The Brilliant Fighting Master
292 A Reverse-blade Knife
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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292 A Reverse-blade Knife

Shui Chun's palm attack was like pouring a basin of water out, but the power contained in the water could move a stone mountain.

All of the spectators were in the Reaching Heaven State. Otherwise, they would have had to stay hundreds of feet away to be safe.

Jiang Chen was very calm when the palm attack arrived in front of him, simply drawing out his knife with his right hand.

The glint of the black knife blinded the audience briefly. As the knife struck, they only heard a low, rapid sound, like the splash of water.

The splashed water looked like tiny steel balls. The spectators had to retreat from where they were standing.

"Nothing happened to him?"

No one was surprised at the power contained in Shui Chun's palm attack, but Jiang Chen was still holding his knife and standing in the same spot. The hand holding his knife was still strong and firm.

This was beyond their expectations.

A collision of two forces was the best way to expose the gap between their states.

Even if people were skilled at martial arts techniques, they wouldn't be able to achieve what Jiang Chen had achieved when facing a rival in a higher state.

In fact, it was quite dangerous if one tried to offset his state disadvantage with martial arts techniques in a fight, like dancing on a razor's edge.

"You're prettier than a woman, but I didn't expect your palm attack to be as weak as a woman's," Jiang Chen sneered as he took back his knife.

"Your ignorance makes me even more eager to defeat you," Shui Chun said. Then he ran towards Jiang Chen. As he approached the latter, his palm movements kept changing.

Shui Chun is great indeed.

Ying Wushuang started to worry.

Powerful attacks were weakened if they weren't sent from a close distance. Shui Chun couldn't show all of his skill if he threw out his palm towards Jiang Chen from a distance.

Jiang Chen also had a knife, which was unfavorable for him.

When he realized this, he changed his strategy without hesitation.

He threw his palms towards Jiang Chen, leaving the latter no chance to draw his knife out.

Jiang Chen kept dodging, but he was restricted by the palms.

Weapons have their weaknesses, as well as their strengths. They aren't flexible enough for close combat.

Shui Chun's palm attack was both tough and gentle. His hands moved together, Yin exerting a movement of Yang and Yang exerting a movement of Yin. He managed to gain the advantage right away.

Jiang Chen had to put all of his eight extraordinary meridians to use to equal his opponent's strength and speed, but he was being severely restricted by his exquisite palm movements.

"Flying Currents and Angry Wave!"

Jiang Chen had shown a big flaw while Shui Chun changed his palm attacks. Shui Chun exerted a palm movement as soon as he caught the flaw.

Endless water dragons were emerging from his shoulders. As they whirled along his arms, they gathered in his palms.

The palm attack carried such massive power that Shui Chun, who had exerted it, even had to take a few steps back.

Jiang Chen flew ten yards away like he had been hit by a carriage. He almost fell when he landed.

His clothes were wet from the mist, and he looked pale.

"If you hadn't asked the Hero Palace to speak for you, you would have been a dead man!" said Shui Chun.

"Even with your all-out attack, you didn't defeat me. Do you still think you're able to kill me?"

Jiang Chen swung his numb arms, then stood with his right arm down.

Shui Chun wasn't a rival he could defeat with his right-handed knife skills.

"You think that was an all-out attack?" Shui Chun smiled coldly.

"I wouldn't know, but I can tell you that my warm-up is done."

Jiang Chen took out his Red Cloud Sword and held it in his left hand.

People were surprised at his move, then they recalled that he was actually a left-handed swordsman.

They were only wondering whether it would change anything.

Those present must have been knowledgeable and experienced enough for them to be eligible to join the Hero Palace.

They were sure that Jiang Chen's swordsmanship was more powerful than his knife skill, but was it powerful enough to subdue Shui Chun's palm attack?

In addition, Shui Chun wasn't poor at martial arts techniques.

"Foolish. Using a sword won't change anything."

Shui Chun waved his palm and tapped on the ground behind him, then flew into the air after a quick bounce.

"Angry Waves!"

He pressed his palms down from the sky. The power of his palms and the wave were violently released at the same time.

"Break the Rule with a Single Sword Attack!"

Jiang Chen launched an attack, as well, without waiting for the palm to catch him.

The sword streaked across the sky, the radiance of the sword like a rainbow. As soon as the power of the palms approached, it was split into two.

And it wasn't over yet. The radiance of the sword kept moving forward. It was moving towards Shui Chun with an irresistible force.


Shui Chun was shocked. He hurried to jump away to dodge the sword attack.

"Now, do you think you could be killed by me?"

Jiang Chen swirled his wrist and elegantly held the Red Cloud Sword close to his back.


Shui Chun was about to say something when he found a light wound on his arm.

A powerful sword attack!

Shui Chun's heart sank. He had dodged the blade, but he had been wounded by the energy of the sword.

By that point, he believed it was true that the Hero Palace had talked to Jiang Chen.

"You're really something, but the Hero Palace only talked to you because they had already talked to my father."

Shui Chun wiped the blood off his arm and said arrogantly, "If I hold back and you make an all-out attack, you might be able to defeat me."

"You mean you only suffered the loss because I exerted a killing movement and you only exerted an average one?" said Jiang Chen.

"You know it better than anyone else. You'd better keep in mind that I could kill you with a wave of my hand if I tried my best!" Shui Chun swung his arm angrily.

Jiang Chen smiled and said, "Ridiculous. So even if you lose, you'll use the same excuse."


Shui Chun didn't argue, thinking it couldn't possibly happen, but the spectators started to discuss it.

Jiang Chen was a swordsman, while Shui Chun attacked with his palms.

These were personal choices. It was hard to say which one of them was at a disadvantage, but if they could only defeat their rival, not kill, what Shui Chun had said did make sense.

"So, I have to do this to make you recognize your weakness."

Jiang Chen put his Red Cloud Sword away and drew out the black knife again.

He held it with the blade's edge inward and the handle facing outward to make it a reverse-blade knife.

The black knife was as curved as a sword, so it was possible for him to do it.

"Now, try my attack!"

"The Rainbow Sword Method: Three Movements in One!"

As soon as he finished speaking, he flew over like the wind. He arrived in front of Shui Chun instantly, and the power of the sword movement erupted right away.

Shui Chun felt dizzy. He was surprised, intending to force Jiang Chen to retreat with his palm attack.

However, Jiang Chen's black knife was moving so fast that it had already struck down when Shui Chun had just raised his arms.

Shui Chun felt a heavy blow on his arms.

Fortunately, it was only the handle of the knife. Except for the pain, everything else was fine, but Jiang Chen had proven how ignorant he had been.

"Flying Currents and Angry Wave…"

Shui Chun was enraged. When he was about to throw his palms out, the skin of his neck was scratched. He felt a hot pain, not able to even breathe.

"I told you, Three Movements in One. The last movement could have killed you," said Jiang Chen.

Since he had reversed the way he held his knife, it had only left a red mark on Shui Chun's neck.

If it had been the edge that had caught him, he would have been bleeding.

When the spectators realized what had happened, they were all shocked.

The reversed knife wasn't sharp. Jiang Chen couldn't exert a killing movement with it, and it had weakened the power of his sword method, but it could still kill Shui Chun?

"You are dead," said Jiang Chen coldly.

This was an unacceptable result for Shui Chun. His expression changed comically.

"You think it's over? How naive!"


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