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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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309 The Ha

In a sky-grade box, Murong Yuan was waiting with patience. She had informed her family through a secret Murong method. They would send someone there soon.

As expected, she heard a knock on the door. Mo Jianfei opened the door, and she heard him saying, "Uncle."


Murong Yuan turned her head in surprise. She hadn't expected her father to come personally.

"Daughter, 3,600 million yuan stones. What did you buy?!"

Murong Xiong greeted Mo Jianfei back casually and walked into the box. He looked helpless, but full of love for his daughter.

"If the elders of the family don't agree to pay, I'll have to take it from my personal account."

Murong Yuan grinned and told him about the Heaven Pulse Elixir. As she expected, her father was shocked.

"There are panaceas like that? Great! That's fantastic! Daughter, well done!"

Murong Yuan glanced at her fiancé secretly when she heard the praise from her father, feeling complacent.

"This panacea master isn't simple. He's attracted the attention of the entire Dragon Field. Daughter, use this opportunity to become friends with him," continued Murong Xiong.

His plans were bigger than those of his daughter.

The Heaven Pulse Elixir was able to disrupt the tenuous balance among different groups, and Master Chu Yun was the only one that knew how to refine it.

As a result, he would become a popular person in the Sacred City.


Murong Yuan hesitated. She told her father about the practice sword.


Murong Xiong was surprised to hear that his daughter had offended the master. He felt it was a tricky situation.

After learning the practice sword was a gift for Mo Jianfei, he made a disappointed face at his son-in-law.

Mo Jianfei was standing there, embarrassed. His master was a respected Venerable. That was something amazing, but his master had more than two hundred apprentices.

It was natural that the Murongs didn't like him very much.

"Anyway, you should at least apologize to him."



"Master, this is your Golden Dragon Card. It can be used throughout the whole Dragon Field. The winning bid was 3,600 million. With service charges and commission deducted, there's 343 million on the card."

The panacea Young Master Su had taken was a matter for him and the Murongs; it had nothing to do with Jiang Chen.

As for the one Master Flaming Leaf had stomped on, the chamber of commerce was still in negotiation with him.

After all, it had happened during the auction. The chamber of commerce wouldn't hesitate to reimburse them for it.

The issue was that Master Flaming Leaf had promised to compensate ten times the winning bid.

He didn't want to pay that much, but his reputation mattered a great deal to him.

He then realized that Master Chu Yun would be very influential in the next half year, so he publicly announced that he would give the 3,500 million to Jiang Chen.

However, he couldn't get the money immediately, like the Murongs could. He would need some time to prepare it.

It wasn't a big problem, since the Sacred Wind Chamber of Commerce was willing to back him.

"Master, Miss Murong and Mo Jianfei want to meet you," said Lin Rong.


After the shock caused by the Heaven Pulse Elixir, the auction had gotten back on track again. Murong Yuan wanted to meet him right at that moment, while the auction was still occurring. It wasn't difficult to imagine how much she respect she had for him.

"Okay," Jiang Chen nodded lightly after considering.

Lin Rong went to the door to invite Murong Yuan and Mo Jianfei in.

"Master Chu Yun, I didn't mean any offense just now. Please don't take it too seriously."

Murong Yuan came into the box and slightly bowed towards the master.

Jiang Chen turned around. He was about to respond when he laid his eyes on Murong Yuan's breast.

Intentionally or unintentionally, she wasn't wearing an overcoat. She was still in the same sexy, long dress.

Of course, Jiang Chen wouldn't lose his manners, but he was surprised that she was acting so audacious in the presence of her fiancé.

Suddenly, an idea occurred to him. He smiled indecently, as if he was attracted to her. His eyes kept moving along her body.

Murong Yuan looked up and noticed the master's lustful look, blushing.

"What are you looking at?!" Mo Jianfei shouted loudly. He became irritated when he noticed.

The atmosphere in the box was charged with tension.


Murong Yuan frowned lightly. She had come here to solve a problem, not start another.

"Yuan, you know what he was staring at?" said Mo Jianfei.

Murong Yuan glanced at Master Chu Yun and said, "Leave for a second."

"You… You want me to leave?"

Mo Jianfei was surprised.

When he stared at Master Chu Yun again, he saw the master was looking at his fiancée's bottom and legs.

Before Murong Yuan could sense it, he had looked away.

"Damn it!"

He had already nearly lost his temper when his father-in-law had shown his disdain for him earlier. Mo Jianfei couldn't put up with it anymore. He was going to attack the master.

He was a master, but his strength was another story. Mo Jianfei could sense that the master was weaker than him.

"Young Master Mo, please hold your temper."

Lin Rong stood in front of Jiang Chen to protect him. He was emitting an energy that wasn't weak at all.

Then Mo Jianfei suddenly realized where he was. He knew it wouldn't do him any good to draw his sword out.

"Jianfei, listen to me. Go outside for a second!" said Murong Yuan.

"Okay, okay. I'll go outside!"

Mo Jianfei gnashed his teeth and left reluctantly.

Murong Yuan looked anxious, but her family's fate was her first priority, so she looked towards Master Chu Yun with regret.

After Mo Jianfei had left, Jiang Chen said sincerely, "Miss Murong, I meant no offense. It's just, your beauty is so rarely seen in the Realm of Milky. I was being rude."


Murong Yuan was surprised. She actually liked his compliment. She sized the master up and found him handsome and elegant.

"It was Jianfei's fault."

Of course, she wouldn't believe what Mo Jianfei had said. Besides, she knew the way she dressed was eye-catching.

She said gently, playing with her hair, "Master, thank you for the compliment. And master, you're so young. That's also rarely seen in the Realm of Nine Heavens."

"Haha, Miss Murong, you're so sweet."

Jiang Chen gestured for her to sit down and poured some liquor for her. He said, "Please sit down. As a professional, if you have any doubts regarding the Heaven Pulse Elixir, Miss Murong, I'll explain every detail to you."

Murong Yuan hurried to sit down, although she was hesitant and debated whether to fetch her fiancé or not.

"Steward Lin, please bring us some snacks," said Jiang Chen.

Like this, only he and Murong Yuan were left in the box. It was easy for those outside to think dirty thoughts.

Murong Yuan felt uneasy. She regretted not bringing the cape with her.


Lin Rong was confused. As far as he knew, this master wasn't a womanizer. Why was he acting so different around Murong Yuan?

Not only Lin Rong, but also Mo Jianfei, had noticed the master's dirty looks.


Something occurred to Lin Rong, as if he suddenly understood.

He knew some men had different tastes. They liked beautiful women who had boyfriends. They liked to be the other man in a relationship.

Lin Rong became more certain about it when he recalled how Mo Jianfei had been irritated.

He saw Mo Jianfei walking absentmindedly downstairs in passing. He had assumed the latter was expecting Murong Yuan, but some time had passed, and Mo Jianfei was obviously worried.

When he saw Lin Rong, his expression became especially interesting.

For a moment, Lin Rong thought he saw a green hat on Mo Jianfei's head.


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