to deploy tactical formations at the peak to make Zhong Ling Mountain an invulnerable place.

After all this had been done, Jiang Chen asked Yin Shuang to spread the news for him, saying that he would practice medicine for some time and would treat anyone suffering from a disease who came to him.

The charge, of course, was high.

Yin Shuang wasn't surprised to hear that an alchemist knew medicine as well, but she was surprised that Master Chu Yun seemed to be short on money.

Didn't he earn billions just yesterday? Yin Shuang thought to herself.

Soon, she learned Master Chu Yun had purchased a great deal of expensive equipment from the Sacred Wind Chamber of Commerce.

Except for a furnace to refine panaceas, she noticed the other equipment he had bought had nothing to do with panaceas.

She inquired about the equipment and heard from a puppet master that it was all necessary equipment for puppets, and all of it was first-class.

While the puppet master was speaking, he seemed shocked. Yin Shuang didn't understand why, so she asked, "Is something wrong with first-class equipment?"

"Miss Yin Shuang, in the area of puppets, technique is related to the equipment used. As for the list you're showing me, it's a waste, even for the best puppet master in the Dragon Field."


Yin Shuang was surprised. Could this panacea master be a puppet master as well?

A few days later, Yin Shuang visited Zhong Ling Mountain again.

The peak had completely changed. More than half of the vegetation had disappeared, replaced with iron and steel.

Since construction puppets were busy working, it was incredibly noisy there.

Yin Shuang was curious. She intended to go down and see what was happening there, but she realized the whole mountain was deployed with tactical formations.

So she called over the best tactical formation master employed by her bank.

The master walked around Zhong Ling Mountain with his formation disk and was struck dumb. He couldn't help but open his mouth in surprise.

"Master Liu, anything wrong?" Yin Shuang had a hunch, but she wasn't sure.

"Young lady, you told me the tactical formation had been deployed only a few days ago?" asked Master Liu.

"Yeah. What's wrong with that?"

"Fantastic. It's really fantastic. The man who deployed the tactical formation must be a master! No! He must be a guru!" Master Liu was too excited to express himself clearly.

"Master Liu?" Yin Shuang asked in a stronger tone.

"Young lady, even if you called all of the tactical formation masters in the Dragon Field over, they wouldn't be able to crack this formation! If we want to crack it with force, we have to ask a favor of a great Venerable," said Master Liu.


Yin Shuang was petrified. She was sure it was Master Chu Yun himself that had deployed them, because she was there when he did it. She saw him walking here and there with his formation disk, yet it was a complete surprise that she had witnessed the deployment of such a gorgeous formation.

"Panaceas, puppets, tactical formations… Is there anything he doesn't know?"


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