The Brilliant Fighting Master
305 Pulling the Rug from under His Fee
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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305 Pulling the Rug from under His Fee

The practice sword was sent to deity-grade box number four, where a transaction involving hundreds of millions of yuan stones was happening.

Compared to Murong Yuan's squandering, Jiang Chen realized the commission of several million that the Sacred Institute had granted him was nothing at all.

It was a big fortune for someone from the Fire Field like him, but in certain circles of rich families, it was just a normal allowance for children.

The five spiritual herbs necessary for the antidote of Death Warrant Flower are easy for the Gaos to get.

Jiang Chen clenched his fists at the thought. If he could have ruled out the possibility that the Gaos might not know how to refine the antidote, the anger at the sheer unfairness of it would have shown on his face.

And yet the Hero Palace is examining each of my expenses. Alas…

Jiang Chen shook his head. It wasn't because he was greedy, but because he had just discovered how cheap the method to develop the eight extraordinary meridians could be.

I only told them the method to develop two. In the Hero Palace's eyes, I'm just a poor guy, so ten million is already a great gift for me.

If Murong Yuan had been the one to find the method, I'm afraid the Hero Palace would have offered her much more than this amount.

What made him feel the most helpless was the knowledge that if he told the Hero Palace these complaints, they would call him greedy and ungrateful.

They could even say that it was thanks to the Hero Palace and the Sacred Institute that he had managed to become a Reaching Heaven State.

It was true, and Jiang Chen knew he owed the Hero Palace a lot, but he wasn't a foolishly loyal man. He didn't think he should sacrifice his own benefits to show them gratitude just because they had helped him.

He was always weighing his situation.

What he had seen that day opened his eyes. He knew the Hero Palace was extremely unfair.

While Jiang Chen was thinking about these things, the auction items were displayed one by one before the audience.

Each of them was good enough for the day's auction, but few of them interested Jiang Chen.

Except for those practice resources and objects that helped with one's martial arts techniques of creation, he could build all of the other things with better quality, as long as he had the necessary materials.

"Master, we'll auction Heaven Pulse Elixir soon."

Lin Rong couldn't hide the excitement in his tone.

"Okay." Jiang Chen was rather calm.

"When it comes on stage, can I tell the others that someone has developed all eight of his extraordinary meridians through these elixirs? I certainly won't reveal it's you, so please don't worry about that," Lin Rong pleaded earnestly.

Jiang Chen frowned. He knew what the auction process was by observation, so he understood why Lin Rong wanted to do that.

"All right," said Jiang Chen.

"Thank you, master!"

Then it was finally the Heaven Pulse Elixir's turn.

Since it had been listed in the auction at the last minute, and it was a panacea, Yin Shuang had only just started to think about how to introduce it.

She smiled gently on stage and walked to the auction table with a bottle of water.

Since she had become an auctioneer, no one had complained about her once. After all, she was so pretty.

Yin Shuang, holding the introduction of the Heaven Pulse Elixir in her hand, found it was exactly the same as what she had read. She couldn't help but smile bitterly.

She knew that once she announced the effects of the Heaven Pulse Elixir, it would cause a stir.

Then the questioning would come!

As chief auctioneer, she had to find the most appropriate words to ensure a chaotic situation wouldn't happen.

She put the bottle down and came back onto the illuminated stage. She looked stunning.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the next auction item is extremely precious," said Yin Shuang.

The audience smiled. It wasn't the first time they had heard such lines at an auction, so they didn't pay too much attention to it.

"They're panaceas refined by a master from the Realm of Milky! As we all know, panaceas don't normally enter auctions unless they're precious breakthrough panaceas.

"This is the case with the panaceas we're going to auction next. They will help practitioners with the development of their extraordinary meridians."

The audience started to discuss. It caused quite a stir.

Lin Rong was so nervous that his palms were sweating. He said something to the master, then left the box.

Yin Shuang intentionally paused for a while. When the discussion had simmered down, she said, "The audience today are the most knowledgeable and experienced people in the entire continent. Of course, you know that panaceas that help with the development of extraordinary meridians only have indirect effects.

"They'll strengthen your qi to form holy points in the extraordinary meridians so that the success rate will be enhanced, but in fact, it will be the same as if you hadn't taken them.

"But it isn't the case of the panaceas we're auctioning. Each has a wonderful effect. You'll be able to develop one extraordinary meridian for each panacea you take!"

When she had finished speaking, the audience went crazy.

"Only applies to Reaching Heaven States?" some quick-minded people asked immediately.

That was the limit of their knowledge.

Countless people were gazing at Yin Shuang, expecting her answer. Somehow, many people had a vaguely hopeful feeling, although they knew it was logically impossible.

"No, they also apply to Mental Wander States," Yin Shuang beamed, spacing the words for emphasis.


A great commotion erupted!

None of the higher-ups of the Sacred City could sit still anymore. Many people couldn't help but stand up.

If they hadn't been in an auction hall, if they hadn't been in the Sacred Wind Chamber of Commerce, they would have sneered with disdain at what they had heard.

"That's unlikely!"

There were still people who didn't believe it. There were also many alchemists in the audience who expressed their opinions.

Such panaceas didn't exist in their world. That was the popular opinion.

Yin Shuang silently smiled bitterly. She had underestimated the power of the Heaven Pulse Elixirs to cause chaos.

"Ladies and gentlemen."

Yin Shuang gestured for the audience to calm down.

When it was quiet enough, she said slowly, "At the beginning, the chamber of commerce didn't believe it, either, but the steward working with this master endorsed him. That's why the chamber of commerce agreed to list the panaceas in today's auction. Now, let's invite the steward to come on stage to introduce the panaceas."

Lin Rong went on stage as soon as she had finished speaking. Under the audience's piercing gazes, he couldn't help but admire Yin Shuang's composure.

"The Heaven Pulse Elixirs do have the effect Miss Yin Shuang mentioned. During my conversation with the master, I witnessed a living example whose eight extraordinary meridians had all been developed.

"That's why we listed the panaceas in the auction without having tested them ourselves first. Since each panacea is very—"

"In fact, it's because the master came to the chamber of commerce today. We didn't have the time and energy to test them," a voice from a sky-grade box interrupted him.

Undoubtedly, it was Xiao Feng.

Lin Rong turned ashen. He said, "Exactly. We were going to tell you about that, but what I said just now is also true."

"The chamber of commerce will ensure each customer's benefits, so we also have to tell you that this master is younger than thirty," said Xiao Feng.

The audience, who had been standing, sat down again with doubt on their faces.

They didn't know why Xiao Feng was pulling the rug out from under Lin Rong's feet, but this important information was very valuable for them to judge whether the effect of the Heaven Pulse Elixir could be true.

"If the Heaven Pulse Elixir weren't so special, I wouldn't have risked my career for it," said Lin Rong.

What he had said did make sense. The audience started to think from another perspective and considered him a credible source.

"This is how special the Heaven Pulse Elixir is. So, who wants to authenticate it?" said Yin Shuang.

"I'll do it!"

The voice came from the same sky-grade box. It was Master Flaming Leaf who had spoken!


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