The Brilliant Fighting Master
306 Panacea Tower
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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306 Panacea Tower

Master Flaming Leaf had great authority in the area of panaceas. When he approached the stage, the noise lowered gradually. The audience was anticipating the master's authentication.

Master Flaming Leaf came onto the stage and took the Heaven Pulse Elixir from Lin Rong.

A tiny green snake emerged from his wide sleeve and swam around the Heaven Pulse Elixir in his palm, flicking its red tongue rapidly.

It was a medicine elf. Every panacea master had one, so no one was surprised.

After a good while, Master Flaming Leaf opened his eyes, which had been closed while he waited. The green snake returned to his sleeve.

The audience knew he had already come to a conclusion; they were simply waiting for it.

"I can't say what effect this panacea has, but in my opinion, none of the twelve herbs used to refine it has anything to do with extraordinary meridians."

When he had finished speaking, he threw the Heaven Pulse Elixir in his hand onto the ground.

His apprentice, Flying Cloud, reacted quickly, stepping on the panacea. A fragrant smell wafted out from under his foot.

"Master, what is this—" Lin Rong was very surprised. He had had a bad feeling due to the conflict earlier, but he hadn't expected the master to do this.

"It's my master's rule. Any false, pseudo, or faulty panaceas he finds should be destroyed right away!" Flying Cloud interrupted him arrogantly and looked towards deity-grade box number one provocatively.

Gazing at the panacea that had turned into powder, the audience was petrified. Master Flaming Leaf did have such a rule, but they were at an auction.

The owner of the panacea was also there. Master Flaming Leaf wouldn't have done this simply because of his principles.

"Master, you don't have an eye for the Heaven Pulse Elixir. This is an extreme offense to the Sacred Wind Chamber of Commerce!" Lin Rong said angrily.

"How dare you!"

However, Xiao Feng, also steward of the chamber of commerce, walked onto the stage angrily and reproached him, "Lin Rong, are you mad? How dare you speak to Master Flaming Leaf like that!"

Lin Rong gnashed his teeth. He was unhappy with the situation, but he couldn't speak when he noticed Master Flaming Leaf's cold and serious face.

However, Xiao Feng wouldn't let it go so easily. She said, "You brought a master that no one had heard of here, irresponsibly listed the panaceas in the auction, and even questioned Master Flaming Leaf's opinion?!"

Faced with Xiao Feng's aggression, Lin Rong was ready to risk everything. He said, "I have my own judgement. I don't need you to tell me about it!"

"So, since you've already brought up the topic, I have a question related to the expertise of the Sacred Wind Chamber of Commerce, as well. You claimed that this master was from the Realm of Milky. Do you have any proof of that?" asked Master Flaming Leaf.

It seemed like he cared a great deal about the box he had been kicked out of.

Lin Rong didn't have an answer for that. He looked towards deity-grade box number one.

The others also looked there, expecting the twenty-five-year-old master's reply.

"Might be a fraud."

Mu Rongyuan held a grudge. She poured gasoline on the flames by voicing what everyone was thinking.

"The burden of proof rests on the prosecutors. Then the accused can defend themselves.

"Otherwise, Master Flaming Leaf, I think you're a hermaphrodite. Would you take off your pants to prove you're not?"

The master from the Realm of Milky finally spoke under people's curious gazes.

His casual answer caused another stir.

What Master Flaming Leaf had done had obviously irritated this master, too.

And he was good with words. He had cursed Master Flaming Leaf in a subtle way that also made sense. He had satirized Master Flaming Leaf's narrow mind.

Master Flaming Leaf's expression kept changing. He couldn't hide his anger any longer.

"How dare you insult my master! You rat!" Flying Cloud flew into a rage. He was proud to be Master Flaming Leaf's apprentice. Of course he couldn't stand such comments.

There were quite a few people present who wanted to become friends with Master Flaming Leaf, too.

A large man, more than fifty years old, stood up while people were in heated discussion. He said, "I've been to the Realm of Milky and I know something about the groups there. Master, where are you from?"

"That man is Bai Wu Zhenren."

The audience recognized his robes and confirmed his strength. They completely believed what he had said, expecting an answer from the box.

"This is a reasonable doubt." The voice that came from the box was calm. He answered, "Panacea Tower."

Bai Wu Zhenren frowned and asked, "Panacea Tower in which field?"

"My friend, do you intend to trap me? We don't have any fields in the Milky Continent. The Panacea Tower is unique. There is no other."

"The Panacea Tower isn't a group. It's the home of all alchemists," Bai Wu Zhenren nodded at the audience, confirming it was true.

It was never easy to travel between Planes Worlds. There were only a few people around who knew something about other worlds.

Bai Wu Zhenren's confirmation had alleviated the tension a lot.

If Jiang Chen hadn't been able to prove himself, the auction could have been stopped.

Jiang Chen smiled in the box. The information Azure Demon had told him had been useful.

Azure Ray hadn't been back to the Realm of Milky for hundreds of years, but he was certain the Panacea Tower was still there.

Due to its characteristics, as long as alchemists still existed, the Panacea Tower wouldn't disappear.

In the history of the Realm of Milky, the Panacea Tower headquarters had been destroyed many times, but also rebuilt many times.

In addition, the Panacea Tower wasn't a group. Alchemists from all over the continent gathered there.

Jiang Chen claimed he was from the Panacea Tower. Even if they sent someone to investigate, it would take them several months to get a solid answer.

Yin Shuang didn't want the auction to be disturbed by this interlude, so she came forward and said, "This is only a drop in the pond. Just let it go. Master Flaming Leaf has provided his professional judgement, but the auction will continue."

Master Flaming Leaf didn't question Jiang Chen further, since he had proven he was from the Realm of Milky.

He glanced at the audience and said, "If this panacea does work, I'll compensate you ten times the winning bid for your loss."

Then he left the stage with his apprentices.

Lin Rong and Yin Shuang glanced at each other. The former went back to the box quickly.

"We still have ten of the eleven Heaven Pulse Elixirs. We'll auction them together. Starting bid is ten million yuan stones. Reserve bid is 100 million yuan stones."

Yin Shuang announced the numbers with a stiff smile.

It was a sky-high price for panaceas, which were consumable.

After Yin Shuang had made the offer, no one in the auction hall responded.

If the price had been lower, some curious people would have participated in the bidding, but it was ten million. And if anyone did bid, it would mean they didn't agree with Master Flaming Leaf and could offend the latter.

The embarrassing silence had Yin Shuang at a loss for words. No one was bidding for the auction item. Such a thing had never happened at a large-scale auction.

"Hehe," Xiao Feng sneered. She had achieved her goal. After this day, Lin Rong would have to leave the chamber of commerce. Then she would be the one to take over Jiang Chen's affairs.

"Master, I'm so sorry."

In the box, Lin Rong looked pale. He felt bad for Jiang Chen.

"Doesn't matter. Cream rises to the top." Jiang Chen had lost hope, as well.

Suddenly, a man in the auction hall stood up and said, "Miss Yin Shuang, how long will it take for the Heaven Pulse Elixir to take effect?"

"Immediately," Yin Shuang recalled what she had read in the introduction card.

"Great. I'm developing my fifth extraordinary meridian, and I almost couldn't hold down the breakthrough of my state anymore. I'm afraid I'll break through soon. I'll give it a try to see how it works."

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》