The Brilliant Fighting Master
304 Spending Money Like Water, Being Bold and Generous
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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304 Spending Money Like Water, Being Bold and Generous

"Jianfei, is an old sword better looking than I am?"

Murong Yuan looked at the man sitting beside her sadly.

There was only the engaged couple in the luxury box. All of the chamber of commerce staff had been driven away.

Beside Murong Yuan, there was a thin cloak. She was in a long, tight, red dress, her fair neck exposed. When she bent over, she showed attractive curves.

The way she looked at her lover was coquettish and tempting, but Mo Jianfei couldn't take his eyes off the practice sword.

Not until he had heard his fiancée speak did he turn to her. He pulled the curtains together and sat down next to Murong Yuan.

"The sword isn't comparable to even one ten thousandth of you," Mo Jianfei said seriously.

Murong Yuan was elated when she heard him, face lighting up like the sun. She threw her fragrant body into Mo Jianfei's arms.

She looked at his face and said, "I heard that you cut the tendons of Jiang Chen's right hand?"

"He's an ignorant guy. He thinks himself great with the support of the Hero Palace."

Mo Jianfei's fingers cradled his fiancée's face gently and said, "It was merciful of me to keep him alive."

"I don't want you to be merciful. My man has to be cruel! Find a chance to kill him."

Murong Yuan was still smiling, but she was full of killing intent.

"I will," Mo Jianfei said calmly.

"So this sword will be your reward."

As she spoke, she stood up and walked to the window. She said, "Those boring people have given up. It's our turn now."

She arrogantly pressed a button by the window.

Yin Shuang said on the stage, "Deity-grade box number four has just bid 81 million."

By then, the bidding was getting slower.

They weren't dealing with small amounts. The bidders had to think it over.

The bidding went on, but except for Murong Yuan, the other bidders seemed less determined.

It wasn't hard to see her resolve to win the item.

Murong Yuan pulled the curtains back, enjoying the gazes from the curious audience, the pride on her face evident.

"The Murongs."

Many people recognized her. They started to talk about her in low voices.

"Are the Murongs that great?" asked Jiang Chen.

"Master, the Murongs are an aristocratic family of inheritance. They're among the most powerful aristocratic families of inheritance in today's Dragon Field. They're very rich."

"An aristocratic family of inheritance?"

"Yes. Due to the instability of blood heritage in these aristocratic families of inheritance, they could rise and fall many times over the course of decades.

"Sometimes, someone with pure blood would suddenly appear in an aristocratic family of inheritance that no one has heard of in years, and that someone can lead the whole family to the top again.

"Only a few aristocratic families of inheritance are always in the lead."

Jiang Chen seemed interested. He asked, "So, besides the Murongs, are any other aristocratic families always powerful?"

"The Murongs of the dragon blood, the Gaos of the phoenix blood and the Gudus of the holy turtle blood, I believe those are the most powerful aristocratic families in the Dragon Field."

"Don't offspring of these aristocratic families only get married to those of the same background? This Mo Jianfei… He isn't from an aristocratic family, is he?"

Lin Rong hesitated. If Murong Yuan heard what he was about to say, he would be in big trouble, but Master Chu Yun didn't look like a very public person, so he said, "Miss Murong Yuan doesn't have much dragon blood, so she doesn't have to get married to someone from an aristocratic family."

In actuality, uniting families by marriage was only a responsibility for those whose blood was pure enough.

If marriages between these families were too frequent, it would take only ten years for all of them to become one family.

The Gaos had opposed Gao Yue's marriage to Jiang Qingyu, because the purity of her phoenix blood was the most they had seen in a hundred years.

"Her fiancée, Young Master Mo Jianfei, is a rare genius. His master is a great Venerable."

"A great Venerable?"

Jiang Chen was shocked. He hadn't expected Mo Jianfei to have such a background.

A great Venerable was different from other Venerables.

It was like the difference between a king and an emperor.

By that point, the bidding had soared to ninety million. It was very quiet in the auction hall.

"Ninety-one million."

Murong Yuan's decisive bidding provided a strong contrast to the otherwise silent hall.

The other big groups were whispering and shaking their heads. Yin Shuang was about to drop the hammer.

"Master?" Lin Rong asked.

"Hmm," Jiang Chen nodded.

"Ninety-two million," Lin Rong's voice broke the silence in the auction hall.

People looked towards him, wondering who was in deity-grade box number one.

However, since the curtains were closed and their holy awareness couldn't pierce through the walls of the box, they had no way of knowing who it was.

The only thing they knew was that this box hadn't been part of the bidding until then.

Was he extremely confident he would get it or just making a fool of Murong Yuan by bidding at the last minute?

Murong Yuan wouldn't care. She carried on bidding.

However, so did the person in deity-grade box number one. It was like a war between the two.

The price had soared to ninety-five billion in an instant.

Murong Yuan wasn't so pleased. She stopped pressing the button, but shouted directly, "One hundred million!"

She had intended to frighten her rival off by adding five million in one fellow swoop, but the person in deity-grade box number one wasn't affected. He added another million again.

"One hundred and five million," said Murong Yuan coldly.

"One hundred and six million."

"Are you purposely antagonizing me?"

Murong Yuan wasn't happy. She looked towards deity-grade box number one coldly.

The curtains were pulled back. A handsome young man was standing behind the window. He said loudly, "It's fair bidding. How am I antagonizing you?"

"Well, if you're wealthy enough," Murong Yuan smiled coldly.

Soon, Jiang Chen heard knocking on the door of his box.

Lin Rong wasn't surprised. He opened the door and talked with the men outside. Then he came back to Jiang Chen and said, "They wanted to verify your fortune. I backed you, so they left."

They only needed to verify whether Jiang Chen had money to know if he was fooling around.

If he didn't have the money, the price would go back to the ninety-one million that Murong Yuan had offered.

"One hundred and ten million."

Jiang Chen nodded and bid immediately. He said, "Just give up if you don't want to spend so much money."

This price had been beyond many people's expectation, including Murong Yuan.

"One hundred eleven million."

But Murong Yuan wouldn't allow him to succeed so easily. She started to add a million each time.

"One hundred fifteen million."

"One hundred sixteen million," Murong Yuan said proudly.

"Alas, if you like it so much, Miss, all right."

Then Jiang Chen walked away from the window and sat down.

The atmosphere in the auction hall was quite strange. The spectators were looking at each other in surprise.

The man in the box had been so aggressive. They had expected it to be an intense competition, but he had given up so quickly.

Although his excuse was good enough, Murong Yuan had to pay more than ten million dollars extra for no reason. People couldn't help but indulge in conspiracy theories.

"Yuan, do you know that guy?" asked Mo Jianfei.

"No. Whatever."

That being said, she didn't look happy at all.

It was one thing to spend money like water and be bold and generous.

It was another thing to be fooled by others, which was exactly what she felt like at the moment.

Mo Jianfei curled his lips. Murong Yuan had bought the practice sword for him. Now that she was out of sorts, he didn't feel good, either.


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