The Brilliant Fighting Master
307 You Don’t Deserve My Panaceas
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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307 You Don’t Deserve My Panaceas

The man went to the auction table. Under the light, people found him to be a splendid youngster.

He had an upright figure and fair skin. In his expensive spiritual suit, he looked elegant, even unworldly.

"Young Master Su!"

"How extraordinary, someone ranked on the List of Fame!"

"He's developing his fifth extraordinary meridian. It'll be huge if he succeeds."

He wasn't an average man. If he were, people would think he was wasting their time and would have driven him away.

But it was Young Master Su. They had high hopes for him.

Yin Shuang looked towards the deity-grade box while calculating the time needed to bid the other auction items.

"Master…" Lin Rong said excitedly. He felt hopeful again.

"Hmm." Jiang Chen nodded at him in agreement.

"Okay!" Lin Rong shouted from the box eagerly.

It wasn't surprising, since he didn't have another choice.

So Young Master Su picked a Heaven Pulse Elixir up. He didn't take it immediately, but held it between two fingers and observed it.

"By the way, it doesn't have any secondary effects, does it?" Young Master Su had claimed he was going to try the panacea in person, but he was actually worried. However, his frankness won him the people's favor. They laughed with good intention.

"Young Master Su, please don't worry about it. It doesn't include any harmful ingredients. I can guarantee it isn't toxic," Master Flaming Leaf said. After all, he had authenticated it.

But of course, he wasn't kind-hearted. He added, "It could be just like other panaceas that are specific for extraordinary meridians. They're nothing else but placebos."


Young Master Su took the panacea without any further doubts. People were staring at him without even blinking.

Suddenly, he had a pained expression. He half knelt down, then started to scream.

All the people on the spot were given a scare, including Yin Shuang.


Lin Rong turned pale again in the box. That wasn't the result he had been expecting.

Chairs were moving. Young Master Su's men ran towards the auction table quickly.

Others were running to get Master Chu Yun out of his box.

"Stop!" Young Master Su suddenly shouted. He didn't have the energy to put on an elegant front anymore. He sat up on the ground.

People saw his expression changing. He was gnashing his teeth. It was apparent that he was in pain.

Is it toxic? people thought to themselves.

Flying Cloud would have scorned if his master hadn't guaranteed that it wasn't toxic.

"How great, panaceas from the Realm of Milky," Murong Yuan said sarcastically. She didn't have any concerns.

Many people laughed, but due to Young Master Su's pain, they didn't find it appropriate to laugh loudly.

The auction was becoming a farce. Lin Rong was sweating with anxiety.

If things went on like this, he wouldn't just be fired by the chamber of commerce. It could be even more complicated.

Fortunately, Master Chu Yun was sitting there calmly. Otherwise, he would have totally broke down.

Ten minutes later, the pain on Young Master Su's face was gone. What appeared next was pleasant surprise.

When he opened his eyes, everyone could see how bright his eyes were.

"Haha, it's a great panacea. I've started to develop my sixth extraordinary meridian without any state breakthrough."

It meant he had developed his fifth extraordinary meridian successfully.

A majestic middle-aged man went to him, putting one hand on his shoulder. "Son, are you sure?"

Soon, pleasant surprise also showed on his serious face.

"Father, it's true, isn't it?" Young Master Su said complacently.

"Young Master Su, please allow me."

Important men from all groups could no longer sit still. They all stood up and went to him to see for themselves.

They were all shocked, and they were all famous people of the Sacred City.


The others also stood up when they saw their stunned faces.

Master Flaming Leaf rudely pushed those in front of him away and walked to the auction table in haste.

"Seniors, if you keep touching me like this, my clothes will be ruined."

Young Master Su stood up, not allowing others to touch him anymore. He looked towards Yin Shuang and said, "Miss Yin Shuang, since no one else wants the panaceas, I'll take them by 100 million as a favor."

"No way!"

As soon as he had finished speaking, the whole auction hall objected.

They had forgotten about what they had said. All of them were staring at the bottle in Yin Shuang's hands with eager looks.

Yin Shuang responded quickly. She smiled and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, please return to your seats. We'll continue with the auction."

They went back to their seats like obedient children.

"Before we start the auction, I would like to know the success rate of the refinement."

People looked at the box, expecting the answer.

"I don't want to answer this question."

The reply was beyond their expectations.

"Because I'm not going to auction the Heaven Pulse Elixirs anymore."

People were shocked. They were unwilling to accept his decision. How could he stop the auction out of the blue?

But what the master said next forced them all into silence.

"I came from the Realm of Milky with the newest panaceas, but was received with disdain and rude behavior from ignorant people. Even the steward working with me was humiliated.

"The Realm of Nine Heavens, the Sacred Wind Chamber of Commerce, you don't deserve my panaceas."

How arrogant!

Almost everyone present was offended, but none of them were irritated.

They all knew how much the dignity of an alchemist mattered.

For a master capable of refining Heaven Pulse Elixirs, they had to show more respect, but what had they done? Of course, any panacea master would be angry!

"Master Chu Yun, we didn't mean it. We were too ignorant. Please calm down."

"Yeah, we had nothing to do with it."

"I apologize to you on behalf of the ignorant people of the Sacred City."

People said one by one.

Yet there was no response coming from the box.

Yin Shuang said on stage with her beautiful voice, "Master, it's the fault of the chamber of commerce this time. Please don't lose confidence in the Nine Heavens Continent. For a great man like you, you must be very open-minded. Please forgive us this time. What do you say?"

"Miss Yin Shuang, please look ahead, about four inches in front of your left foot," said Jiang Chen.

People looked towards there and paled. Many people were embarrassed.

The Heaven Pulse Elixir that had been stomped to powder by Flying Cloud was still there. It was a harsh reminder to see the powder still on the ground.

They all looked towards Master Flaming Leaf and his apprentice begrudgingly.

Master Flaming Leaf turned red, but he couldn't show any anger. He was entirely embarrassed.

"Kneel down!" he suddenly shouted at Flying Cloud, who was beside him.


Flying Cloud was dumbstruck. His master was always very benign and tolerant to him. That was also why he had become so arrogant and spoiled.


Master Flaming Leaf slapped him across the face and shouted, "Kneel down!"

Flying Cloud was petrified. He went weak at the knees and knelt down.

"Master Chu Yun, I apologize for what happened just now, for my apprentice's ignorance and arrogance."

Even the proud Master Flaming Leaf had apologized to him. Xiao Feng, who was behind the scenes for all of this, was trembling.

She was experiencing the fear that Lin Rong had experienced.

Until this point, everyone had been waiting for Jiang Chen's decision.

"All right. For Miss Yin Shuang's sake."


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