The Brilliant Fighting Master
299 Project Dark Soldier
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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299 Project Dark Soldier

Mo Jianfei wasn't easy to scare off.

As soon as Jiang Chen finished speaking, Mo Jianfei's sword was in front of him, but Jiang Chen had retreated to the door while he was speaking.

At that moment, his yard seemed to have come to life. A great power erupted from underground.

When Mo Jianfei's sword had almost hit Jiang Chen, the former had violently flown through the air. With the blast, it seemed like he had been blown away due to the explosion.

Jiang Chen smiled coldly. He had tens of millions of upper-grade yuan stones. Of course he had deployed a tactical formation at his residence.

But unfortunately, unlike the Natural Law School, the Hero Palace had many restrictions on tactical formations, one of which was that only defense formations were allowed.

Otherwise, Mo Jianfei would have been a dead man.

Mo Jianfei was, indeed, great. He steadied himself in the air. Except for his messy hair, he was totally fine, but judging from his expression, this was also unacceptable to him.

If they weren't in the Hero Palace, he would have charged down.

"Alas, the weak are cowards."

Mo Jianfei shook his head after a while, then put his sword back into its sheath and left.

He had already achieved his goal.

"Jiang Chen, your hand…"

Ying Wushuang saw he was bleeding heavily, so she hurried to take out some recovery panaceas.

"It's fine."

Jiang Chen stopped the bleeding first, then he took out a set of tools from the mustardseed ring to repair his tendons.

By chance, he noticed a guilty expression on Ying Wushuang's face, which was rare. He had never seen it before.

"Even though you repaired your hand tendons, your hand won't be as agile as before. It's my fault," said Ying Wushuang.

In the worst case, it wouldn't even be easy for him to use chopsticks, not to mention the effect on his martial arts techniques.

Although Reaching Heaven States' bodies were powerful carriers of martial arts, the harm had come from a Reaching Heaven State as well, one in a higher state.

"Don't worry about it. I'm not just any average doctor."

Jiang Chen didn't care. He had confidence in his full recovery.

"This Mo Jianfei…"

Compared to Ying Wushuang's comments, he knew Mo Jianfei better through their brief interaction.

He was proud and extraordinary for sure, but both his words and deeds were hypocritical.

He had felt threatened by Jiang Chen's attack, which was why he had tried to disable Jiang Chen's hands, but he had put it in such an arrogant way.

Jiang Chen felt hatred for him from the bottom of his heart.


Ying Wushuang hadn't seen Mo Jianfei's true colors until that day. She had always thought it was in the name of love that he had done those things to her.

So, I have to start Project Dark Soldier as soon as possible, Jiang Chen thought to himself.

Project Dark Soldier had occurred to Jiang Chen after he received the tens of millions of upper-grade yuan stones from the Hero Palace.

It was the trump card which he could use to rescue his father and fight against the Black Dragon City.

He had planned to inform Taoist Priest Skywind of the news of his father and take over the group started by his apprentice brother and school's leader before he had come to the Dragon Field.

However, the Sacred Institute wasn't willing to pass the news to the Alien Battlefield, and he hadn't been in the Dragon Field for a long time. He was still not strong enough to take over the group, so he had to figure out some other way.

Not until Ying Wushuang had confirmed Jiang Chen was fine and his right hand was as good as before did the sorrow fade from her face.

"You have medical training?" Ying Wushuang was surprised. She almost thought there was nothing Jiang Chen was incapable of.

Then she said seriously, "Let's start."

Murong Yuan's aggression and Mo Jianfei's hypocrisy forced Ying Wushuang to make up her mind.

Jiang Chen had been trying so hard to help her. She had to get a good grade in the test.

"Okay," Jiang Chen answered briefly. He gave her the big Heaven Halo Beads and went to prepare for the other two tests.

The disciples of the Hero Palace worked on their explosiveness under a great waterfall.

They stood under the waterfall and tried to reverse the water with all of their strength.

Jiang Chen's method was much simpler. One just had to do some special training in armor. Without knowing it, not only one's explosiveness, but also other abilities, would be improved.

As for the protective energy shield, its importance had been proven by Mo Jianfei.

The protective energy shield was the last resort when one was facing hard to resist martial arts techniques.

It was a seamless protection over one's body. He had to manipulate his strength to form it.

It sounded easy, but it was hard to control it in a perfect and steady way. It was actually a complicated technique, but it certainly wasn't a problem for Jiang Chen.

Besides helping Ying Wushuang, he had also built spare equipment for his own use.

Since he was only in Cloud One, it only took him ten days to create the highest level of the three test items of this phase.

If he went to take the test, he had to get the best grade among the Cloud Ones, but he didn't bother to after he learned what the award would be.

After all, he had a Golden Dragon Card.

On the first day of the next month, Jiang Chen went to the Sacred Wind Chamber of Commerce to shop again. He bought so many things that not even his mustardseed ring had the capacity to hold all of them.

He had bought a sailing ship, the same kind of ship Princess Fragrance was on, who he met after he had walked out of the Realm of Beasts.

He anchored the ship over his place in the Hero Palace and started to work on it.

No one knew what he was doing. No one bothered to ask.

Later, the sailing ship couldn't float in air anymore. It fell onto the ground, and a bunch of puppets worked on it with all kinds of tools.

It seemed like Jiang Chen had damaged the ship and started to repair it.

Besides the ship, he had also bought many panaceas and precious materials to build spiritual weapons.

The Red Cloud Sword was upgraded to class nine from class four. It was only one step away from becoming a treasured weapon.

"You should have done that earlier."

The soul of the Red Cloud Sword was greatly satisfied. Since Jiang Chen had become a successor to the doctrine of sword, the soul of sword had been supplied with ceaseless spirits of sword, but due to a lack of materials, Jiang Chen hadn't been able to upgrade it until that day.

Jiang Chen didn't forget about the eight groups of spiritual beings that had been destroyed by Ning Haotian, either.

The spiritual ware Jiang Chen had used for the eight groups of spiritual beings were book pages on which the history of the imperial mausoleum was written that Jiang Chen had found in the imperial mausoleum.

The introduction of the imperial mausoleum was written on the pages. Jiang Chen started "Buddha in mind" and wrote the scripture down, although it wasn't important. After all, the spiritual ware wasn't an ideal option.

That was why Jiang Chen had bought spiritual ware of a treasured-ware level for a high price. It was also a book.

The only pity was that Jiang Chen wasn't an eminent monk. The scripture he wrote didn't contain enough of Buddha's wisdom. Otherwise, the eight groups of spiritual beings would be the best of the best among treasured weapons.

The weapons practitioners used were divided into spiritual weapons, treasured weapons, magic weapons, immortal weapons, and holy weapons by power.

Since 500 years before, immortal weapons and holy weapons had only existed in legends.

Even magic weapons were very rare in the Sacred Zone. As a result, in the Nine Heavens Continent of 500 years later, practitioners below the Mental Wander State only possessed spiritual weapons.

Jiang Chen had possessed treasured weapons once, and he had been almost undefeatable among Mental Wander States. It was obvious how powerful they were.

Most Reaching Heaven States only had class-six spiritual weapons and above. Only those who came from aristocratic families could possess treasured weapons.

When Azure Demon recovers, the eight groups of spiritual beings will be of the highest grade among treasured weapons!

But before that, I still have a lot to do.

All of those things required money. Jiang Chen needed money like water. He had used up the ten million upper-grade yuan stones of that month in only a few days.

Fortunately, Ying Wushuang had been focusing on her own practice and hadn't reported it in time. Otherwise, the grand elders would have come to him to question the things he had bought.


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