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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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303 Toy Boy

In the deity-grade box, Lin Rong apologized. "Master Chu Yun, I am sincerely sorry for what happened."

"Let it go," said Jiang Chen.


Lin Rong knew what Xiao Feng was planning. Anyone that had heard about the Heaven Pulse Elixirs would think he had made a huge mistake.

If he didn't know that Master Chu Yun had developed eight extraordinary meridians, he wouldn't have had as much confidence, either.

Although he could have been wrong, the possible benefits were worth risking.

At this moment, the auction hall suddenly fell into darkness. The stage was lit in front of the audience's whispering.

A beautiful woman quietly came onto the stage in a thin dance costume, a large expanse of her fair skin exposed.

Then the music started, and the woman started to dance, looking graceful and attractive.

Everyone in the auction hall was immersed in the performance.

A minute later, both the dance and the music stopped.

The audience started to applaud as the auction hall was illuminated again.

The woman bent, acknowledging the applause, then walked off the stage.

Another woman came to the stage center with a traditional Chinese instrument, beaming.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Sacred Wind's auction."

Her voice was so beautiful that the audience was amazed. The music that had accompanied the dancer just before had also been performed by her.

All of the frequent clients of the Sacred Wind Chamber of Commerce were familiar with her. Many of them greeted her, referring to her as Miss Yin Shuang.

Jiang Chen gazed at her, finding her pretty. She was very young, but she behaved with good manners in the presence of more than half of the important figures of the Sacred City.

She was the kind of women that was favored by the elderly, a perfect candidate to be their daughter-in-law.

She put the instrument down and said, "So, let's start today's auction."

Not until then did Jiang Chen realize she was the auctioneer that day.

Lin Rong saw him looking confused, so he explained, "Miss Yin Shuang is our chief auctioneer."

"Really? She's so young," Jiang Chen was surprised.

Lin Rong had a weird expression on his face, thinking, You're young to be a master, too.

"She's the beloved daughter of the Bank of Sacred City's boss," said Lin Rong.

Jiang Chen still looked puzzled.

It occurred to Lin Rong that Master Chu Yun was from the Realm of Milky, so of course he wouldn't have heard of the Bank of Sacred City.

"The Bank of Sacred City is one of the shareholders of our chamber of commerce. Half of the properties on this street belong to the bank."

Jiang Chen was shocked. That street was the most prosperous one in the Sacred City. Eighty percent of the transactions in the Sacred City happened there.

This Bank of Sacred City was much more powerful than he had thought.

At the same time, the first auction item had been taken up to the stage.

It was covered with a red cloth, the audience only being able to tell that it was rectangular.

Yin Shuang was moving her hand gently and slowly, as if trying to prolong the mystery. She grasped one corner of the red cloth, but didn't lift it. She smiled gently at the audience, but lifted the red cloth decisively before the audience became impatient.

It was a sword!

A sword that the audience frowned at.

It was neither a treasured weapon nor a spiritual weapon above class five. It was quite questionable to make it the opening item.

It looked wasted, visible marks left by the passing of time.

It was also a simple sword. The blade and the handle were made wholly of organic materials. The handle was simply wrapped by a white cloth.

Yin Shuang wasn't surprised at the audience's doubt. She slightly moved her lips to speak.

"This is a practice sword, a practice sword of a venerable sword practitioner. We found it with venerable treasure."

The two sentences caused a great stir.

Venerable treasure!

That meant it was treasure left by venerable practitioners. There were many valuable objects, including inheritances that all practitioners dreamed of.

"A venerable sword practitioner, and also a successor to the doctrine of sword, once owned it. It contains endless spirits of sword. People who wield it can even become a successor to the doctrine of sword themselves.

"As for its effects, the chamber of commerce can promise that everyone is able to master the full spirit of sword through it. People who master the full spirit of sword have a great chance to master the doctrine of sword."

After the introduction, the audience stopped looking down on the average-looking sword. Their looks became frantic.

"Now, who wants to have a try?" said Yin Shuang.

There were various practice resources, and all of them were complicated. Monster blood and panaceas were divided into different classes, so they were easier to verify, but for a sword like this, people couldn't be too careful.

If someone bought it but couldn't see the claimed effects, the chamber of commerce could excuse that it was because he or she wasn't talented enough.

Although the Sacred Wind Chamber of Commerce was famous, its fame had come by letting people try out goods.

"I'll try it." A middle-aged man with an impressive appearance stood up.

"The Heartless Swordsman."

Many people who had wanted to try gave up the idea as soon as they saw him, since he was the most qualified person to try the sword.

He was ranked in the top ten of List A of the Dragon Rise List, a good swordsman, and a successor to the doctrine of sword.

He went onto the stage, took the practice sword, and brandished it casually. He held it before him, his eyes slightly closed.

About ten seconds later, he opened his eyes and said, "It does have the claimed effects."

Many people who had been made curious by the introduction made up their minds.

With the combined guarantee of the Heartless Swordsman and the Sacred Wind Chamber of Commerce, they could relax.

After the Heartless Swordsman had left the stage, Yin Shuang went back to center stage and announced the start of the auction with her catching voice.

"Bidding starts at five million upper-grade yuan stones. The reservation price is fifty million upper-grade yuan stones."


Jiang Chen, sitting in the box, was tasting some fine liquors. He wasn't very interested in the sword, since he was already a successor to the doctrine of sword. He wouldn't need it, but he was surprised at the price.

The bidding went up to ten million in less than a minute. It exceeded the monthly quota the Sacred Institute had granted him, and this was obviously only a warm-up. If it went on like this, it could achieve more than fifty million easily.

Jiang Chen looked towards the sword, thinking its master must have never expected it to appear in such an occasion.

He started to wonder, if he also had a practice sword whether it would end up the same situation hundreds of years in the future.

Soon, the bidding had exceeded fifty million. The bidders became less and less, but there were still quite a few.


Jiang Chen saw two people he knew sitting in a box not far away from him, Murong Yuan and Mo Jianfei.

Jiang Chen had squinted his eyes when he saw Mo Jianfei.

If his medical skills weren't so good, his right hand would have been disabled for life.

If he hadn't deployed a tactical formation at his place, his left hand would have been useless.

He hated this guy almost as much as Ning Haotian, but Mo Jianfei was much stronger than Ning Haotian.

Jiang Chen wasn't in a hurry. Once Project Dark Soldier was completed, he would get rid of Ning Haotian first.

After that, he would also pay Mo Jianfei back for that sword attack the latter had targeted him with!

None of those who owe me can run away.

Mo Jianfei showed a strong interest in the practice sword, but it was Murong Yuan who was bidding.

Huh, a boytoy.

Jiang Chen recalled his behavior after Ying Wushuang had refused him. He felt disdain for him, but this Mo Jianfei looked so proud. Jiang Chen could sense his arrogance even though he was sitting at a distance.

Huh, there's no harm in getting some revenge now.

Jiang Chen had an idea. He coughed and said, "I'm interested in the sword. Please bid for me."


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