The Brilliant Fighting Master
295 Murong Yuan
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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295 Murong Yuan

Ying Wushuang was always alone, since people elbowed her out everywhere. She was always targeted when she went to places like the Soothing Lake.

As a result, she had almost lost the advantage that she had gained when she had graduated from the Sacred Institute.

If she hadn't finished developing her fourth extraordinary meridian when she had broken through, she would have become mediocre.

It was good enough for her to achieve Cloud Two in such a situation, but in other aspects, like how many turns she could spin her halos of heaven in one second, how hard her protective energy jar was, and the explosiveness of her carrier of martial arts, she was even worse than Reaching Heaven States who hadn't developed any of their extraordinary meridians.

It was all because she couldn't use the practice equipment at the Hero Palace.

But finally, Ying Wushuang had woken up and found the halos of heaven in her Qihai had had made a remarkable improvement.

When she manipulated them, it wasn't as unnatural and awkward as before. Instead, the process was very smooth. She had them under her total control.

She accumulated her force a bit, and the two halos of heaven spun five turns together during the length of one breath!


The results totally stunned Ying Wushuang. She knew nothing about others' statuses when they manipulated their halos of heaven, so although she knew she had improved, she didn't know how much she had improved.

Five turns of two halos of heaven together during the length of one breath was above average for disciples in Cloud Two.

She had been the worst before.

It had only taken her one day to achieve this improvement. She was pleasantly surprised.

"It is many times better than the Soothing Lake!"

Ying Wushuang changed her clothes and made herself up simply, then went to Jiang Chen's place.

When she passed by a pavilion, her heart sank.

In the pavilion, there were five pretty ladies. Among them, the leader had the most astounding beauty.

She had winged eyebrows and fair skin. The gleaming light of the morning sun made her look even prettier.

She was in a luxurious spiritual suit and wearing fancy jewels, slim and elegant, but less than twenty years old.

Ying Wushuang knew they had come for her.

"B*tch, why are you in such a hurry? To see your new lover?"

The five women stood up one by one when they saw her. It was surprising that such a pretty woman could speak in such a mean tone.

Ying Wushuang gnashed her teeth and ignored them, still walking, but they hadn't come just to say that to her. The five figures moved rapidly and elegantly.

"Did I say you could go?"

The woman looked more disgusted than irritated, as if Ying Wushuang had committed a severe crime.

"What do you want?" Ying Wushuang said coldly.

"How dare you! Who do you think you are? How dare you speak to Apprentice Sister Murong this way!"

"A b*tch who only knows to seduce others' men. Stop playing innocent."

"And she found another one so quickly after failing with the previous one. She's really something."

The other women made meaner and uglier comments.

Ying Wushuang looked emotionless, but the anger in her black eyes was becoming irrepressible.

She took a deep breath. The air in the morning was cooler than usual. She felt pain in her heart and lungs.

She said, "I told you I had nothing to do with your fiancée. He came to me first."

"Apprentice brother is with me. He would never lay his eyes on a b*tch like you. He told me himself that it was you who had seduced him!"

Murong Yuan became so emotional when she heard Ying Wushuang's response that she tried to slap her across the face.

Ying Wushuang took a step back and dodged.

Even she herself was dumbstruck when she saw Murong Yuan's hand had hit nothing. Then she realized it was the change her halos of heaven had brought her.

"He told you I seduced him?"

Ying Wushuang came to herself. She looked surprised, but she couldn't control her emotions any longer. Her expression was distorted.

The disciples passing by tried to keep their distance from them. None of them tried to meddle.

"How dare you dodge me!"

Murong Yuan flew into a rage. The other four beside her stepped forward immediately to block the path so that Ying Wushuang couldn't run away.

Apprentice Sister Murong threw her hand out again. This time, she exerted all of her force. Her slap could even smash a rock, and she was about to slap Ying Wushuang's soft, smooth face.

Ying Wushuang wanted to step back, but the way was blocked. She could do nothing else but stand there and wait for the slap.

Fortunately, at the last minute, a stone flew over at a high speed and hit the back of Murong Yuan's hand.

"Ouch!" Murong shouted with a painful look and retracted her hand.

"Who is that?! Don't you have eyes?!"

The other four women hurried to run to her as she shouted angrily to the people around.

The disciples glanced at each other, shaking their heads, but a name came to Ying Wushuang's mind.

"Will you still reach out your hand now that you know what pain is?"

As expected, that man's voice came.

People looked in the direction the voice had come from and saw a man in black walking over slowly. He was wearing normal clothes instead of a spiritual suit, but he looked quite different and elegant.

People were amazed by every step he took.

He had a clear-cut handsome face, his look deep.

He was wearing a knife at his waist that people recognized him by.

Jiang Chen, the guy who had defeated Shui Chun!

He went up to Ying Wushuang. Oblivious to Murong Yuan and the other women's aggressive looks, he said, "Fey was bullied before the competition of the Sacred Institute, and you said that unless he fought back himself, no one would be able to help him."

He had no idea what he had done and who he had attacked. Instead, he started to chitchat with Ying Wushuang.

Ying Wushuang knew it wasn't just mindless chitchat. She knew what Jiang Chen was implying.

It was easy to talk about others, but it was extremely difficult when it came to herself.

How would she have the nerve to fight back against Murong Yuan's background?

"You're Jiang Chen?!"

Murong Yuan's face was sullen. The anger she had been tamping down could erupt at anytime.

"Exactly, the guy who made your brother bedridden." Jiang Chen looked at her and grinned. Others might have thought he had a good relationship with Murong Yuan if they hadn't heard what he said.

Murong Yuan's anger finally erupted, but she didn't attack him. She just said, "Would you have been able to hurt my brother without your mount?"

Murong Xing was ranked higher on the Fighting Power List than Shui Chun, and he had almost been disabled by Whitty.

"If he woke up, maybe," Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and said casually.

Murong Yuan didn't continue the topic. She said, "Hehe, if you weren't with this b*tch, you would have been very popular in the Hero Palace."


Murong Yuan went on, "Disciples who pass the monthly test get lots of practice resources as a reward. This b*tch—"

"If you say 'b*tch' one more time, I'll slap you. I mean it," Jiang Chen interrupted her.

Of course, Murong Yuan couldn't put up with such a threat, but since Jiang Chen had the nerve to kill people publicly, she wouldn't find it surprising if he really slapped her.

"This flirt hasn't passed even once in the whole year since she came to the Hero Palace, noe has she received any rewards. Do you want to end up like her?"

"Heh, you're raising weird fish to disturb others' practice, and it's because of you that she hasn't passed any tests. What are you proud of? I've never seen someone as shameless as you."

"You'll regret it if you dare insult me one more time!" said Murong Yuan.


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