The Brilliant Fighting Master
300 Master Chu Yun
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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300 Master Chu Yun

However, although Jiang Chen had spent so much money, Project Dark Soldier was still only in the preparatory stage.

What he was going to do next would cost him an even greater amount of money.

That was what Jiang Chen was worried about; if he made use of the treasures in his memory, he would probably expose his secret and bring trouble to himself.

Right at that moment, the eight groups of spiritual beings seemed to have recovered.

As soon as he took the book out of the mustardseed ring, it flew into the air by itself and started to shine.

In the dazzling light, Jiang Chen sensed some active awareness in it.

"Azure Demon?" he called.

The book's light stopped dazzling and gradually calmed down.

"How long have I been sleeping?" Azure Demon's voice came from the book.

"Over a year," said Jiang Chen.

"I see," Azure Demon answered. For a being like him, one year was like an instant.

"Master, you've become a Reaching Heaven State?"

Azure Demon was stunned by Jiang Chen's achievements.


Jiang Chen had broken through to the Reaching Heaven State from the peak of the middle stage. In others' cases, they wouldn't even have had enough time to develop their extraordinary meridians.

"Master, have you developed your extraordinary meridians?" Azure Demon asked cautiously.

"I know what you're asking. All eight of my extraordinary meridians have been developed."


If his reaction to learning that Jiang Chen had become a Reaching Heaven State could be described as stunned, the fact that the latter's eight extraordinary meridians had all been developed was something he couldn't believe at all.

"How… how did you do that?!"

"Have you forgotten about the nature of our relationship?" Jiang Chen said coldly.

"Yeah, my bad. I shouldn't be asking you so many questions," Azure Demon hurried to explain, shocked.

He behaved like this not just because he was afraid of Jiang Chen, but because he had been convinced.

With Jiang Chen's performance, it would only take him a few more years to exceed the Azure Demon during his heyday.

When the time limit of twenty years was over, he was afraid he wouldn't want to leave Jiang Chen.

I'm still the only one of the eight groups of beings? Ah? There's new spiritual ware. No wonder I've recovered more quickly, Azure Demon thought to himself.

"You woke up at a great time and kind of solved a big problem of mine," Jiang Chen suddenly said.

"Yeah?" Azure Demon didn't know what had happened. He had only just awoken. Would he have to fight right away?

His master was a troublemaker, so it was quite possible.

Jiang Chen wasn't going to fight. Azure Demon's return to consciousness made his fighting power stronger, but his current enemy was also strong. He couldn't do whatever he wanted anymore like he could at the Natural Law School.

What he needed was a new identity.


In the room of a steward of the Sacred Wind Chamber of Commerce…

These days, when there were no people around, Lin Rong would suddenly break into a smile.

He had never thought Jiang Chen could have a Golden Dragon Card. He had never thought so, even when Jiang Chen had come in with Miss Gao the first time.

Lin Rong felt lucky that he hadn't been awful to Jiang Chen when the latter had said he didn't have money with him.

In their last conflict, he had offended Shi Xuanwen, but the chamber of commerce didn't blame him, since he had left a good impression with Jiang Chen, the latter always came to him directly for his shopping sprees.

As a result, his commission that month was more than the total commissions he had made over the last few years, and his position in the chamber of commerce had also promoted.

But what does he need so many Scorching Dragon Crystals for?

Lin Rong didn't understand. Although he was in charge of all of the objects Jiang Chen bought in person, he didn't see why the latter needed them.

They were all raw materials, different kinds of materials. As long as they were precious, Jiang Chen would purchase them. If the Sacred Wind Chamber of Commerce hadn't been so powerful, they wouldn't have been able to satisfy his needs.

"Steward Lin."

Someone knocked on the door. A pretty woman pushed the door open and let herself in. She said in a sweet voice, "A client is waiting outside. He wants to entrust some panaceas to us for auction."


In a world of practitioners, panaceas were the most popular thing, but they weren't suitable for auction, save for exceptional breakthrough panaceas.

Lin Rong didn't want to go, but at the thought of Jiang Chen, he decided not to look down on any client, so he nodded.

"Steward Lin, you're way ahead of the other stewards this month, but you're still working so hard. That's quite impressive," the woman said gently before leaving.

Lin Rong was happy to hear such a compliment. The woman's name was Qi Meng. She was the most beautiful female staff member in the chamber of commerce, and a popular candidate to be promoted to steward.

She had been quite cold to him before, but at that moment, she had been flirting with him.

He gave a hefty slap to her backside, but she just grumbled flirtingly and didn't get angry at all.

Lin Rong couldn't help but internally exclaim over the benefits of power as he went to the guy who wanted his panaceas to be sold under the hammer in the hall.


Lin Rong was regretful. The guy standing before him was quite young compared to most panacea masters, who were usually gray-haired.

He was only twenty-five or twenty-six years old, resolute and steadfast. He had fine features and showed a heroic spirit.

The panaceas the Sacred Wind Chamber of Commerce would agree to sell had to be refined by masters, and no masters would be so young.

Anyway, Lin Rong went up to him and said, "Sir, I'm Lin Rong, steward of the Sacred Wind Chamber of Commerce. How can I help you?"

He told him the same thing Qi Meng had told him. He introduced himself as Master Chu Yun.


Lin Rong couldn't believe it. The two started to talk about the panaceas.

"It's called Heaven Pulse Elixir. It can help people develop their extraordinary meridians."


Lin Rong was even more disappointed. Panaceas that claimed to help develop extraordinary meridians were only placebos, for they didn't have a direct effect. This was just common sense.

"Heaven Pulse Elixir is different from average panaceas. It's like those panaceas that can help people purify themselves. It can help with the development of extraordinary meridians, seriously. I've brought them to you to auction away."

Lin Rong stopped looking down on him and changed his attitude.

"Could you tell me more details about the 'help' they give?"

"The users can develop one extraordinary meridian successfully for each panacea they take," he said.

"What?!" Lin Rong was shocked, as if he was hearing a story from Arabian Nights.

He calmed down immediately and asked carefully, "You mean users in the Reaching Heaven State?"

The extraordinary meridians of Reaching Heaven States wouldn't close. They could still be developed, but the development wouldn't have any effect.

This was probably only a misunderstanding on Lin Rong's part.

"No, I mean Mental Wander States," he answered very confidently.

Lin Rong took a deep breath and said, "Master Chu Yun, this way. Let's go into the room to talk about the details."

Fifteen minutes later, Lin Rong walked out of the room, both nervous and excited.

If it was true, Heaven Pulse Elixirs could not only be auctioned, but auctioned as the last item, so he went to see the chairman of the chamber of commerce.

After having learned the whole story, the chairman only said, "It's up to you."

Lin Rong knew what that meant. If it was false, the Sacred Wind Chamber of Commerce would be accused and someone would have to take responsibility.

If he made the decision, of course it would be him who was responsible, but if it was true, his position in the chamber of commerce would move up.

After struggling, Lin Rong thought he should take the risk, so he invited the alchemist of the chamber of commerce over.

However, since they were breakthrough panaceas, people could barely see anything through the naked eye. They had to find someone to try them, but there were eleven panaceas in all. They couldn't find anyone to test them on such short notice.

What Master Chu Yun said helped the steward make up his mind.

"I'll pay you collateral, just in case," said Master Chu Yun.


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