The Brilliant Fighting Master
308 Three Billion Six Hundred Million
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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308 Three Billion Six Hundred Million

Master Chu Yun agreed to continue the auction. Everyone was relieved as they heard the master's introduction.

"The Heaven Pulse Elixirs are refined from rare herbs. A bottle can be produced every half a year, with twelve panaceas in each bottle. Talented people will be able to develop their first extraordinary meridian smoothly in the first use, but the effect gets less intense each time. That being said, there is no limit. Theoretically speaking, the eight extraordinary meridians will accept hundreds of Heaven Pulse Elixirs.

"However, one can never become strong only through panaceas. Hard work is more important."

The audience didn't pay much attention to Master Chu Yun's modest introduction after having witnessed what had happened to Young Master Su.

It took too long to refine one bottle of the panaceas. That was their only concern.

Twelve panaceas every six months? The development of all eight extraordinary meridians would require hundreds of them. So that meant it would take dozens of years?

But at second thought, this was quite normal. It would be abnormal if such panaceas with wonderful effects could be used so easily.

"So, it's not quite reasonable to auction the whole bottle together. It would be better to auction them one by one."


People thought simply. Such important panaceas should be given to the elites of a family, someone like Young Master Su.

One or two panaceas would be enough for them.

"Ladies and gentlemen, are you sure you want them to be auctioned one by one? Since it'll be difficult to change the price, I'm afraid it will take some time for the auction to continue."

"You don't have to change the price. The bottle's starting price is ten million, so for each panacea, the starting price is also ten million."

"Yeah. And it's better to limit the number each group can buy. Each force should be limited to one panacea. Since Young Master Su has just taken one, his family shouldn't be allowed to take part in the auction."

"Why is that? No way!"

The argument seemed endless. In the box, Lin Rong said, "Master, how do you want to do it?"

"What do you think?"

"If we auction it by the bottle, it'll only be one bottle, and I'm sure the bidding will be intense. If we auction them separately, each panacea's starting price will be ten million, but there are nine of them, and each group won't bid more than 100 million."

"So why should we sell them separately?"

Lin Rong nodded and shouted to the audience, "The master has said the panaceas will be auctioned by the bottle. We can assure you that we are the unique source of the panaceas. In half a year, there will be another batch. The chamber of commerce will try our best to work with the master to collect herbs so that the number of panaceas can be guaranteed."

His fear was gone. At that moment, he was full of confidence. Seeing Xiao Feng trembling downstairs, he smiled complacently.

His speech put an end to the quarreling.

"Right. Auction them by the bottle. Then everyone has the chance to get them."

"All right."

"Yeah. Purchasing just one panacea is too little."

Since the master had announced his decision, those from all groups gave up their own selfish calculations.

"Let's start." It sounded good to Yin Shuang, too.

It wasn't surprising that the price had exceeded the reserve price in less than a minute and was still soaring.

The master had said the next batch of panaceas would be released in half a year.

Half a year!

Mental Wander States who were holding down their states couldn't afford to wait that long. They could break through during the next half a year. If that happened, they would have many regrets.

On the other hand, the remaining nine Heaven Pulse Elixirs could help practitioners who had developed four or five extraordinary meridians develop more. They could even help them develop all of their extraordinary meridians.

This bottle of panaceas was more valuable than the practice sword that had been auctioned as the first item.

"Damn it."

Those who had been in the Reaching Heaven State, like Mo Jianfei, had complicated feelings.

All of them had broken through from the Mental Wander State, when they had been holding down their state, but back then, they didn't have Heaven Pulse Elixirs.

If they had, they could have achieved even more.

It wasn't difficult to imagine that those who had the Heaven Pulse Elixirs could easily exceed gifted people in terms of extraordinary meridians.

Fortunately, only a few people would be able to possess the Heaven Pulse Elixir due to its amount and price.

Even so, Mo Jianfei was still unhappy.

He realized Murong Yuan was also bidding.

"Murong, do you have that much money with you?"

"No. But I'll get it anyway. As long as my family hears of its wonderful effects, they will be happy to pay," said Murong Yuan.

Mo Jianfei nodded. By then, the price had soared to 700 million. It seemed like it was just a matter of time for the price to soar to one billion.

"Master Chu Yun, may I ask you a question? Is this elixir really unique?" a bidder suddenly asked.

People were surprised, all looking over.

If someone spent lots of money on it, but someone else from the Realm of Milky brought more Heaven Pulse Elixirs there the next day, that person would be a joke.

"If what you're worrying about happens, I'll give the recipe to the bidder who wins the panaceas as compensation."

It was shocking for Master Chu Yun to say so. His response brought the audience more confidence. The price kept going up, exceeding one billion easily.

Yin Shuang didn't have to do anything to attract the audience at all, since they kept bidding.

She looked towards deity-grade box number one.

Although much time had been wasted, it had been totally worth it.

Is this the charm of an alchemist? He can earn the kind of wealth that other people have to accumulate over ten years with only one panacea.

I have to be friends with someone like this.

Yin Shuang recalled what the master had said. He had agreed to continue auctioning the panacea for her sake.

She was happy about this, confident in her own charms.

I'm done. I'm done.

Stop bidding. Stop bidding.

Master Flaming Leaf was the most worried.

He had stomped on a panacea and claimed he would pay ten times its winning bid if it really had the claimed effects.

Ten times the winning bid for one panacea. It was more expensive than the whole bottle.

That meant he had to pay the price for everyone else's bidding!

Although he was wealthy as a class-eight alchemist, he had earned his money through hard work!

And he would lose half of his wealth that day. He was heartbroken.

"Why did you stomp on it?" Master Flaming Leaf said angrily.


Flying Cloud's arrogance was completely gone. He felt wronged, but he couldn't speak out about it.

Master Flaming Leaf had intended to leave, but he realized someone from the chamber of commerce was following him.

If he refused to pay the compensation he had promised, he would lose his reputation. He would be able to earn more money to cover the loss, but the loss of his reputation would be a real problem.

The price had exceeded two billion by then.

Only a few people were still bidding, since not every group had someone like Young Master Su, who was about to break through.

Many Mental Wander States could afford to wait for half a year.

When the price had almost soared to three billion, the intense bidding finally cooled down.

In the end, the winning bid was three billion and 600 million, and the bidder was Murong Yuan.

The snowball effect finally shows its power! Jiang Chen thought to himself.

He had used the ten million from the Hero Palace to make an investment and was finally able to exert his talent as the first young master of the Sacred Zone. What he got in return was extensive wealth.

It was a pity that Heaven Pulse Elixirs were very difficult to refine, as he had said. He could refine only one batch every six months, but he wasn't going to completely rely on Heaven Pulse Elixirs.

"Master, Murong Yuan has sent people to inform her family of the auction. It'll take some more time to complete the transaction.

"By the way, if you don't plan to leave very soon, I would suggest that you put the money in the Bank of Sacred City. I can guarantee you it's safe, and you'll be able to access the money from any region of the Dragon Field."


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