The Brilliant Fighting Master
302 Master, Master!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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302 Master, Master!

Lin Rong was embarrassed. After confirming that he hadn't gone to the wrong box, he gestured for Master Chu Yun to wait a second, then went into the box.

Soon, quarreling could be heard from the box.

It was another steward of the chamber of commerce quarreling with Lin Rong, a woman, and of course it was who the box belonged to that they were arguing about.

Lin Rong said he had booked it during the day.

The woman said that clients with a Purple Tiger Card should take precedence.

"Lin Rong, have you already forgotten the rules of the chamber of commerce? Does your client have a card issued by the bank?"

The woman's voice was beautiful, and she was silver-tongued. She had forcibly occupied the box, but it sounded like she hadn't done anything wrong at all.

"Of course I know the rules, but there are special cases—" Lin Rong tried his best to argue. No matter whether he could win the quarrel or not, he had to show the master his helpful attitude.

"Special cases refer to clients without VIP cards but with amazing skills," the woman interrupted him.


"But I don't see this in the client you brought here. The auction item you listed at the last minute is also stupid," the woman scorned.


Lin Rong was so irritated that he was ready to risk everything. He said coldly, "You don't get to decide whether this is a special case or not. If you insist, let's go to see the chairman."

The woman was obviously surprised by this.

"Really? My client is Master Flaming Leaf, class-eight alchemist," the woman's voice rang out.

Class-eight alchemist!

This was an important position in the Sacred City. Lin Rong was surprised, but he came to himself and said, "So what? If you want the box, go to the chairman."

"Lin Rong, you've done some great business these days. Is that why you're being so cocky? Don't do anything you'll regret!"

"Xiao Feng, you're the one picking a fight with me, aren't you? You just don't want me to steal your thunder."

At that moment, they heard footsteps coming from the end of the corridor.

Jiang Chen looked over. It was an animated old man walking with vigorous strides. He was followed by two young adolescents, a girl and a boy.

They stopped beside Jiang Chen with confused expressions.

Jiang Chen assumed this man was Master Flaming Leaf, and he blocked the entrance to the box.

He heard some noises behind the door when he was about to explain, then he knew he wouldn't have to say anything.

The door was opened from the inside. Both the female steward, Xiao Feng, and Lin Rong looked very upset. They were obviously surprised when they saw Jiang Chen, Master Flaming Leaf, and the rest.

"What happened?" asked Master Flaming Leaf.

"Master, this box is reserved for someone else," said Xiao Feng.

Before Master Flaming Leaf could speak, the girl behind him said unhappily, "Why didn't you tell us earlier?"

"Because the person the box is reserved for is a special case. I thought there was room to negotiate so that I could provide master with the best service, but…" said Xiao Feng.

Lin Rong turned pale. She was directing the spearhead at him.

As expected, Master Flaming Leaf looked unhappy.

He dealt with the chamber of commerce a lot. Of course he knew what a special case meant.

"Young friend, you've earned the special treatment of the chamber of commerce at such a young age. How great," Master Flaming Leaf looked towards Jiang Chen and said with a slight smile.

"Thank you, master. I just have an insignificant skill that isn't worth mentioning," said Jiang Chen.

"Now that you know it's insignificant, give the box to us. It'll be troublesome for us to change from one box to another!" the boy shouted.

"Flying Cloud!" Master Flaming Leaf scolded. Then he looked towards Jiang Chen again.

"He's too young. Please don't take his words seriously."

Then he smiled, awaiting Jiang Chen's reaction. If he was smart enough, he would read between the lines and give up the box to them.

"It's all right. I won't lower myself to his level," said Jiang Chen.

Master Flaming Leaf frowned. Flying Cloud and the girl flew into a rage.

Xiao Feng decided to pour gasoline on the flames. She said helplessly, "Master Flaming Leaf, I'll lead you to a sky-grade box."

The boxes of the Sacred Wind Chamber of Commerce had four grades: human, earth, sky, and deity.

The deity-grade box was the best. Master Flaming Leaf was used to enjoying it.

The grade of his proposed new box was one level lower. Before Master Flaming Leaf said anything, his two apprentices were already unhappy.

"We used to get the deity-grade box. Why only the sky-grade today?!" Flying Cloud shouted.

"That's why I was trying so hard to get it for you, but my colleague is very resolute. I'm afraid I can do nothing about it," said Xiao Feng.

Lin Rong sneered. He didn't want to waste more time, so he didn't try to explain to Master Flaming Leaf.

"Master, this way."

He looked towards Jiang Chen, walked to the side to make way, and extended his right arm towards the box.

Flying Cloud and the girl were completely irritated by his gesture.

"You called such a young guy master? Do you have eyes or not?"

"So, anyone can be a master in the Sacred Wind Chamber of Commerce."

Jiang Chen already had a foot in the door. When he heard such a sarcastic comment, he turned his head to the side and said, "It's a real insult to the title of master to have such apprentices."

"What did you say?!"

Flying Cloud and the girl hit the roof. It seemed like they wanted to teach Jiang Chen a lesson.

"I said you don't have manners!" Then he gave off the energy of a Reaching Heaven State and pushed Flying Cloud and the girl back.

They were only the master's apprentices; they weren't in a high state.

Both of them turned pale. Their chests were heaving up and down as if they couldn't breathe.

"My young friend, that was too much. My apprentices are still very young. Couldn't you show more tolerance?" Master Flaming Leaf pulled a long face and said coldly.

"You've spent half the day talking nonsense, but didn't try to make them apologize. Instead, I gave you an inch and you took a mile. I didn't attack them at the beginning. That's the tolerance I've shown."

Jiang Chen didn't look at him any longer. He walked into the box and slammed the door.

In two or three seconds, it was nearly silent in the corridor. Even their breathing could be heard.

"Master Flaming Leaf, you saw that, too."

Xiao Feng was very nervous. She had intended to frame Lin Rong, but she hadn't expected the young master to be so hot-tempered.

If Master Flaming Leaf really flew into a rage, she would be blamed, too.

"Master, let's go to the chairman! Or let's talk to the staff of the Bank of Sacred City."

"Yeah! There's no way this loathsome guy is nobler than master!"

"Take us to the box first."

Master Flaming Leaf still looked glum. No one knew what was on his mind.

Xiao Feng nodded. When she was leading the way, she said, "I don't think that guy can be compared to Master Flaming Leaf, either. Do you know what he came for?"

"Oh? What for?"

"He brought us some panaceas to auction off."

"Yeah? Panaceas that could be auctioned… What class are the breakthrough panaceas?"

"Couldn't tell."

Xiao Feng smiled mysteriously and said, "He claimed his panaceas could help practitioners develop their extraordinary meridians with great effects. For every panacea they take, they'll be able to develop one extraordinary meridian successfully."

"Does that apply to Reaching Heaven States?" Master Flaming Leaf asked with care.

"No. Only to Mental Wander States."

Master Flaming Leaf and his two apprentices stopped immediately, then Master Flaming Leaf burst out laughing. So did Flying Cloud and the girl.

"Master, you also think it impossible, don't you? So do I, but Lin Rong is stupid. He's treating a stranger who came here for the first time as the most important guest. That's irritating."

Xiao Feng was laughing grimly silently.

Thanks to the conflict with Master Flaming Leaf, if Lin Rong made a fool of himself in the auction, the achievements he had gained the past weeks in the chamber of commerce would all vanish.

He would even lose his chance to start over again.

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》