The Brilliant Fighting Master
297 Fight Between the Noble and the Humble
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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297 Fight Between the Noble and the Humble

"There's no nasty woman here but you, of course you aren't comparable to Wushuang," said Jiang Chen.

Murong Yuan was trembling with anger. She gave Du Yue a frigid stare.

"What a smooth talker!" Du Yue clenched his fists and his knuckles cracked.

"I have an idea. This month's test is coming up soon. Why don't you have a competition with Wushuang?" said Jiang Chen.


Murong Yuan was intrigued and asked "How?"

"Elder Du Yue thinks everything is decided by one's background. We'll verify his theory with the winner of the competition.

"As the daughter of the Murongs, you have endless resources at your use, and you get better treatment than average people everywhere. If you lose, it means that what Elder Du Yue said is false," Jiang Chen finished his words calmly. The spectators also understood what he meant.

He was making a bet over Du Yue's words.

They had understood him, but at the same time, they weren't so sure, because Jiang Chen had no chance of winning.

Ying Wushuang and Murong Yuan had joined the Hero Palace together. During the year they had spent there, the former hadn't resembled someone from the Hero Palace at all except for the token she had.

On the other hand, the latter was always in the lead thanks to her fiancée's influence in the Hero Palace. The practice equipment in the Hero Palace was practically hers.

Since Jiang Chen had proposed that the two should have the competition in only two weeks, Ying Wushuang would definitely lose!

"Are you sure?" Even Murong Yuan was surprised.

It was only a test, so they wouldn't fight. The one who got a higher mark would win.

It was a bet without many surprises. Murong Yuan might have hesitated if he had proposed a fight.

Although they were in the same state, and she had practiced one more year than Ying Wushuang, she knew how excellent the latter had been at the Hero Palace.

At that moment, she sized Ying Wushuang up and knew what a hard time she had given the latter during the past year.

There were only two weeks left to prepare. Even if she allowed Ying Wushuang to use all of the practice equipment, she didn't have to worry about losing the bet.

"What are we betting?" asked Murong Yuan.

"If you lose, Elder Du Yue will apologize to all of the disciples for his ignorance." Jiang Chen looked towards Du Yue and said, "This is the bet."

"What if you lose?" asked Du Yue.

Jiang Chen looked towards Murong Yuan.

Murong Yuan said, "If you lose, when the test ends, you'll kneel down before me and beg for mercy, kissing my shoes."

Du Yue had a weird feeling when he heard the bet, but he couldn't describe it in words.

"Elder Du Yue, you spoke up for me. I'll remember that," said Murong Yuan.

Then Du Yue tumbled to the realization that he was in the same boat as Murong Yuan, despite his identity as an elder.

The thing was, even if she won, he wouldn't gain any benefit from it.

Not until Murong Yuan had made this clear to Du Yue had he stopped struggling.

"You'll see how inferior you are," Du Yue said coldly.

"You'll see how ridiculous you are as an elder," said Jiang Chen.


Du Yue stopped arguing with him and left.

"Let's go."

Murong Yuan also left with her followers. She glanced at Ying Wushuang when leaving and said, "I didn't know you were so great at seducing men. It hasn't been long, yet this man is doing so much for you."


Ying Wushuang had conquered her own weakness and intended to argue with Murong Yuan, but Jiang Chen stopped her.

"The price of your slap will be your apology in two weeks. You'll know what tragedy is when you leave the Hero Palace."

Murong Yuan left quickly without looking back.

Jiang Chen went back to his place with Ying Wushuang.

If it had been before, Ying Wushuang would have asked Jiang Chen many questions, but this time, she was silent.

"There are two weeks left. I'll help you," said Jiang Chen.

Ying Wushuang nodded involuntarily and said, "You shouldn't have bet on me."

"Yeah? Tell me the truth. Did it feel good to talk back to her today? Are you looking forward to frustrating her in two weeks?" asked Jiang Chen.

Ying Wushuang was going to tell him no, but she couldn't say it, since he wasn't wrong.

"Two weeks. Can you do that?" asked Ying Wushuang.

"Of course, but you have to tell me what all this is about."

Ying Wushuang hesitated. She faltered and mumbled, "You've already heard about it, haven't you?"

"Not from you."

It seemed like he wouldn't simply let it go. Ying Wushuang said helplessly, "She and I were in the same superfine class in the same grade. We used to be good friends, until we came here.

"Thanks to her fiancée, we joined the Sword Association smoothly, and she introduced him to me.

"Mo Jianfei, the president of the Sword Association. He is…"

Ying Wushuang frowned. She didn't know how to describe him. Then she gazed at Jiang Chen and said, "As good as you."

Jiang Chen was surprised. He smiled and said, "Thank you for the compliment."


Ying Wushuang curled her lips and went on. She said, "Mo Jianfei started to contact me privately. I didn't see it as a big deal at first, but his approaches became more and more frequent. When I realized there was something between us…

"He told me that it was only a political marriage between him and Murong Yuan. They weren't in love, but he had fallen in love with me at first sight."


Jiang Chen found this interesting. He asked, "What did you say to him?"

From a woman's standpoint, Mo Jianfei was practically number one on the male version of the Beauty List.

He was interested to know how Ying Wushuang had replied.

"I admit that I had a crush on him and I struggled, but Murong Yuan was a good friend of mine. I couldn't betray her, so I turned him down.

"I thought if I didn't tell anyone about it, I could completely forget about it and no one would know.

"But one day, Murong Yuan went into my room with some people. They cut my clothes into pieces with scissors and expelled me from the Sword Association. What happened next, you already know."

Seeing Ying Wushuang's expression, Jiang Chen felt cruel for bringing it up.

"Cry it out."

"I've already cried enough." Ying Wushuang squeezed out a smile, her voice hoarse.

"I guess today you learned who told Murong Yuan about it," said Jiang Chen.

"Yeah." Ying Wushuang nodded.

"He was afraid you would tell Murong Yuan what had happened, so he told her you had seduced him. Although they aren't in love, this marriage is important for him."

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and said, "Please take the compliment back."


"It's not a compliment to compare me to such a liar," said Jiang Chen.

Ying Wushuang didn't answer. It was difficult to see through her expression.

"Let's start."

Ying Wushuang didn't want to waste any more time. The day's events had reignited her confidence.

"By the way, you know what the test requirements are, don't you?" Something suddenly occurred to her. She stared at Jiang Chen.

Since he had made the bet, he must have known, but normal people were the ones who made sure they knew what they were betting on.

She had a hunch that Jiang Chen wasn't quite a normal person.

As expected, Jiang Chen smiled embarrassedly and said, "Tell me now. I'll build the same equipment for you."

Ying Wushuang was speechless.


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